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02-13-12   Douger, about six months ago i joined the tannoy camp with ...   Jake18

02-23-12   Please pardon me for taking this long to respond. congratula ...   Douger

04-20-12   Hi you got a lovely system! i too am a set + single driver ...   Dilly

04-21-12   Hi dilly for most music the 300b's are quite adequate and so ...   Douger

04-22-12   Thanks douger. i don't listen at very high levels (neighbors ...   Dilly

04-23-12   Congratulations, dilly! i was going to repost after listenin ...   Douger

06-06-12   Hi again, audiogon system will not let me add my new decware ...   Douger

06-17-12   My torii has been in the system for 10 days and sounds like ...   Douger

06-17-12   Hi, i enjoyed reading your thread, as i have some old 12&qu ...   Islandmandan

06-20-12   Hi dan, thank you for posting. i have actually read about yo ...   Douger

06-20-12   Hi douger, thanks for the kind words, they are much appreci ...   Islandmandan

02-11-13   Hi douger, are you using the clarity digital cable or just t ...   Charles1dad

03-02-13   Hi charles1dad, sorry to take this long to reply. i use only ...   Douger

08-26-13   Hi douger, i finally managed to round up an assemblage audi ...   Islandmandan

08-30-13   Hi dan, congratulations on the 300b's! i live in omaha, ne, ...   Douger

05-04-14   Douger, terrific system! now that you've lived with the tan ...   Ianderson

05-21-14   Hi, thanks for the compliment! i am still very happy with th ...   Douger

06-01-14   The new tubes in the torii 3 worked wonders, it still provid ...   Douger

08-10-14   Douger, it's great to see you're still enjoying your tannoys ...   Islandmandan

09-17-15   Hi, i could buy the limited edition of tannoy turnberry gr s ...   Mattam

09-19-15   Thank you for posting. i only check this thread every few mo ...   Douger

09-21-15   Thank you. first choice would be a tube amplifier in the ran ...   Mattam

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