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  best vintage stereo receiver
Hi, looking to step back in time for a vintage stereo receiver for my home office.
I have owned McIntosh, Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha & Kenwood units in the past.
I need a moderate sized unit that has good turner performance and smooth sound. What would you people recommend? I have been told that Sony and Techniques are out due to cheaper parts used and Marantz units are getting pricey. I will need switchable FM muting and an Aux input for CD use. Thanks
Jihley  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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07-12-12   I had a used marantz receiver and paired it with some old kl ...   Tbromgard

07-12-12   The tandberg receivers were the best i've ever heard and had ...   Rlwainwright

07-12-12   I agree 100% with rlwainwright on the tandberg--excellent tu ...   Loomisjohnson

07-12-12   I wish i still had my tandberg tr2080. it was the best!   Mapman

07-12-12   i agree with the harman kardon recommendation, and would ad ...   Ths364

07-12-12   Send me more info on what you have at t ...   Jihley

07-13-12   I can vouch for the luxman r-117, very nice tuner and overal ...   Ivan_nosnibor

07-12-12   Sansui   Audiofeil

07-13-12   Since i owned a toshiba sa-750 in high school(30 years ago o ...   Dayglow

07-14-12   I also agree with tandberg. i like the 2075. it puts all the ...   Rrog

07-14-12   I think the marantz 18 and 19 are two of the best (excellent ...   Onemug

07-14-12   I use an hk 430 in my office with some boston acoustics a 60 ...   Corazon

07-22-12   Jihley: like you, i got my first entry into the interest of ...   Chaskelljr2001

07-22-12   @ jihley (again): as for my choice in a vintage h/k receive ...   Chaskelljr2001

07-24-12   Hk 930 marantz 2270/5 mac 1700 fisher 500/800   Magnumpi205

08-11-12   Fisher 500c   Bigkidz

08-26-12   Once owned a tandberg 2045. very nice till the transformer f ...   Zavato

11-19-12   Pioneer sx1980. true, it is not moderate size, its a beast, ...   Whitecap

11-24-12: Lou_setriodes
I had a H/K 330C and a Mitsubishi DA-R8 back in the day and liked them both very much. If I went back to a classic receiver, I think I'd consider one of the larger H/K's like the 430/730/930 or later HK receivers from the early to mid 80's. Curious to hear opinions on the Carver, Nakamichi, Mitsubishi receivers and also the Revox B285 rec'r? Anyone know of a site devoted to classic receivers?
Lou_setriodes  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-26-12   Just picked up a luxman r-117 yesterday and i am totally sol ...   Willland

11-26-12   Sansui 9090, hands down.   Schubert

08-27-13   Hi guys, i'd like to revive this thread regards the marantz ...   Mako20ft

08-27-13   Get yourself a fisher 400 or 500/500c tube receiver. they're ...   Csontos

08-27-13   Have an opportunity at wharfedale 10.1...thoughts on efficie ...   Mako20ft

08-28-13   Have you read the op's opening statement? if you want to sta ...   Csontos

08-28-13   My favorite of the vintage stereo receivers or integrated is ...   Jedinite24

08-28-13   I had sansui and yamaha and like them both but the sansui wa ...   Audiogabby

08-31-13   Sansui 9090db!   Cerrot

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