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 My Stereo and Headphone Escape

Von Schweikert VR4 jr

Nearfield Listening

2009 fall set up

Open soundstage

TT not set up at the moment

another view
  My Stereo and Headphone Escape
  VPI Industries Scout Turntable  pic
  VPI Industries JMW-9
  Dynavector 17D3 (Karat)  pic
  Antique Sound Labs AQ-1001 DT  pic
  Melos SHA-1  pic
  AKG K-1000 Monitor  pic
  Grado (Joe) HP-2 Monitor  pic
  Grado (John) GS-1000 Monitor  pic
  Von Schweikert Audio VR 4jr
  Analysis Plus Crystal Oval Interconnect  pic
  Supra Lorad 1.5m mains Power cord  pic
  DH Labs T-14 bi-wire w/spades Speaker cable
  Chang Lightspeed CLS-6400 ISO AC filter  pic
  Van den Hul The First Interconnect
  Discovery Essence Interconnect
  Pass Labs Aleph 3 Amplifier  pic
  Denon 3910 Modwright Universal Truth Mod  pic
  Black Diamond Racing Pits Tweak  pic
  Singlepower PPX3 6CG7  pic
  Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Monitor  pic

My Stereo and Headphone Escape
I'm sure it will change but I enjoy the synergy I have so far.

The journey never seems to end...
Robm321  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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01-07-07   The journey never ends. the one day you might think you have ...   Dewald_visser

01-08-07   Ha ha dewald. i was going to say done for now becuase i am h ...   Robm321

01-31-07   Hey rob i hear those k1000s are quite the headphones :d   Jpak

02-01-07   I got a set of akg k141 monitor headphones - they are quite ...   Dewald_visser

02-01-07   Hey jpak! you would know considering you have the f1 (the be ...   Robm321

02-01-07   No f1, i'm using a pass labs aleph 30 balanced.   Jpak

02-07-07   Oh that's right. i actually would prefer the aleph from a ...   Robm321

02-12-07   Using the lavry da10 as a digital preamp. if i ever find a ...   Jpak

02-15-07   I can't say enough about the melos. i absolutely love it for ...   Robm321

02-23-07   System edited: added pc and conditioner/ic/speaker cables   Robm321

03-28-07   Great system!   shooterxl@

05-24-07   System edited: added diy aleph 3 to system   Robm321

08-16-07   System edited: received and added modwright denon 3910   Robm321

05-20-08   Nice to get away and escape to the music. very nice system, ...   Glenfihi

07-19-08   Thanks glenhifi! i definitely enjoy the escape it brings. th ...   Robm321

12-20-08   System edited: added pics of stereo   Robm321

05-20-09   System edited: added singlepower tube amp which has been sit ...   Robm321

09-18-09   System edited: put new pics for my current set up   Robm321

09-30-09   System edited: added different picture   Robm321

09-14-11   Hi robm, how are the von schweikert speakers doing in your ...   Milpai

02-26-14   System edited: roxanne's, end game iem   Robm321

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