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  Your experience with Cardas SE9 as speaker cable?
What is your experience with using Cardas SE9 wire for speaker cabling? Compared to, say, Cardas Golden Presence or other cables? Bare or terminated ends? With Merlin speakers?
Pmboyd  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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07-12-11   Anybody? anybody? nobody out there using cardas se9 wire as ...   Pmboyd

07-18-11   Just got a pair last week per bobby's recommendation. i also ...   Lincnabby

07-19-11   Hi linc. thanks for the heads-up. anxious to hear your impre ...   Pmboyd

07-19-11   Linc, what interconnects are you using?   Pmboyd

07-19-11   Pmboyd, i didn't get cold forged. thought it too pricey sinc ...   Lincnabby

07-23-11   Lincnabby, preliminary impressions?   Pmboyd

07-26-11   I'd be interested in hearing about cardas se9 with other spe ...   Pmboyd

07-26-11   I'm about to try some supra classic 6 wire (9 awg) with my m ...   Pmboyd

07-26-11   When i got my current audio system i was strongly advised to ...   Stringreen

07-26-11   Stringreen, i wouldn't be asking if i didn't already know th ...   Pmboyd

09-22-11   Latest impressions on the se-9 and/or supra classic 6?   Capt369

10-21-11   I have merlin tsm-mms and initially tried audience au24 cabl ...   Hifigi

10-21-11   Thanks for the come back, hifigi. i`ve decided to go with th ...   Capt369

11-10-11   How are you liking your golden ref cables?   Hifigi

11-10-11   Hifigi, cables are due tomorrow or sat. opted for the cold f ...   Capt369

11-10-11   I ordered the golden presence, not the ref.   Capt369

06-13-12   Hi, this is a bit late answer, but, i have been using carda ...   Marek_audio

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