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  What Power Cord can improve clarity and bass slam?
My price limit is around $1K new or used. The new pc would be plugged into a dedicated line(12-gauge Romex)using an Oyaide DX/WPC-Z wallplate. My amp is a Valve Audio Predator/Mullard CV-2493-Northstar Sapphire CDP and Focus Audio FS8 speakers. Cables are JPS Labs-Superconductor Q/Plus. I would be replacing an Opera Audio Ella Baby pc on the Predator. Want to improve clarity in complex passages, add bass slam/definition and create a more open/liquid presentation without giving up speed-resolution and neutrality which are my systems strengths. After many hours of research here is a list of power cords that could work.
Cable Research Labs-MK 2
DH Labs-Red Wave
JPS Labs-Kaptovator
Silver Circle Audio-Vesuvius
Stealth Audio-Cloude 99
VooDoo Cables-Black Diamond Dragon
Your comments regarding these power cords would be appreciated along with any other suggestions. Look forward to your responses!
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-22-14: Dayglow
Have added 2 HiDiamond P3 cords to my system. Both are in wall, one on the Valve Audio Predator the other on my RSA Elgar. The results are what I have wanted with midrange clarity/detail being the largest improvements. As others have stated in this thread, bass slam/dynamics are limited by the Focus Audio FS8's small cabinet/drivers and to a lesser degree my Predator. Amp and speaker upgrades will be near future projects, until then I will enjoy what I have.
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-26-14 did i know this was coming audiolabyrinth ...   Jmcgrogan2

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02-26-14: Don_c55

No power cord over the stock UL approved one.

Clarity and bass slam are due to the amp alone.

$1000 for a cord is BS!

Don_c55  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-26-14   Hi john, i never said what is best, i said their is an uncan ...   Audiolabyrinth

02-26-14   @ bo1972, hi, i really was not talking about my power cord, ...   Audiolabyrinth

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02-28-14   Agree!!!!   Bushikai

02-28-14   Have now heard the pad 25th ann and compared directly with d ...   Lloydelee21

02-28-14   Pad 25th costs 10.000 dollar, different price, different wor ...   Bo1972

02-28-14   define what you mean by "works". i know that si ...   Jmcgrogan2

02-28-14: Nick_sr
You guys have got to be kidding. The PAD 25th sells for 10K, yes a power cord for 10K! The BMI is listed here for a little over 4k deeply discounted from 14k. My whole system didn't even cost me 14k.

But wait it gets better, the listing for the PAD is full of grammatical errors. I hope that they take more care manufacturing the cables than they do marketing them.

Wait there is more, the price is not even the price you can call for the real price.

As Don-C55 mentioned where is the UL listing? There is no mention in the ad, no sign of any markings, just a lot tech flex and heat shrink.

And Finally the cord ships directly from the guys backyard. So do the BMI cords!

Someone is laughing...

@Dayglow, I hope for you sake that the cables that you put in-wall have the required UL certifications and are according to you local electrical code.

You can do a lot with 10k to increase clarity and bass slam, the last of which would be spending all on a power cord.

Nick_sr  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-01-14   In the last year i sold a lot of silver cables from audioque ...   Bo1972

03-01-14: Lloydelee21
Regarding the PAD 25th, yes it is silver...but having been a copper fan (all other PADs are copper) for years...I was very very concerned about where this would lead. And it turns out the voicing is EXACTLY what I enjoy about PAD...but the clarity is far greater than its earlier cables. I have not auditioned loads of power cables the way I have other equipment (like digital). But it works and it works well where others have not been as successful. The premium (to me) comes in the fact that it gets the super quiet bit, dark backgrounds and the richness...while somehow providing a lot delineation. In cables, i have found one or the other, not both. Got a demo price, so that helped.
Lloydelee21  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-01-14   The pad 25th ann is actually a combo of copper and silver: f ...   Sksos1

03-01-14   Actually, that is not the correct description from the websi ...   Lloydelee21

03-01-14: Jmcgrogan2
@Bo1972, I will no disagree that silver presents more clarity and focus, for me though, this comes at the expense of musical weight and bass fundamentals. For every strength there is a weakness. Which is why in most systems I have found silver, in general, to sound clear, and lean. That being said, I have found that pure silver can work very well with speakers or gear that is overly warm sounding. Now I do understand that some place values on musical attributes differently than others, and I have no issues with that. It just helps me when judging the value of others assessments, as obviously no one can try everything that is out there. So I will note that sharpness and clarity is your primary focus, and leave it at that.

In my experiences, it's all a matter of balancing the yin and the yang to one's individual tastes. There is no absolute blueprint to audio nirvana. I currently have some silver in my system as my current cables and cords are varied and involve silver, copper, gold, and even carbon.

Jmcgrogan2  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-01-14   Lloydelee21 i cut and pasted the info on the pad 25th ann sp ...   Sksos1

03-01-14: Lloydelee21
Hi Sksos1...I was wondering where you got that...thanks.

Jmcgrogan2...I hear you! the reason I even experimented with the PAD 25th Ann (pure silver) was because I tried a silver custom cable...and it illuminate my treble...but also lost upper mid and lower treble WEIGHT. I was petrified of what might happen with PAD 25th Ann...I bought demo 'blind' and am delighted to report it carries ALL the weight of the copper Dominus and Ann Contego/Canorus...but with the delineation, clarity of silver...I suppose the network box might have something to do with this? don't know...all I can confirm is I am very very happy I went with this after getting assurances from the dealer that this would be perfectly fine. He was right.

Lloydelee21  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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03-02-14   Budburma-i'm just enjoying the banter! the 2 hidiamond p3's ...   Dayglow

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