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  Amarra 2.3.2 vs Puremusic 1.82 playback software
I am running both Amarra & Puremusic on my system & for a day or two swapping between each. I find them both excellent.

I always preferred the sonics of Amarra in the past to the others i tried, but this latest Pm version sounds very good. It has a slightly denser image density than Amarra 2.3.

I think the latest Amarra offering is only just better in my system due to a silkiness & beauty in the highs. This may be due to the fact I use a Weiss DAC & Amarra is linked with Weiss.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed any differences between the sonics of these bits of software?
Chadeffect  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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12-14-11   I have a weiss dac202 and both amarra and pure music. i pre ...   Gsself

12-14-11   Hi gsself, there is something glorious in the amarra sound. ...   Chadeffect

12-14-11   The next issue of uhf magazine, due out just before christma ...   Tobias

12-14-11   I also use both programs on my metric halo with very similar ...   Gsself

12-15-11   I have twice tried the amarra demo but have stayed with pm. ...   Mwheelerk

12-15-11   I have demoed both with a msb platinum signature dac iv with ...   Chuck

12-15-11   So it would seem amarra 2.3 is getting the thumbs up over pu ...   Chadeffect

12-15-11   I use amarra in both configurations. playlist mode does soun ...   Chuck

12-16-11   Pure music 1.83 has been released with most changes/improvem ...   Mwheelerk

12-19-11   I still like pure music 1.83 better then amarra.   Jtwrace

12-19-11   Jtwrace, what do you prefer in pm? which version of amarra ...   Chadeffect

01-01-12   Hello, i have tried both programs in my system (eastern elec ...   Steady339

01-04-12   Anyone compare the junior or mini versions of amarra to pm? ...   Gnobber

01-05-12   Gnobber, amarra mini and amarra full version sound the same ...   Tobias

01-05-12   Chadeffect, i prefer the sonics of pure music with my metri ...   Jtwrace

01-06-12   Why do you have to buy these through a dealer. does it not m ...   Jwm

01-06-12   Chadeffect what. ...   Abruce

01-07-12   I think this is another example of "best" being wh ...   Mbhintz

01-08-12   Mbhintz i have been reading that wav files may sound better ...   Jwm

01-08-12   Jwm, i thought the download sites used flac (which is lossle ...   Tobias

01-24-12   I spent the last two weeks seriously evaluating the latest v ...   Dean358

01-30-12   Check out audirvana plus. stability of puremusic and the so ...   Wilsynet

01-31-12   Tnx wilsynet -- will do!   Dean358

02-01-12   I have both program. my set up is imac , april audio u2 , ca ...   Hjungmd

02-08-12   I've been using fidelia for some time now after experience w ...   Istanbulu

02-09-12   I prefer the sound of amarra over pm. the sound seems more m ...   Mattzack2

02-10-12   Istanbulu, i tried fedelia & found it sounded good. not th ...   Chadeffect

02-12-12   Adding audirvana plus to this discussion, as per wilsnet's s ...   Dean358

02-13-12   When comparing amarra and pm and others, it is critical to s ...   Audioengr

02-13-12   Please audiogon, stop messing up the site. whatever you are ...   Chadeffect

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