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  Here's How I Make My Equipment Racks
In response to a previous thread, here's how I make my
equipment racks:
List of equipment: 3/4" thick MDF cut to desired shelf
(4) 3/4" diameter 6' threaded steel rods
3/4" nuts and washers (8 per shelf)
Drill a 3/4" hole in the corner of each shelf in exactly the
same place. I do this by scribing a line with a square 1 1/2" inch in and using a nail set to punch a hole where the lines intersect. A drill press works great to drill the holes so they are all straight and true. Now that you have
a hole drilled in each corner of each shelf, simply screw
the whole thing together, adjusting each shelf to fit your
gear. Use a square to make sure your first shelf is straight, and measure each one likewise. If you do this
correctly, your rack will sit straight and level. If you
need to level it further, buy (4) 3/4 rod connectors, which
are about 3" high, and screw these into the bottom of the
rod and use them to level it. I paint the steel rod using
Krylon Industrial enamel (flat black looks best), and paint
the shelves to match your decor. This makes a very solid,
heavy audio rack. Total cost is about $40 for the steel
rod, $15 for the nuts and washers (about $1.00 a pound)
$20 for the MDF, and $5.00 worth of paint for a total under
$100. I've made several racks this way and have used the
same method to make CD racks.
Dave43  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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10-03-01: Caterham1700
IKEA*lyte Modular Component Isolation Support-

IKEA's Lack endtables and coffeetables are constructed of an attractively finished natural wood laminates over an expanded foam and chipboard core.
This composition is of high strength, extremely low energy storing mass and has superb internal damping characteristics.Altho not designed as such,the construction details of IKEA Lack is that of a laminated constrained layer device.Conceptually,when the material is used as an isolation device,it is not far removed from Russ Andrews RATA Torlyte and my own Neuance performance shelving.
Due to the huge volume and modern manufacturing methods IKEA can sell completed endtable units in a variety of colours or natural wood veneers for $15 each ($20 for beech).No finishing is required for the construction of the IKEA*lyte modular isolation stand.
Changes in racking needs can be accomplished by the addition of other IKEA Lack "modules".
IKEA is available worldwide thru retail outlets and by mail order and the internet.
The sonic and musical performance of the IKEA*lyte will better many commercially available supports costing upwards of $500-600 or more, particularly in the areas of PRaT, note shaping and harmonic textures.Depending on the quality of the spiking used and care in installation, the IKEA*lyte will easily better Sanus,Salamander,Atlantis,Lovan,Billy Bags and many other respected and often costly support systems.
Typical cost for a completed 4 shelf IKEA*lyte rack should run approx. US $95-110 ,excluding tools and dependant on finish.

You will need -

(1) IKEA Lack endtable or coffeetable to be used as a Reference Base Platform.(The coffeetable is recommended for unstable flooring and the unused areas make a good location for outboard crossovers and power conditioning devices,powerstrips,etc.)

(1ea.) IKEA Lack endtable for EACH component shelf required.
(ie: a 4 component rack will require a total of 5 IKEA Lack tables, including the base unit)

also needed will be
-a length of 1/4" threaded rod for making spikes
plus matching drill and thread tap
a hacksaw for cutting the threaded rod
and a grinder for sharpening the spikes and to make flats
on each side of the threaded rod/spike for adjusting with
a wrench
-a saw for cutting down the legs for heigth(tablesaw preferred for accuracy)

I.Install 4 spikes to "Base Platform" where the legs would normally be attached and install on the floor,making sure of level and evenness.Do not press the spikes hard into the flooring,just let it settle.If you have heavy carpeting, pre-pierce the carpet with a sharp awl first.

II.Measure and carefully cut down the legs of each shelf module to allow clearance for each component & your favorite footer device.

III.Drill a 1/4"hole, centered, at the bottom of each leg, tap the hole and install the spikes into each leg.

IV.Install the top end of the finished legs to each IKEA shelf module using Carpenters glue.

V.Stack and level each module using the spikes as the adjusting mechanism.Make sure that each module is even,level and does not rock or rattle.

VI.Install your components and let the stand settle-in for a day.Recheck for level and eveness.


If you have further questions or need clarifications ,I can be contacted by e mail at or thru the Neuance website at

Ken Lyon

Caterham1700  (Answers | This Thread)

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