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Each thread should be dedicated to one metropolitan area. If you would like to start a club or even just a small group of fanatics, start a new thread with the location as the first word in the title. Within threads about potential clubs, members could post their interest within the thread, allowing private emails. Please note that your participation in these clubs is completely independent of Audiogon. ie: if your tube amp blows up trying to run a club member's speakers, do not complain to Audiogon.

Exisiting club members or officers
Please feel free to post news, events, or more info about your club.
  Burlington, VT - Any interest in starting a club?
I've always been curious about how many Agon visitors are in Vermont. That said, who are you, where are you, and would you be interested in starting a local audiophile society? It can make this hobby a hell of a lot more fun. And hey, we've even been blessed with a new hifi shop (on Church St).


Lneilb  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-08-03   I noticed that... i saw a classified ad on audiogon from tha ...   Mwilson

02-08-03   Last time i talked to chris he was still in business. he's d ...   Audiogabby

02-08-03   Hi, i am a long way from burlington but i am there often, my ...   Newfane

02-08-03   Hello, all! chris dowling moved to chicago and gave up the ...   Lneilb

09-07-03   Im in nh. no clubs around here unfortunately......   Ritteri

09-07-03   Any takers?   Lneilb

09-08-03   Maybe start a ne club?? or a tri state(vt.,nh,me) northern n ...   Ritteri

10-14-03   Howdy all, just getting serious into home audio myself (budg ...   Seanl20

10-14-03   Ok, it's been awhile. i thought i'd see if this thread would ...   Lneilb

10-14-03: Seanl20
Did he work for the burlington store? If yes then i did not know him, a lil before my time, there was a Mark that worked down in the NH store that I met a few times good guy. i worked there from dec of this past year up until march then shortly after the shop closed down. The Rutland store has reopened under new name and ownership, if you're familiar with the old crew well then you'll know Bruce and Frank and they're still down there doing the thing. Anywho i think once or twice a month for meetings at some ones place or a said location. i def could use some hands and ears on guidance as to what would be wise choises for investments of what little cash i do have and also to get that last little bit out of what i currently have
Seanl20  (Answers | This Thread)

04-24-05   Hi fellow vermont audiophiles i live in wardsboro vt. i know ...   Whinoman

04-24-05   I think that's a great idea, but this thread seems to have f ...   Lneilb

07-08-05   I'm in brattleboro vt too. i'd be interested in starting a c ...   Hanki

07-31-05   Hello southern vermonters, i live in hoosick falls,ny, right ...   Jalanc42069

08-22-06   This thread is pretty old now -- i am in burlington and woul ...   Ehart

08-24-06   Hi eric; yes, i'd be interested. there are not many audiop ...   Hanki

11-28-06   Hi eric, i am across the lake in the adirondacks an hour or ...   Groovey

01-13-08   My audiophile cousin on li just directed me to your message ...   Stunthunt

01-13-08   I'm game. i have been working too much over the last three y ...   Lneilb

01-13-08   Hey stunt hunt, i am still running a pretty modest system. ...   Groovey

01-13-08   Hi guys, i'm a audiophile from rutland, vt, been an audioph ...   Satfrat

01-14-08   Hi guys, i have to say i am pretty much out of the running ...   Ehart

06-16-10   Hi all, did any of you folks ever manage to start getting to ...   Cpmiller

06-22-10   Never did get a "club" off the ground in the burli ...   Stunthunt

06-30-10   Thanks for responding to my post! i live in underhill but wi ...   Cpmiller

09-16-10   Just moved back to vt (colchester). i'm in.   Bliss53

05-03-11   I am bummed this never got off the ground. i would like to ...   Bliss53

07-06-11   Nad cdp, nad pre-amp, nad amp, vpi turntable, dynaudio speak ...   Tweezer

10-18-12   I'm back. after a few years of working two full time jobs, ...   Lneilb

02-20-13   I live in central vt and would be very interested in a club, ...   Snooker14

11-16-13   If i lived in vermont again - i'd be in!   Notec

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