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  Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
There are certainly more than a few geetar fanciers among us judging by all the threads on guitar bands and best guitarist. This thread is about the best rock shows you saw. Let's limit it to the rock shows. Not Blues or Jazz or solo performers. The concerts that raised the hairs on your neck or made you want to take up an instrument or raised your pulse through their sheer energy or just moved you through their performance on stage. The only ones that count are the ones you've seen. After making a list in my mind of the many rock concerts I attended, most from the late 1960's through early 80's, I have come up with mine. It was tough, I’ve seen well over 200 rock concerts over the years and it is really hard coming up with a top 5 but we have to limit this so here go mine. "Yes" - This group stands out as the 2nd best concert I ever saw with Steve Howe and Chris Wakeman. They opened for Emerson, Lake and Palmer and after their set I do feel that EL&P were disheartened and knew they couldn't match it; they didn't. Funny thing is like most, I was there to see EL&P. They were forced to have another concert the following night by popular demand. Virtuoso musicianship, “Poco” - This group could put on a show. I saw them 4 different times in the many various stages of their evolution. They never had the commercial recognition of some of the other great bands of their era but they sure made up for it in their live performances. No one stayed seated during a Poco concert. “Rod Stewart and Faces” - Ron Wood on guitar and Rod Stewart strutting all over the stage. Rod was probably the greatest natural Rock showman I ever saw, including Mick Jagger. His uninhibited manner and constant movement and soulful vocals brought the house down. The crowd wouldn't let him go after the 5th encore so he invited everyone ("especially the pretty young ladies") to his hotel to “party on”, and so they came; Led Zeppelin I had to include them because next to the Doors and of course Jimi Hendrix they were my favorites of that era and I never did get to see either of the other two. The acoustics were bad and they played so loud you couldn’t really hear the music. But they were great none the less and it was special to me. The best should be kept for last. "The Who" was acknowledged as the best concert band at the time. Getting tickets meant getting in line and waiting. I imagine at the time the only tougher ticket would be the “Beatles” and they weren’t even together then. They didn’t disappoint. The reaction of the audience was beyond anything I ever saw at a live concert before or since. The band was so cohesive and the energy they put out put them into a different realm. They just have to be on a very short list of the best live bands ever.
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04-11-07   Attentinon alandb -- was the 1975 springsteen show at bottom ...   Jlindquist

04-18-07   The allman bros. band in 1971, pittsburgh, syria mosque. a ...   Rpcoins

04-18-07   Six years since my first response to this question and i fee ...   Blkadr

04-19-07   1. the replacements - don't tell a soul tour @ the robert o ...   Pdreher

05-09-07   5. alman bros. 4. reo speedwagon 3. styx 2. the dog night! ...   Boycephoto

05-10-07   1) peter gabriel - 1993 in the calgary sattledome, with adri ...   Mantisory

05-10-07   The spellcheckers, english 101 tour. not much fun, but th ...   Drubin

05-19-07   The 5 times i have had the great fortune to see jeff beck in ...   Jeff_l

06-20-07   When i first came upon this thread a couple of years ago, i ...   Rpf

06-21-07   I just came back from seeing asia... they played sunday nigh ...   Gslone

06-21-07: Tvad
06-21-07: Gslone
I just came back from seeing Asia... They played Sunday night the 17th, at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, and were absolutely fantastic.
I saw them about a year ago in a small LA-area club. Palmer was one of my drumming heroes in the 70s, and it was a real treat to see the guys from only 20 feet away!

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06-29-07   Talking heads in 1977, small bar in eugene, or. bruce, mid 7 ...   Oregon

07-01-07   Add the police to my top three new orleans 6/30/07 damn s ...   Audiotomb

07-01-07   Metallica when they played with the orchestra. i saw them at ...   Ehaller

07-01-07   Zeppelin didn't play anywhere in 1974   Skclarey

07-02-07   Zep didn't play in 74 yes they did zep played in a sound s ...   Audiotomb

07-24-07   Some of the more la electrifying shows: bruce springsteen, ...   Bongofury

07-25-07   - velvet underground, williamstown, ma; nov. 1966 - rolling ...   Arahl

07-25-07   Those are some very good ones. -steppenwolf, princeton, nj; ...   Dgarretson

07-26-07   And how could i forget: --bob dylan rolling thunder review, ...   Dgarretson

09-04-07   Bengladesh concert -- never seen anything like it before or ...   Peterkranzler

10-13-07   1) any of a handful of blonde redhead concerts i attended in ...   Fixilator

11-04-07   Tool.tool.perfect circle tool alice in chains. i have seen ...   Magpie802

11-05-07   Scorpions...anytime anyplace..great live band anthrax - does ...   Zamdrang

11-05-07   Return to forever - 1974, evergreen state college library (o ...   Knownothing

11-30-07   I wish i could remember the dates- but from the late 60's mu ...   Zenblaster

11-30-07   Btw- best of recent could i forget.. i don't r ...   Zenblaster

11-30-07   wow. that must have been an experience. good for you!   Tvad

01-03-08   These were all during the first few years of the 70's. 1.) ...   Abucktwoeighty

01-23-08   1. mott the hoople/ aerosmith / new york dolls 1974 2. iggy ...   Dpquigl

02-02-08   1) cream 1969 madison square garden nyc. never before or sin ...   Ugamotz

02-27-08   1. stevie ray vaughn-1984 "no name tour" portland, ...   Hd74man

04-24-08   1) dirty rotten imbeciles (summer '84) 2) peter gabriel (sum ...   Mantisory

04-25-08   Mantisory, dri? you rule! me: 1) metallica 88 2) phish 94 3 ...   Rhyno

04-25-08   Hey rhyno! no, dri rules!!! :) i was thinking that maybe no ...   Mantisory

05-17-08   I've seen 'em all. saw zeppelin's first us tour. saw the who ...   Darosenb

05-19-08   Hd74man- i remember the alice cooper concert- i was working ...   Zenblaster

06-06-08   1. grateful dead madison sq. garden 1977 2. fred frith in an ...   Chashmal

06-19-08   For almost 18 years (1979-1997) i was out nearly every night ...   Amdb9

06-19-08   Over the last few years, dave mathews is one of the better s ...   Zenblaster

06-20-08   Waaaay too many to list, however: -genesis, (all us tours) s ...   Inman29

06-22-08   1. tool aenima tour. there could have been no sound at it wo ...   Sprink

07-16-08   In no order; best i could remember... jimi hendrix at the el ...   Magicsamblues

08-09-08   I've seen jackson browne 3 times...and all three would be in ...   Whatjd

08-09-08   I have to agree with zenblaster, just saw dave in cleveland, ...   Mijknarf

09-04-08   1. hendrix,before he got famous, at electric circus nightclu ...   Mmarvin19

10-03-08   1. pink floyd chicago amphitheater 1973/74 2. yes at a rac ...   Orelayer

10-04-08   grateful dead at madison square 1978   Chashmal

10-05-08   Rammstein in berlin   Alextychkin

10-08-08   I saw u2 at the pier in new york city, august 1980 (awesome ...   Cerrot

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