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 Doctor's Rx-Wilson X-2, Lamm, PDS MPS5

Studer A810 Reel To Reel

Wilson X-2 Series ll Black Almondine

Sound Room

Pair Of JL Audio Fathom Subs added
  Doctor's Rx-Wilson X-2, Lamm, PDS MPS5
  Wilson Audio X-2 Alexandria Series ll
  Lamm Industries ML 3 Signature
  Lamm Industries LL1 Signature Dual Mono Line Level
  JL Audio Gotham/g213
  Playback Designs System MS5
  Studer Reel To Reel A-810
  Krell Theater Amplifier Standard
  Wilson Audio WATCH Center Channel
  Wilson Audio WATCH Surround (left and right)
  Nordost Valhalla
  Wilson Audio WATCH rear
  Sim2 Triple Chip DLP Projector C3X 1080
  Isco 2.35 Anamorphic Lens Model lll
  Stewart Filmscreen Firehawk G3 CineV 130
  Sony BDP-S2000ES
  Lexicon MC12B-HD v 1.2
  Nordost Valhalla AES/EBU
  Nordost Valhalla
  Nordost Valhalla
  Tara Labs RSC Gen 2
  Tara Labs RSC Air One
  Tara Labs The One Power cord
  Absolute Power Line Purifier
  Aurios Pro MIb
  Acoustic Sciences Corporation Tube Traps
  Acoustic Sciences Corporation Sound Planks
  Billy Bags AV Pro
  Billy Bags CD/DVD Stand
  Zoethecus component stands Z.2/R (2 in all)
  Zoethecus amp stands (3 in all) Z.block/1d
  Musical Fidelity Tube Output Buffer X-10v3
  Musical Fidelity Tube Output Buffer Power Supply
  Transparent Reference (RSE) Interconnect
  See Other Web site For More Details And Pictures

Doctor's Rx-Wilson X-2, Lamm, PDS MPS5
Audio Nirvana has arrived. Being involved in this hobby for the past 40 years proves that this is a journey and not a destination. Over these years I have had countless iterations of too many systems to mention. Over the past 15 years I have become a loyal fan of Wilson Audio speakers and have steadily moved up their production line. Four years ago I never thought it could get any better than my Wilson X-2 Alexandria series l until I heard the X-2 series ll this year. Suffice it to say the X-2 Series ll speakers were added in October of this year in Black Almondine and now occupy the center of my sound syatem. For the past 3 years I have been seriously considering a return to vinyl and was ready to make the move until I began reading about the resurgence of reel to reel tape recorders and The Tape Project. Recently I found a fully restored Studer A810 tape recorder and added it to my system as well as becoming a Charter Subscriber to The Tape Project. Needless to say I was smitten. Recently I also swapped out my much beloved Meitner digital gear for the newer Playback Designs PDS MP-S5 and have been more than happpy with that decision. Earlier this year the video side of my room underwent a complete change and installed the Sim2 C3X1080 triple chip DLP with an Isco lll anamorphic lens. This allows me to enjoy either 16 X 9 format as well as 2.35 on a CIH Stewart Firehawk G3 132 inch curved screen. When I did this I upgraded the subwoofer(s) in my room by swapping the Wilson XS for two JL Audio Gotham subs. It took the better part of four months to get these subs dialed in for my room but once done they are simply better than I could have ever imagined. As far as what the future holds in the hobby, I am in a holding pattern but I never say never.
Oneobgyn  (System | Reviews | Answers | This Thread)

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04-05-03   Wow, i thought i liked my system till i read about yours. i ...   Nrchy

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06-19-03   System edited: just updated the new webpage url to see photo ...   Oneobgyn

06-19-03   System edited: here is the new url ...   Oneobgyn

06-20-03   System edited: the (correct) new url to see my gear is ht ...   Oneobgyn

07-15-03   System edited: i recently switched out my tara labs ad10b po ...   Oneobgyn

09-28-03   System edited: the addition of the meitner dac 6 produced a ...   Oneobgyn

10-05-03   Wow! if only i practiced before the days of managed care... ...   Timbukted

10-07-03   This has been a "labor" of love for me in a hobby ...   Oneobgyn

10-11-03   System edited: addition of the newly released nordost valhal ...   Oneobgyn

10-11-03   Oneobgyn - you obviously have put a lot of time, and money, ...   Rhum_runner

10-12-03   I own just over 600 cd's   Oneobgyn

11-01-03   System edited: being a long time vinyl enthousiast but away ...   Oneobgyn

12-08-03   System edited: just recently swapped out my krell dvd standa ...   Oneobgyn

04-23-04   System edited: well. i feel now i have truly reached audio n ...   Oneobgyn

04-24-04   Oneobgyn - phenominal. think you could spring a few hundred ...   Audiofankj

04-24-04   My son has a digital camera and will hopefully take some upd ...   Oneobgyn

04-24-04   System edited: first attempt at posting pictures. not a gr ...   Oneobgyn

04-24-04   The photos look good! thanks for sharing!   Audiofankj

04-25-04   They were the best i could do with the existing light and my ...   Oneobgyn

05-17-04   System edited: after integrating the x-2 alexandria speakers ...   Oneobgyn

05-17-04   System edited: here is a link to some more pictures of my ro ...   Oneobgyn

05-18-04   You're making me jealous, ob...   Themadmilkman

05-18-04   Mm--i was sure hoping to have you down here this weekend for ...   Oneobgyn

05-18-04   Some how i must have missed your system in the past, looking ...   Tireguy

05-18-04   Tireguy--i have tried just about every front end component. ...   Oneobgyn

05-19-04   How about your take on the unidisk on cd and sacd in compari ...   Deven8

05-19-04   If you are looking for a sota all-in-one box that performs f ...   Oneobgyn

05-30-04   Final decision has been made. i am going with the sony qual ...   Oneobgyn

05-30-04   Doc, this is one system to die for! excellent choice on th ...   Tonet

05-31-04   Although i was originally going to do the marantz 3 chip dlp ...   Oneobgyn

06-08-04   Yeah doc, my dealer got so pissed off with sony, they cance ...   Tonet

06-08-04   From what i understand,it is a simple story of supply and de ...   Oneobgyn

06-08-04   And qualia is not just the projector, it is coming up to a c ...   Tonet

06-08-04   Although you could say that audiogon has its own dialect bas ...   Themadmilkman

06-08-04   I knew you would agree. it is as close to vinyl as the real ...   Oneobgyn

06-08-04   I am sorry i missed this until today, i am extremely impres ...   Albertporter

06-09-04   Albert--yours is pretty dynamite also. i must tell you that ...   Oneobgyn

06-09-04   Everyone's saying that about the meitner. it must be a step ...   Albertporter

06-09-04   I have owned just about every sota digital gear and the meit ...   Oneobgyn

07-06-04   Although not a tweak or an upgrade to my system, the followi ...   Oneobgyn

07-06-04   System edited: 07-06-04: oneobgyn although not a tweak or a ...   Oneobgyn

07-13-04   Decent.   Mburnstein

07-13-04   Thank you.   Oneobgyn

08-02-04   Well, i don't even know where to begin. i do not know which ...   Bplexico

08-02-04   Thanks barr it was a treat to have met you. my greatest enj ...   Oneobgyn

08-02-04   System edited: on order and soon to be delivered is ed meitn ...   Oneobgyn

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