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  Review: Acurus A-125 x5 Multichamp
The Acurus A-125 was my first step into the world of separates. I was immediately impressed with the additional detail and depth that I experienced with both music and movies alike. The texture was fuller, the sound smoother and cleaner especially in bass reproduction. My Wharfedale monitors seemed to get fuller bass response with the sub off. My musical preferences run the gamut from classical to hard rock. I must say that going from a straight receiver setup to this and using the receiver as a preamp was a huge step up. Then when I replaced my HK AVR70 receiver with the Newcastle AVP-9080R, the difference was even more profound. So what this told me was that while amplification is important, preamplification is even more important.

This amp's strengths are that it was affordable since Mondial was discontinuing the Acurus line. It also runs WAY cool even after running this thing for 5 hours straight, it is never too hot to touch and it doesn't have a fan so operation is dead silent-no introduction of cooling fan noise. Build quality is solid.

There are really no weaknesses that are apparent in this amp for the price I paid. This is most likely the BEST amp in the under $1K range.

Associated gear
Newcastle AVP-9080R pre/pro
Wharfedale Emerald 93 monitor speakers for mains
Carver SD/A-360 5 disc CD changer
Nak BX-2 cassette deck
Def Tech BP10B bipolar floorstanders for mains
Def Tech BP2X bipolar surrounds
Mission 77C1 center channel speaker

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