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 Magnepan 20.1 Haven

Front View of 20.1s

View from Listening Position

Left Side View

Right Side View

Front End Components

Rear View of Room
  Magnepan 20.1 Haven
  Sony SCD-1  pic
  Harman Kardon Citation 14  pic
  Oracle Audio Technologies Delphi MKV SE  pic
  Graham Engineering Phantom B44 Picture  pic
  Lyra Kleos Cartridge
  Lyra Helikon
  Audio Research PH-2  pic
  Audio Research LS-25  pic
  Marchand Electronic Tube X-over XM-126s  pic
  Audio Research VT-100 mkII  pic
  Kenwood L0-7M  pic
  Magnepan MG-20.1 Speaker
  Magnepan MG-3.5r  pic
  Sunfire Sunfire Signature  pic
  Revelation Audio Labs Paradise Cryo-Silverô Reference
  Transparent Ultra XL Interconnect
  Analysis Plus Oval Crystal 8 (Balanced)
  Mogami Neglex 2534
  Monster MSeries M35I SW HT
  XLO Signature Type 2 Interconnect
  Analysis Plus Crystal Oval 8
  Elrod EPS 3
  Elrod EPS 3 Signature
  NBS Master III Power cord
  NBS Monitor II Power cord
  Shunyata Python Helix Alpha
  Revelation Audio Precept II
  Shunyata Sidewinder
  Shunyata Hydra 8
  Triplite LC-1800  pic
  Finite Element Ceraball
  Finite Element Ceraball Universal
  Richard Grey 400S
  Corcom EMI/RFI Filter AC filter
  BDR Cones Tweak
  Shakti Stones
  Walker Extreme SST
  Craig Survival Kit Tweak
  Research Labs LP9 Tweak
  Research Labs Record cleaner Tweak
  VPI 16.5  pic
  Target Amp Stand
  Soundesign Amp Stand
  Target AER5t  pic
  Target 3r Stand
  Echo Busters Bass Busters
  Echo Busters Absorption Panels
  Room Tunes Half Round
  Auralex Venus Bass Traps
  Auralex Mega Lnards Bass traps
  Auralex Corner Cubes
  Auralex Corner Rectangles
  Auralex Gramma
  Hickok Tube Tester 6000A Tweak  pic
  Mullard NOS 12AT7 M8162 CV4024 (1983) Tweak
  Mullard Tubes 12AX7 (1960ís) Tweak
  VPI DB-5
  Townsend 2HD
  Ceramic Cable Elevators
  Radio Shack Tape Eraser
  Hi-Fi Tuning Fuses Supreme
  Hi-Fi Tuning Silverstar Tweak
  Hi-Fi Tuning Classic Gold Tweak

Magnepan 20.1 Haven
My relatively modest system was carefully assembled over many years (I have been in the so-called high-end for over 30 years). I am a tweaker who works at optimizing the performance of each component. I do not believe that spending MEGA$$ is necessary for creating a musical sounding system. To wit: I have listened to some super expensive systems that were great in Hi-Fi sound reproduction but missed the mark in terms of musical satisfaction. Careful selection and matching of components can optimize the synergy and performance of the total system. My system has wideband response from about 16Hz up to beyond the upper limits of my hearing capability. The sound is very smooth, robust, balanced and detailed with a see-through huge soundstage. Bass is very defined and tuneful. The overall sound is very musical and engaging. My dedicated listening room is 26x16x8.5 (ft)

Recently, I replaced my Magenpan 3.5s with the magnificent 20.1s, my last speaker purchase. These are massive compared to the 3.x series, and required 2 persons for the installation. The 20.1s are a music loverís dream. They are musical, smooth, dynamic and very revealing coupled with panoramic sound staging. The bass is full and fast.

I am actively bi-amping the 20.1s, as I did the 3.5s, using the Marchand XM-126s with ARC VT100 MKII for the treble/midrange and Kenwood L07M mono-blocks on the bass of my 20.1s. The xover points replicates the crossover settings utilized by Magnepan for the 20.1 internal xover: Low pass 18dB/Octave @ 108hz (Buterworth) and High pass 6dB/Octave @330hz. I am also using a stereo pair of Sunfire Signature subwoofers that are driven directly from my ARC LS25 preamp. Setting up of the system still required much experimentation, although it was made easier due to my previous experience with the 3.5s. But the final results are very satisfying as the integration and blending of the system is now virtually seamless.
Gmorris  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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09-11-05   While i'm relatively new to the world of hi-end, and my syst ...   Pdreher

