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 Shindo in the big room!

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  Shindo in the big room!
  Teddy Pardo TeddyDac  pic
  Shindo Monbrison Tube preamp  pic
  Shindo 300B Lafon  pic
  Lignolab Rack Stand  pic
  Shindo Arome Tweak
  Shindo ICs and Powercords
  Shindo Latour/Altec Valencia horns  pic
  Logitech Squeezebox SB Touch w/ Teddy Pardo TTouch ps  pic
  WyWires Litespd SPDIF
  Shindo Mr. T Tweak  pic
  Auditorium 23 A23 LS Speaker cable

Shindo in the big room!
This system sounds amazing in this room - 20ft. ceilings with tons of space/volume. It pretty much does it all... Most importantly, it sounds real and yields goosebumps!
Markpug  (System | Reviews | Answers | This Thread)

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02-08-09   Gorgeous room. love the way the system fits in also! very ...   Mapman

02-15-09   I'm surprised that you don't have an analog system to go wit ...   Mikeyc8

02-17-09   Congrat. i'm sure your system sounds as great as it looks! ...   Doc_stereo

02-20-09   Maybe a tt someday, but i seriously doubt it. digital done ...   Markpug

11-10-09   System edited: new dac added... not much press out on the a ...   Markpug

11-19-09   This is an absolutely beautiful system, congrats. for your d ...   Classikaudio

11-16-10: Markpug
System edited: Teddy Pardo's TeddyDac and TTouch power supply was the best addition to this system in years... I wish Teddy Pardo's products had been around in years past.
Markpug  (System | Reviews | Answers | This Thread)

12-14-10   System edited: updated pics... glorious sound!   Markpug

12-14-10   Magnificent system and room. a large room that suits the sys ...   Islandmandan

05-04-11   Markpug, great system. what are you using to feed the teddy ...   Plinko

05-04-11   Sb touch?   Plinko

05-07-11   Sb touch with ttouch power supply. i'm currently using soun ...   Markpug

05-08-11   Hi markpug, your room and system look beautiful, the music r ...   Charles1dad

06-11-11   System edited: the wywires litespd is a great digital cable!   Markpug

11-02-11   Very handsome room with nicely complimenting equipment cabin ...   Mjcmt

11-03-11   Beautiful system, balanced system, but if i were you i would ...   Lowens

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