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 Albert Porter's System

Focal Grande Utopia EM

LP software

MK3 Rosewood

Part of our music group

MK3 and Studer (wide)

H5000 DHT
  Albert Porter's System
  My Photography  pic
  Focal Grande Utopia EM  pic
  RPG Acoustics QRD 734 (variation)  pic
  Studer A810  pic
  Technics SP10 MK3 Rosewood with Stillpoints Ultra 5  pic
  Technics SP10 MK3 Panzerholz + Ebony  pic
  TTM Stainless Mat and Oil Damp Weight  pic
  SME V-12 ( two each)  pic
  Air Tight PC-1 Supreme  pic
  Koetsu Coralstone Platinum Cartridge  pic
  Lyra Atlas  pic
  Allnic Puritas Cartridge  pic
  Macintosh Mac Mini (2015 model)  pic
  Vibraplane 2212-01 Stand  pic
  Atomic Audio Labs Mac Mini Platform Stand  pic
  KECES DC216  pic
  KECES Cables Tweak  pic
  Allnic D5000 DHT DAC  pic
  Oppo BDP-105 Darbee  pic
  Allnic L3000 MK2 Line Stage  pic
  Allnic H5000 DHT Phono  pic
  Takatsuki TA-300B Tweak  pic
  Allnic M3000 MK2 Tube amp  pic
  Audio Research REF 250 Tube amp  pic
  KLaudio Ultrasonic LP cleaning machine Tweak  pic
  Audio Desk Automatic LP Cleaner  pic
  Milbank Transocket three phase 750 amp  pic
  Porter Port Cryo outlets 20 Amp  pic
  Audioquest Diamond USB Interconnect  pic
  Purist Audio Design Focal EM Supply cable  pic
  Purist Audio Luminist 25th Anniversary Phono X 2  pic
  Purist Audio Luminist 25th Anniversary XLR X 4  pic
  Purist Audio Luminist 25th Anniversary Bi-Wire  pic
  Purist Audio Luminist 25th Anniversary AC X 9  pic
  Purist Audio Luminist Dominus RCA Interconnect  pic
  ORB-DF03 USA version DF03 Tweak  pic
  Leica Disto D2  pic

Albert Porter's System
The heart of the system is Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers in black finish

Analog music sources, Technics SP10 MK3 with twin SME V-12 tonearms, Studer A810 Archival half + quarter track IEC and NAB tape machine.

Digital music source is Macintosh Mini, early 2015 version with solid state drive and maximum RAM. JRiver 21 plays FLAC, SACD, DSD and HD Tracks Downloads.

Allnic H5000 DHT Phono, Allnic L3000 preamp feed Audio Research REF 250 amps and/or Allnic M3000 MK2 mono blocs.

Mac Mini feeds via Audioquest Diamond USB or Purist Ultimate USB cable to Allnic D5000 DHT DAC.

All other cable is Purist Audio 25th Anniversary Luminist. Regardless if AC, interconnect, tonearm cable or speaker.

My space (18' X 31') is acoustically treated with RPG panels and fiberglass over triple reinforced walls and ceiling.

Floor is lamination beams over steel plates and concrete piers plus two 5/8 epoxy lam sheets for floor. Followed by two inches of concrete float and India multi color slate.

All the reinforcement and acoustic treatment goes unnoticed, due to Whisper Wall rail system and fine textured acoustic cloth covering everything. In these photos and in person) the acoustic work passes for traditional painted sheetrock.

The room acoustics were conceived and specified by RBDG. The entire space was torn out to dirt and studs about nine years ago.

