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 Bedroom Audio
  Bedroom Audio
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12-11-11   Nice system, it`s simple and neat. i`d believe the music sou ...   Charles1dad

12-11-11   Now that is a fun system to enjoy.   Mjcmt

12-11-11   I bought a miniwatt to fill in for my luxman tube amp while ...   Pjudice

12-11-11   I tried el84 mullard re-issues, rca, ruby and tung-sol signa ...   Djdonis

12-11-11   Most of my listening time is spent in front of this system. ...   Djdonis

12-12-11   I had the same issue with reissue chinese gold lion el84s dy ...   Pjudice

12-13-11   With mw i use power cords and interconnects from hk company ...   Djdonis

12-13-11   And for source components - iron lung jellyfish.   Djdonis

12-13-11   I was really curious to see how vibration isolation might ef ...   Pjudice

12-13-11   I went to local lowe's and bought several pieces of marble s ...   Djdonis

12-13-11   Kwel setup dj.   Lapierre

12-14-11   Those tekton's are a very interesting design at a very inter ...   Mapman

12-14-11   Let me know the results of your antivibration experiment   Pjudice

12-19-11   Hi all users, the miniwatt n3 looks great and tiny but wonde ...   Samhvcc

12-20-11   It gives off serious heat, but should easily run the whole d ...   Pjudice

12-24-11   I see. thank you!   Samhvcc

02-14-12   Nice system! what are your impressions of the emotiva speake ...   Kenm80

02-14-12   Emotiva cables are just cables. i am currently using my own ...   Djdonis

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