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Each thread should be dedicated to one metropolitan area. If you would like to start a club or even just a small group of fanatics, start a new thread with the location as the first word in the title. Within threads about potential clubs, members could post their interest within the thread, allowing private emails. Please note that your participation in these clubs is completely independent of Audiogon. ie: if your tube amp blows up trying to run a club member's speakers, do not complain to Audiogon.

Exisiting club members or officers
Please feel free to post news, events, or more info about your club.
  Houston, TX
DON'T FORGET!!!! Southwest High-end Audio meeting Sat. Aug. 9, 2003 - 10:00-noon - LifeStyle Technologies, 12811 Royal Dr., Suite 113, Stafford, TX 77477.

topics include component modifications and a footer / cone shoot-out.

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08-09-05   Don't forget!! the houston audio society will hold its mont ...   Jbm

08-19-05   I would like to attend to your next meeting. thanks.   Jbayona

05-08-06   The houston audio society will hold its monthly meeting satu ...   Workingslug

08-16-06   The houston audio club will be meeting august 19th (2006) at ...   Conanb

09-04-06   I would like to attend the next meting. can you advise when ...   Hovendic

09-04-06   The houston audio society will hold it's monthly meeting sat ...   Conanb

12-20-06   When is the next meeting in houston?   nelnetpaz@

01-08-07   The next meeting will be on january 13th from 10:00-12:00 at ...   Workingslug

01-19-07   Houston area audiophiles are always welcome at the houston a ...   Fredt300b

04-22-07   How do i become a member in your club as i have a passion fo ...   Rosco1

04-22-07   Go to our yahoo group page and join to become a member of th ...   Fredt300b

04-22-07   Rick - please note that the following is a link to our yahoo ...   Workingslug

06-30-08   So i just moved to houston, and i want to make some new audi ...   Tok20000

06-30-08   The houston audio club has a yahoo group website. we typica ...   Conanb

07-01-08   Keith - welcome to houston. we have an audio club and here i ...   Workingslug

07-14-08   John, i just wanted to say that i had a great time at the h ...   Tok20000

12-10-09   has christmas party and product demonstration is saturday ...   Mitchozie

12-31-09: Vernneal
sw of houston nearcstafford
Audio interest please contact me about your club

Vernneal  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-03-10   Is there still a houston club?   Ser182

05-04-10   Yes, it's now the houston audio society. our next meeting is ...   Fredt300b

01-08-11   Is there a head-fi meeting in houston by any chance?   Andrewdoan

07-31-11   The houston audio society meets monthly at a variety of loca ...   Conanb

02-18-12   Just curious if audio clubs are active now? what do meetings ...   Mcpherson

02-18-12   Hi, jayson, the houston audio society is still very active, ...   Fredt300b

02-18-12   Yes we have a meeting today 2-18-12. check out houstonaudio@ ...   Smorgenroth

02-18-12   The club continues to meet monthly. the club activity and n ...   Conanb

04-30-13   Guys- is this group still active? will be in houston on bu ...   Jafant

05-01-13   Yes it is still active. you can email me at s.morgenroth@ear ...   Smorgenroth

05-01-13   Nice! i am looking for a 2-channel audio dealer. it has been ...   Jafant

04-18-14   We are still meeting most months. see houston audio society ...   Conanb

11-09-14   Spring area   Flatrocker

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