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 The Flemish Touch

Kharma Titanium tweeter

Rolf Benz 322 'fauteuil'

AA combo: amazingly analog


componenten hifi nl
  The Flemish Touch
  Kharma Ceramique 2.2 Ti  pic
  Symphonic Line RG 3 mk4  pic
  Symphonic Line Turbonetzteil Reference  pic
  Symphonic Line RG 4 mk 4  pic
  Accustic Arts Drive 1 mk2  pic
  Accustic Arts Tube Dac 2 Reference  pic
  Bergmann Sindre  pic
  Van den Hul Colibri XGP Ref  pic
  Kenwood KT-990 D  pic
  Stealth Dream V10  pic
  DCCA Audio Reference Master  pic
  LessLoss DFPC
  Stealth M7000 Tweak  pic
  Stealth Nanofiber Interconnect
  Hovland Generation 3 Interconnect
  Stealth Varidig Sextet Digital
  Symphonic Line Stromkonverter  pic
  Harmonix TU202ZX Tweak  pic
  Harmonix TU202ZX MK2 Tweak
  Harmonix TU-505EX MKII Tweak  pic
  Yamamoto PB21 Tweak  pic
  My Own designed Rack  pic
  Graham Slee Solo SR + PSU1 Amplifier
  Sennheiser HD800 Tweak  pic
  Stefan AudioArt Endorhpin Interconnect

The Flemish Touch
Big system in a small listening space, but the sound is great !!

System has evolved a lot over the last years, but at this point I'm afraid I'm happy with the sound and the looks...

The problem is: what do I have to do now? Listen to music? Help me !
Mattheus  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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08-07-05   Is the system in belgium or is that just your name for it?   Albertporter

08-07-05   Beautiful system! nice choice of components. i also have the ...   Kehut

08-08-05   Aardige mid-end   Moons

08-08-05   Flanders is the biggest part of belgium. is it good with the ...   Mattheus

08-08-05   Consider the jena labs symphony s.c. ... not too expensive ...   Thom_y

08-08-05   Thanks thom for your advise ! i'll take a look. nice kharma ...   Mattheus

08-11-05   Very nice system especially your transport - dac - combo is ...   Frankpiet

08-11-05   Hi frankpiet (nederlander?), thanks for your nice reaction. ...   Mattheus

08-12-05   Yes, im half dutch. in your case id try the following cabl ...   Frankpiet

08-12-05   Frank, thanks again. i'll look at gon. did you ever 'evalua ...   Mattheus

08-12-05   Een heel kleijn beetje.. but i prefer german or english. i d ...   Frankpiet

08-14-05   So, are you happy ? i suspect you are finding the speakers ...   Thom_y

08-14-05   By the way ... this is a beautiful, modern-looking set-up. ...   Thom_y

08-14-05   Hi thom, no, the kharma's aren't too big for my small liste ...   Mattheus

08-22-05   Beste renaat, ik heb je gevonden op audiogon. ziet er goed u ...   Loxodrome

08-22-05   My web browser must be on the blink i can't read that las ...   Albertporter

08-22-05   Dag robert, hebben mekaar al uitvoerig gemaild ondertussen. ...   Mattheus

08-22-05   Albert, last psts are in the dutch language ! rob uses p.a ...   Mattheus

08-22-05   I know, i've been to europe many times. i had to tease matt ...   Albertporter

08-23-05   Damn you yankee :-) next time you come to europe, hace a cup ...   Mattheus

08-23-05   I appreciate your offer, that would be great :^). as for ni ...   Albertporter

08-23-05   I decided to get the venustas speakercable altough i bought ...   Mattheus

08-23-05   Keep us posted on your impressions of the purist venustas pl ...   Audiofankj

08-25-05   Albert: arent you a dealer for pad - as there is an add for ...   Frankpiet

08-25-05   Yea, i have an ad running for purist opis, a line that is ex ...   Albertporter

09-01-05   Albert, i'm interested in this opis. is it an official pa c ...   Mattheus

09-01-05   Mattheus, opis is a cable originally intended for japan. ...   Albertporter

09-01-05   Albert, i would like to try this cable. do i understand you ...   Mattheus

09-05-05   Thanks to albert i will be able to evaluate the pa opis (spe ...   Mattheus

09-05-05   Your welcome renaat. just listen to the music and hopeful ...   Albertporter

09-09-05   Just so everyone knows, i sent a parcel to renaat, containin ...   Albertporter

09-14-05   Cables arrived ! testing them and comparing with nirvana sl. ...   Mattheus

09-16-05   Mattheus. ive tried some cables and must say everything is ...   Frankpiet

09-27-05   Hi guys, have done some comparisons between speakercables: ...   Mattheus

09-29-05   Sold my amazon 1 and moerch and ordered a transrotor leonard ...   Mattheus

10-03-05   Mattheus: did you gave the fat bob s a try? i found it more ...   Frankpiet

10-03-05   Mattheus, cables arrived here today. thank you for packing ...   Albertporter

10-04-05   Frankpiet, no, i did not. but i don't like the looks of the ...   Mattheus

10-04-05   Dear renaat, seems that you are, just like me, looking for & ...   Kuzibri

10-05-05   Yes, its the same priceleague - but a serious machine not a ...   Frankpiet

10-05-05   Hi kuzibri, yes, i know the feeling... i'll be able to eval ...   Mattheus

10-05-05   Hi renaat, not heard the indra, but tested the varidig sext ...   Kuzibri

10-08-05   Hi guys, i decided to get the siltech forbes lake (rca) to ...   Mattheus

11-02-05   System update since i'm pleased with the krell fibre optic, ...   Mattheus

12-04-05   System update as optimism is going back to the usa: my chea ...   Mattheus

12-16-05   Mattheus, great system! ive sold the fat bob and the audio ...   Frankpiet

12-17-05   Frank thanks for the nice comment. i ordered taoc pts-f f ...   Mattheus

12-17-05   Frankpiet why do you recommend the asr emitter specifically ...   Mattheus

12-18-05   Nice to hear that you like the leonardo - beautifully build. ...   Frankpiet

12-19-05   I have the tmd on my leonardo ! i never heard it without it ...   Mattheus

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