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  Purist Audio Design - Dominus Interconnect Cable

Not to downgrade the efforts of cable designers, for me cable industry is the least technical demanding one among the audio equipment manufacture field but the price tags grow exponentially in the past decade. I can pay for technologies like amorphous metal alloys from Stealth or the battery-biased designs of Audioquest. But Purist Audio Design provides inadequate information to convince me to make the purchase. Even their most advanced technology years ago The Radiant Light Source (RLS), they did not explain the source of the designed illuminating light.

So help me here. How to justify the over $5,000 price tag of Dominus interconnect cable at 1-mter length.

Thanks and Happy Listening!

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09-07-12: Geoffkait
Yu11375, this is from some review/interview with the Purist Audio dude.

"Purist's most advanced technology uses a light source to illuminate the
cable's dielectric, which produces an ethereal three-dimensional soundfield
that sounds like surround sound from two channels. The Radiant Light
Source (RLS) cables basically add this optical illumination to the company's
award-winning (the absolute sound's 2003 Golden Ear Award Winner for
Interconnect and Loudspeaker Cables) Dominus cables. The Purist web
site describes the RLS cables thusly: "The Radiant Light Cable
System, newly introduced by Purist Audio Design in 1998, is the only
system of its kind in the world. It takes the already superb Dominus cable
and adds a special form of radiant-optical fiber. These optical fibers are
illuminated by a specially designed light source and radiate light around the
conductors. The light changes the properties of the insulation surrounding
the conductors, thus minimizing distortion in music reception.

The result can best be described as a dramatic lowering of the cable's
noise floor. Micro dynamics that previously lay buried in low-level
background noise are revealed. The nuance of musical emotion is laid bare
as never before. The stunning improvement achieved through the Radiant
Light system affords the reality of a musical experience unlike any enjoyed
until now.

I asked Jim if the RLS design had any similarity to the battery-biased
designs like Audioquest's Big Cat series of cables, but he indicated it was a
different concept. He described the concept of dielectric biasing as older
technology developed by Western Electric in the 1930s. And in case you
were wondering, the RLS technology comes at a price: $7350 for a one-
meter pair of RCA-terminated interconnect cables, with an extra $2500 for
the RLS power supply."

Geoffkait  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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09-23-12   Btw i just realized i mistyped, i paid $2100, not $2700.   Last_lemming

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