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  Ground Cheater plug or....
Maybe this isn't a good idea, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I have what I believe to be a persistent ground loop hum from my amplifier. It's quiet, inaudible if music playing or unless you're standing next to the speaker, but knowing it's there is annoying.

I've heard suggestions to use a cheater plug to defeat the ground, but it seems counterintuitive to stick a 35cent plastic plug between expensive cables and power supplies. My question is, couldn't you accomplish the same thing by disconnecting the ground wire in the outlet, and still exact the benefits of better cables?

I'm sure the fire marshall would disapprove, but I'd like to hear what the hi-fi nuts have to say.

Grimace  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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03-30-12   A couple of things you could do. one use the cheater plug, i ...   Theo

03-29-12   If you believe the cable vendor's explanation of why an expe ...   Rdavwhitaker

03-30-12   Try the cheater plug and see if that does away with hum,if i ...   Yogiboy

03-30-12   Someone clearly needs to produce an "audiophile" c ...   Dopogue

03-30-12   Here's another option & one i use myself on my cdp. buy a v ...   Pehare

03-30-12   On some ps audio power cords you can remove the grounding pi ...   Czbbcl

03-30-12   Grimace, you can get hum in many ways. sometimes it is bec ...   Ozzy

03-30-12   I've been through all the components. the hum remains even i ...   Grimace

03-30-12   Absolutely do not use cheater plugs. they defeat the ground ...   Minorl

03-30-12   then the hum is most likely not being caused by a ground loo ...   Almarg

03-30-12   Omg dopogue, i almost fell out of the chair laughing. they' ...   Mt10425

03-30-12   If you have cable or satelite hooked up on a dual use rig li ...   Chadnliz

03-30-12   Just run a long extension ac cable from your amp to another ...   Yogiboy

03-30-12   grimace, i agree with everything al said. i would add if ...   Jea48

03-30-12   The only audiophile cheater plug that i know if is the ebtec ...   Jedinite24

03-30-12   There is an audiophile cheater plug (imo) that i employed in ...   Jedinite24

04-03-12   Al is correct. this will not be solved by cheating the groun ...   Atmasphere

04-03-12   Speakers are 89db spendor s8e. i can only hear the hum from ...   Grimace

04-04-12   Great thread, commenting here so it is parked in my threads.   Podeschi

04-21-12   The plot thickens. i took the amp to a local tech who a) cou ...   Grimace

04-21-12   In addition, i figured out which circuit the hi-fi is on, tu ...   Grimace

04-21-12   Why not try a ps audio humbuster ?   Lifeengineer

04-21-12   Grimace, when you sent the amp to cary did you also send al ...   Jea48

04-21-12   I use cheaters on my mono blocks to solve the same issues - ...   Puerto

04-26-12   I had the same problem. cause was the fact that one of my a ...   Broimp

04-26-12   Yes all devices you have are grounded, some are chassis grou ...   Broimp

07-29-12   So here's what fixed it. i switched pre-amps, and suddenly t ...   Grimace

07-29-12   Did you ever try shorting the amp's inputs, as i had suggest ...   Almarg

07-30-12   Well again, the power supply - a ps audio something-or-other ...   Grimace

07-30-12   grimace, one of the questions i asked in my last post abo ...   Jea48

07-30-12   I didn't check the cord, but i did switch out my aftermarket ...   Grimace

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