This description updated November 9, 2015.
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05-29-02   Very nice albert! looking forward to seeing some new picture ...   Tireguy

05-29-02   Albert, i have been a member of a'gon since 1999. while i am ...   P_mmk

05-29-02   Beautiful setup! your superb taste in audio is matched by y ...   Jameswei

05-29-02   I am literally drooling -- hope it doesn't short the keyboar ...   Ozfly

05-29-02   Very impressive, i'm green with envy. obviously put togethe ...   Unsound

05-29-02   It's done! your new listening room is complete! i'm sure t ...   Brianw

05-29-02   Albert, i hope someday to hear your system. i'm sure the bes ...   Mikelavigne

05-29-02   You're a class act albert. i too like to see a great system ...   Garfish

05-29-02   You the man! i am humbled. patrick   Lugnut

05-30-02   Come on albert, just snap a photo of the new room (should on ...   Dekay

05-30-02   Possible upgrade objection to the table and cables, ...   Inna

05-30-02   We all know that a carpenter's roof leaks and a shoemaker's ...   Sean

05-30-02   Simply takes your breath away. thanks for sharing albert, of ...   Grandpad

05-30-02   Beautiful, albert ! also love your chairs and the dining tab ...   Detlof

05-30-02   Albert, what a work of art. i'm very envious[in a good way]. ...   Bluenose

05-30-02   Albert, i would like you to know that i am available for ad ...   Erider

05-30-02   The room, decor and system are all excellent. hope it sound ...   Joe_b

05-30-02   Speachless and awed!   Lak

05-30-02   What impresses me, is how well integrated a first class soun ...   Rives

05-30-02   Albert, please thank your wife for her good taste as well. i ...   Angela100

05-30-02   I am overwhelmed by your compliments. problem now is that ...   Albertporter

05-30-02   Albert,the room is very pleasant and inviting and it comes t ...   Maxgain

05-31-02   Simply amazing. you and i have *very* similar tastes in dec ...   Psychicanimal

05-31-02   Albert, please post the pics under construction.... - aj   Angela100

05-31-02   System edited: three new images added. first shows where fl ...   Albertporter

05-31-02   Angela, you got it. maxgain. in addition to the rpg pane ...   Albertporter

05-31-02   Thanks albert. i see them in the first pic now that you poin ...   Maxgain

05-31-02   And hey, we get the artsy b&w pics to boot! only albert can ...   Angela100

05-31-02   Albert, i am truly impressed! who did you work with on th ...   Dan2112

05-31-02   The walls with the rough cedar lumber were torn out to the b ...   Albertporter

05-31-02   Whitney houston moved in with woody allen?!?!?!?! :}   Angela100

05-31-02   That would be kinky wouldn't it? it is supposed to be whitn ...   Albertporter

05-31-02   Nah... she's just too old for woody (wink wink, nudge nudge)   Angela100

05-31-02   Albert, those pictures look all blurry. as a photographer, ...   Sean

05-31-02   Great idea, sean... hey albert..... how about trading spaces ...   Angela100

06-01-02   Dear albert, this surpasses anything i had ever dreamed of, ...   Gregm

06-01-02   Mr. porter, what shelf material are you using with your cust ...   Avnut

06-01-02   Avnut. the larger of the two sound anchors has the walker p ...   Albertporter

06-07-02   Hands on hips..... toes tapping...... oh, allllllllbert..... ...   Angela100

08-14-02   Albert - i'm with angela, when are the new pictures getting ...   Nrchy

10-24-02   What's the admission price to your concerts ?, i'd like to a ...   Rx8man

10-24-02   And you are supposed to be the photograhpher in the bunch! c ...   Angela100

10-24-02   Remember the story about the cobbler who's children had no s ...   Albertporter

10-25-02   No..... and besides.... what's that got to do with audio and ...   Angela100

10-26-02   Somehow that cobbler story doesn't ring true with you albert ...   Tubegroover

10-28-02   Can hardly believe my eyes (ears?) you have interconnect bet ...   Judit

10-28-02   Great response judit. remember that the run between my prea ...   Albertporter

10-30-02   Albert? are you avoiding me? come on, my friend -cough 'em u ...   Angela100

10-31-02   Angela, i promise to try to make time for images of the new ...   Albertporter

10-31-02   Hello albert, i would like to know how you came to be such ...   Avnut

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