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  'they blew'em off the stage'
what concerts have you attended, where the warm up act blew the headliners examples...brownville station upstaging zz top to the point where people where chanting 'brownsville station!' during the littl ol' band from texas' set.....another..t.rex upstaging lynyrd skynyrd(yes there really was such a show), and the grass roots upstaging cream.
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05-17-08   From my days growing up outside philadelphia... a local ban ...   T_bone

05-17-08   The replacements opening for elvis costello at msg. i was, a ...   Prfont

05-17-08   I saw new york dolls and aerosmith in october 1973; both of ...   Audiofeil

05-17-08   you're just saying that because you ain't a young dude anym ...   Jmcgrogan2

05-17-08   Ejvl752 you saw steeleye span? they are quite accomplished. ...   Philjolet

05-18-08   Once saw stevie ray vaughn open for the moody blues during t ...   Bianchi27

05-19-08   Update on my previous post: 03/08/74 - schaefer music festiv ...   Dreadhead

05-19-08   Calbrs03 i also saw ac/dc on the same tour (seattle 1978) c ...   Hatpanley

05-19-08   On the odd combo side toots & the maytalls opened for the w ...   Martykl

05-19-08   Odd pairing..both great...redbone, charles lloyd   Jaybo

05-19-08   Hatpanley that was 1978? ouch.   Calbrs03

05-19-08   T bone i often saw the hooters at the main line cabaret. fu ...   Calbrs03

05-19-08   Martkyl, i was at that show in detroit dec 1975 (i still ha ...   Philjolet

05-19-08   Philo, i'm glad that you have fond memories of the show. i ...   Martykl

05-19-08   Marty, my mistake, when i saw them keith moon played the dr ...   Philjolet

05-20-08   Aug, 1970 saw the orginal allman brothers band open for cann ...   Cleaneduphippy

05-20-08   Philo, probably my mistake - i'd guess that the years have ...   Martykl

05-20-08   The foo fighters opening for the police dodger stadium 2007. ...   Jorgeparrapuppy

05-20-08   ac/dc in one of their first u.s. performances made savoy br ...   Mike_in_md

05-21-08   Jerry garcia band opened for bobby and the midnights, so. fa ...   Jdoris

05-21-08   Holy poop... i wanna see mahavishnu in 71!!! judas priest dr ...   Duanegoosen

05-21-08   Not saying they blew him off the stage, but i saw the feelie ...   Mes

05-21-08   Mes, i used to live in hoboken, nj - the feelies adopted ho ...   Martykl

05-21-08   Hey thanks marty, i'll check the mercer cd out. luna, feelie ...   Mes

05-29-08   This post brought back great memories. golden earring dusted ...   Zar

07-21-08   Metallica opening for ozzy in '86 on the masters of puppets ...   Nrostov

07-22-08   Jethro tull completely killed led zeplin the first time i sa ...   Tom_hankins

07-22-08   A couple of friends saw a judas priest/aerosmith show in the ...   Wireless200

12-21-08   Ok, i have an opposite experience in the same vein. i went ...   Macdadtexas

12-22-08   Bob seeger and the silver bullet band (the tour their " ...   Rnm4

01-01-09   In 1968 i was at a concert at the garden state arts center w ...   Mrmitch

01-01-09   I meant bob seger, not seeger (obviously).   Rnm4

01-03-09   Black & blue tour at the garden (79 or 80); blue oyster cul ...   Cerrot

01-03-09   Again back in the day i saw bruce springsteen open for winte ...   Chazro

01-03-09   Ratt opening for billy squier in 1984. dating myself on that ...   Grimace

01-04-09   Mitzi gaynor performing "too darn hot" plain and s ...   Siddh

01-04-09   Ike & tina turner with the ikettes at madison square gardens ...   Brianhemmis

01-05-09   I have two.the first one i saw. august 16 1977 montreal foru ...   Montejay

01-06-09   Montejay -- i also witnesses geils open for frampton in '77 ...   Rnm4

01-06-09   Rnm4. i remember it was at a time when frampton was at his p ...   Montejay

01-06-09   Pink floyd (opened for savoy brown) at the electric factory ...   Richmon

01-06-09   When i was in high school in the 1970's i saw bruce springst ...   Rebbi

02-16-09   led zepplin's debut(in the states) blew away spirit(i thin ...   Mmakshak

02-16-09   Youngbloods blew away electric flag, loading zone, the doors ...   Mmakshak

02-25-09: Srwooten
John Cougar Mellencamp destroyed Heart in Casper,WY.(early 80's) He did 3 encores to boot. Great show.
Srwooten  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-26-09   I didn't think anyone would remember the loading zone. they ...   2muse

02-26-09   Styx opened for joe cocker in birmingham, al back in the '70 ...   Joeylawn36111

03-01-09   Curt stigers at the montreux jazz festival as an opening act ...   Vinylmeister

03-02-09   This one is easy. nazareth opened for deep purple and they w ...   Dragonwhip

03-07-09   Enjoyed jimmy vaughn & band much more than clapton from his ...   Crankshaft

06-05-12   Metallica-monsters of rock-pontiac silverdome-june 18,1988. ...   Dayglow

06-05-12   Soundgarden made guns-n-roses look and sound like amateur ni ...   Tpreaves

06-05-12   84 in kansas city stevie ray vaughn opened for huey lewis an ...   Hotmailjbc

06-06-12   Savoy brown opening for iron butterfly, iron butterfly didnt ...   Styxtrekr

06-06-12   For me in 1995 garbage was opening up for smashing pumpkins ...   Jedinite24

06-06-12   i can see why in both cases !!!!   Tpreaves

06-06-12   Best surprise i ever got was 1984 roy buchanan warmed up for ...   Kennyt

06-06-12   Philojet, sorry for the late reply, just saw this thread aga ...   Unsound

06-06-12   In the late 80's/early 90's, fishbone played with tons of ba ...   Mateored

06-06-12   i was at a chicago symphony concert recently where the firs ...   Richardfinegold

06-07-12   Last time i remember that headliners was blown was in " ...   Raindog031

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