09-11-05   Thanks for your kind words. my advise to you is to trust you ...   Gmorris

09-12-05   Very nice system. hey you stole my carpet; ) you can tell yo ...   Gmele

09-12-05   Very very nice! are the sunfire subs quick enough to keep up ...   Slipknot1

09-12-05   The trick with the sunfire subs is to move them away from ro ...   Gmorris

09-13-05   Just wondering. did you ever just try the vt 100 on it's own ...   Gmele

09-13-05   Gmele: i used the vt100 mkii on its own for at least 5 years ...   Gmorris

11-07-05   Looks like a wonderful place to listen. nice work   Ejlif

11-07-05   Hello from turkey good system +++++ thanks gurol ebayer sale ...   Oldiesrecordstr

11-10-05   Thanks to both ejlif and oldie for your kind comments about ...   Gmorris

11-21-05   George, have you compared your ph2 to the ph5. i am listen ...   Downunder

11-22-05   Nice system also love the africa art and drum   jshawell232@

11-22-05   Nice system also love the africa art and drum.james   jshawell232@

11-23-05   Great system i love the african art work   Jaama

11-24-05   Nice room; obvious you've spent lots of time tweaking your s ...   Douglas_schroeder

01-09-06   Hi gmorris i discovered your setup yesterday, really nice sy ...   Rugyboogie

01-31-06   The audiocom sc3/ps3 mod (super clock and power supply) impr ...   Gmorris

02-05-06   Thanks. i wil take delivery of my new scd-1 this coming week ...   Rugyboogie

02-10-06   Rugyboogie: how is the scd-1 performing so far? you need t ...   Gmorris

02-21-06   i just noticed that you have a citation 14 tuner. i also ha ...   Sherod

02-21-06   Gmooris i have been using the scd-1 now for a little over a ...   Rugyboogie

02-28-06   Rugyboogie: you need to give the scd-1 at least 350 hours o ...   Gmorris

02-28-06   Hello sherod; yes i love my citation 14 tuner. i have not u ...   Gmorris

04-04-06   Hello gmorris, please, let me know if you have had any expe ...   Sangel

04-05-06   Snagel; thanks for looking. unfortunatley i do not have any ...   Gmorris

04-13-06   How much of a improvmet was to install the hydra8?   Tda2200

04-13-06   Beautiful...   Knollbrent

06-24-06   I recently upgraded my phono/tone arm cable to the revelatio ...   Gmorris

07-13-06   Gmorris, very nice, very nice indeed!! i have 3.6 maggies a ...   Pummill

07-16-06   Pummill: thanks for the kind words. congrats on your system. ...   Gmorris

07-22-06   System edited: added revelation audio labs precept ii pc to ...   Gmorris

12-14-06   I recently upgraded the phantom tone arm with the new bearin ...   Gmorris

01-23-07   Your system looks great. my system is very simular to yours ...   Boycephoto

01-25-07   Boycephoto: thanks for your comments. generally (without kno ...   Gmorris

01-25-07   Thanks for your comments. you just reinforced the direction ...   Boycephoto

06-02-07   The performance of the arc ph2 phono preamp stepped up to an ...   Gmorris

06-03-07   Really like your system. i especially like the fact you hav ...   Jtori

06-03-07   Hi jtori thanks. i left a comment on your system site. bi- ...   Gmorris

06-28-07   Wow! what a well thought out room and system. congrats on ...   Mitch4t

06-29-07   Thanks mitch4t: i appreciate your kind words.   Gmorris

07-01-07   ...any thoughts of integratign a home theater into your syst ...   Mitch4t

07-04-07   Hello mitch4t: i have a home theatre system in another room ...   Gmorris

07-04-07   George, the ref3 and ph5 with sumiko celebration cartridge w ...   Mitch4t

09-16-07   Recently i added a fourth rgpc to the parallel set powering ...   Gmorris

09-23-07   Btw,george just wanted to reinforce what a great/well though ...   Sirspeedy

07-21-08   Hi, your enthusiasm has helped fuel my choice of an oracle v ...   Mranfft

07-25-08   Gmorris, i see you have kenwood monoblocks, a pair of sunfi ...   Mitch4t

11-16-08   Hello mitch4t: i guess "better late than never". ...   Gmorris

02-05-09   I have a simlar system to yours except a little larger , usi ...   Tshulba

02-05-09   Well done!! great combination and selection of components. ...   Lapierre

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