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 updated system
  Alfredo's system
  NAD 3020 Amplifier
  Velodyne CT-120 Subwoofer
  DIY Dayton Audio diy  pic
  Monster Cable Studiolink 500 Interconnect

Alfredo's system
So far I am happy with this system. To my ear, it produce a well-balance sound across the audio spectrum with no harshness. It has a great detail midrange that has width and depth. This system is in a small room about 10x13.
Highend64  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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11-01-11   You have a real nice system going on here. i like the diy d ...   Zmanastronomy

11-01-11   Great starting system there alfredo! this is how the madness ...   Bigshutterbug

11-01-11   Zmanastronomy, thanks for your response. adding room treatme ...   Highend64

11-25-11   Nice system. oh how i lusted after adcom gear back in the e ...   Jaxwired

12-04-11   Thanks jaxwired. i like the adcom amp and pre. they are grea ...   Highend64

12-15-11   Just add a pioneer dv-525 to replace my broken nad.   Highend64

12-28-11   System edited: added more pics   Highend64

05-02-12   System edited: add a rca pro-sw220p sub as a temporary sub u ...   Highend64

09-15-12   System edited: just added a paradigm pdr-12 v.3 sub.   Highend64

09-20-12   Hi alfredo have you ever thought of a turntable at some poin ...   Alan2

09-21-12   I never thought of having a turntable. i would consider you ...   Highend64

09-27-12   System edited: bought a nad 1000 preamp.   Highend64

10-08-12   i would upgrade the dvd player next. if you want suggesti ...   Gonglee3

10-10-12   Hi gonglee3. i bought the pioneer player because i was in ne ...   Highend64

10-17-12   System edited: just got a adcom gfa 5802 amp and gfp-565 pre ...   Highend64

10-17-12   System edited: updated pics   Highend64

10-18-12   Sorry it took so long to get back to you. i would be happy t ...   Alan2

10-19-12   Hi alan, the speakers are 6 1/2' feet from center to center.   Highend64

11-05-12   I've enjoyed building my own speakers over the years too. my ...   Mjcmt

11-06-12   Thanks for the suggestion mjcmt. i never got the chance to h ...   Highend64

11-10-12   Have you thought about using a computer as the source? hrt m ...   Gonglee3

11-10-12   I do use a computer as a source. the only problem is that i ...   Highend64

11-10-12   I would suggest that you try a different brand of amplificat ...   Roxy54

11-22-12   Roxy, got a really good deal on the 5802 that why i got it. ...   Highend64

01-12-13   System edited: i have downgrade my amp section due to financ ...   Highend64

08-20-13   Question he64. when you settled on your gfa5300 did you co ...   Mjcmt

08-24-13   I'm also a fan of diy stand mount speakers and am certain th ...   Dean_man

09-20-13   System edited: hi audiogoner. i have been out of the hobb ...   Highend64

09-20-13   Mjcmt, sorry for the late response. i have been out of the h ...   Highend64

10-17-13   System edited: i just added a sub to fill in the subbass.   Highend64

03-28-14   System edited: added a desktop tower with a audiophile sound ...   Highend64

04-04-14   System edited: just added a velodyne ct-100 and a hafler dh- ...   Highend64

09-26-14   System edited: just added a yamaha cx-600u pre.   Highend64

10-20-14   System edited: just added a rotel rcd-855 cd player.   Highend64

07-12-15   System edited: change out the yamaha cx-600u and the scs 215 ...   Highend64

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