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 Mainly Analogue

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Finite Element?Esoteric


Triolon/Cabasse Sub
  Mainly Analogue
  Rockport Technologies Sirius
  Einstein The Tube Mk II
  Yamaha CT-7000
  Acapella Triolons
  Jorma Prime
  Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference
  Jorma Prime Speaker cable
  Halcyonics Micro 40 Tweak
  Audio Note Balanced Kegons
  Ortofon MC-90 Cartridge
  Weizhi AC Line Filter Tweak
  Stage III Zyklops Tweak
  Stage III Minotaur Tweak
  Ypsilon MC-16 Step up transformer
  Ypsilon VPS 100 phono stage Tube preamp
  Lurne Record clamp Turntable
  Finite Elemente Cerabases Tweak
  Esoteric P-02 Transport
  Esoteric D-02 DA converter

Mainly Analogue
The system has evolved over a 20 year period and will probably continue to evolve. It is in a dedicated room that is approximately 19' by 27' by 10' with oak floors and oriental carpets. I also use a minimal number of diffusers on the wall behind the speakers and eight of the 16" ASC Tube Traps. The room has 5 dedicated circuits for the audio.

There have been a number of evolutionary changes over the last year, primarily with respect to the power cords, speakerwire and interconnect and one rather dramatic change, the replacement of the EMM Labs XDS1 with the Esoteric P-02/ D-02. This yielded lower noise and increased detail and bass control while maintaining the musicality of the EMM Labs. I would consider the Esoteric pieces breakthrough products. Funny how you sometimes deviate from your plans. My system seems to go through extended periods without major changes, then have a number at the same time. I do have my eyes on a new cartridge and perhaps a new preamp.
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03-04-03   I guess i could limp by on this system. do you have some c ...   Jfrech

03-04-03   The titan arrived last thursday and will probably get instal ...   Fcrowder

03-04-03   Are you located anywhere on the east coast. i have been dyi ...   Stenersr

03-04-03   I should re-phrase that to say if you know anywhere on the e ...   Stenersr

03-05-03   Hi! i live in houston, but would be more than willing to en ...   Fcrowder

03-05-03   I certainly appreciate the offer. i was in san antonio for ...   Stenersr

03-06-03   Hard to comment on the best show as i have mainly attended c ...   Fcrowder

03-08-03   I have been priviledged to hear this system on various occas ...   Jbm

03-23-03   Installed the titan last night in my rockport, replacing a h ...   Fcrowder

03-24-03   The titan reminds me of the clavis dc as respects dynamics.. ...   Rcrump

03-30-03   The acapella campinale speakers are broken-in, the parasound ...   Jbm

03-31-03   The pursuit of an absolute can be very frustrating, particul ...   Fcrowder

04-01-03   It has been almost a year since fred received the acapella c ...   Rcrump

04-08-03   The titan continues to break-in; however, unlike earlier lyr ...   Fcrowder

04-21-03   There is a picture of my system posted on audio asylum in pi ...   Fcrowder

04-22-03   Hi fred, nice room and awesome black horns on your acapella ...   Audiofederation

04-22-03   Here is a link to fred's system's picture on rcrump's audio ...   Audiofederation

05-19-03   Finally, fred's system is coming together and the horns have ...   Rcrump

05-24-03   Just listened to fred's system yesterday. as time has passed ...   Rhyno

11-21-03   Fred have very nice system.i put my acapella very far each o ...   tapani.lappi@

02-10-04   System edited: two changes to the system, one to arrive in e ...   Fcrowder

02-10-04   Oh gawd! when the subs arrive, i think i'll bring over my ...   Rhyno

03-21-04   The finite elemente pagode master reference arrived thursday ...   Fcrowder

03-22-04   Unlike fred i think the pagoda master reference stand is fai ...   Rcrump

03-22-04   The pagode which i purchased uses a clear blonde finish on t ...   Fcrowder

03-22-04   The stand that you purchased is in natural maple. the cereb ...   Jbm

06-07-04   My wife & i were able to listen to fred's system recently, t ...   Rhyno

11-26-04   Two recent changes to the system: i) lindemann d680 replaced ...   Fcrowder

12-01-04   A real high end system ! great. i think, enjoying the music ...   Thomasheisig

12-19-04   System edited: acapella makes a custom version of their fond ...   Fcrowder

04-22-05   Do you know where i can review images/reviews of the ctc blo ...   Appassionata

05-16-05   I believe that the only review appeared in enjoy the music s ...   Fcrowder

09-08-05   System edited: often spending more money or replacing a piec ...   Fcrowder

09-09-05   Hello fred, looks like you've come a long way since the qu ...   Albertporter

11-27-05   Fred, the campaniles look awfully good in complete black!!! ...   Kuzibri

11-29-05   System edited: it has been a busy 18 months with many change ...   Fcrowder

04-05-06   System edited: numerous changes in the past three months inc ...   Fcrowder

04-05-06   The einstein arrived?!? has hell frozen over? i know fred' ...   Rhyno

06-26-06   Got a chance to do some extended listening to fred's system ...   Rhyno

06-26-06   A few thoughts: rhyno has failed to mention what well may ha ...   Fcrowder

06-26-06   I forgot to mention that the new windows had one other signi ...   Fcrowder

07-28-06   This is an amazing system. i'm thinking myself of going eins ...   Elberoth2

07-31-06   Elberoth, if you have any questions about either the acapell ...   Fcrowder

09-28-06   I have the acapellas and while the lamm works well it doesn' ...   Swordfis

05-16-07   Fred, thanks in part to reading about your system (and a few ...   Amfibius

05-16-07   Amfibius, you cannot imagine how pleased i am with your deci ...   Fcrowder

05-17-07   System edited: thanks to the kindness of neli davis, i am fi ...   Fcrowder

05-17-07   Very surprised to see the horns closest to wall, and woofers ...   Rhyno

05-17-07   The subs are on and for whatever reason, the mating is seaml ...   Fcrowder

05-17-07   Hi, just curious what you thought of the esoteric x01d2. i ...   Tboooe

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