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  Pangea power cords
Has anyone tried the Pangea power cords currently on sale at Audio Advisor. Are they any good?
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12-07-09   I would like to know this as well!   Transnova

12-07-09   At the price they charge,why not by one and see for yourself ...   Tpreaves

12-07-09   Doesn't aa have a 30-day return policy?   Dopogue

12-07-09   Yes they do. let us know how you like them.   Tom6897

12-08-09   I wondered about them too, so i ordered the 14 gauge model t ...   Mtbrider

12-08-09   I've been having the ac14 about 2 weeks now. it came with a ...   Nasaman

01-01-10   Hi nasaman, what power cord did you find worked best on your ...   Buyfast1

01-02-10   buyfast1, because each diff cords get slightly diff results ...   Nasaman

01-18-10   An audio friend gave me an enthusiastic recommendation about ...   Bolson

01-27-10   Love these cords. changed over my whole system- integrated ...   Zavato

03-20-10   I just received the 1.5m ac-9, purchased from aa, arrived ve ...   Crad

03-21-10   The pangea ac-9 is the real deal. it's inexpensive an will o ...   Audiogabby

03-29-10   I am certainly interested in these pangea power cables. they ...   Sampson_smith

04-07-10   is pangea pc neutral or does it add warmth and softness to ...   Knghifi

04-08-10   Which model is recommended for a plasma?   Btw22

04-09-10   Wish i could take part in the pangea feast, but the configur ...   Rockadanny

04-13-10   the ac-9 plasma's need lot's of juice.   Crad

04-13-10   Thanks crad, that's what i thought, but i was hoping i could ...   Btw22

04-13-10   I'm sure you can still get away using a ac-14 with great res ...   Crad

04-13-10   I have been experimenting with the ac9 and ac14 since last w ...   Audioquest4life

04-13-10   Just an update... according to an email from pangea, they su ...   Btw22

04-13-10   I bought the 14 and 9 gauage versions. i preferred the 9 gau ...   Mrtennis

04-14-10   Mrtennis, you raise some good thoughts about these cables ...   Audioquest4life

04-15-10   I've been testing the following power cords that i just purc ...   Rnrmf1971

04-15-10   nice little experiment with a happy ending. cheers   Tholt

04-16-10   "the pangea ac9 was too dark sounding and obscured deta ...   Craig_hoch

04-16-10   All power cords are system depended and for that matter any ...   Phillyb

04-17-10   Philly-those are all very good points, and please let us kno ...   Craig_hoch

04-17-10   What exactly is the 14se???   Rnrmf1971

04-19-10   For those of you having trouble with the bending radius of t ...   Tmazz2226

05-05-10   Aa just kicked the price up a bit.   Nasaman

05-12-10   Not getting into much else, as i have my own biases as an &q ...   Johnscrip

05-14-10   Cheap cord sounds that way!   Ebm

05-16-10   One week ago i put six ac-9's into my system, one to each ex ...   Samhar

05-26-10   I purchased two ac-9's in late march for use with my tad 100 ...   Metman

05-26-10   I purchased two ac-9's in late march for use with my tad 100 ...   Metman

06-08-10   I've pulled all the pangea's and the exact power 15a's out o ...   Samhar

06-16-10   I got an ac-14 se and an ac-9 last week. upon opening the ac ...   Johnnyb53

06-23-10   I was using ps audio plus sc cables exclusively in my stereo ...   Mhconley

06-30-10   the pangea ac-9 wins a jimmy award from sound stage http:// ...   Hifisoundguy

07-03-10   Update! see my previous review on 4-15-10... ok, previousl ...   Rnrmf1971

07-24-10   I tryed the pangea ac-9 power cord on my b&k reference 125.2 ...   Bobgates

07-31-10   Well i have decided to further break in the pangea ac-9 on t ...   Bobgates

08-05-10   Has anyone compared the ps audio ac-12 to the pangea ac-9? s ...   Lag0a

08-19-10   I use them in my video system, they are a great value and wi ...   Phillyb

08-20-10   Phillyb, how do you like your ps audio ac-12 compared to the ...   Jp1208

12-13-10   I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in replacin ...   Vikkiandkurt

12-15-10   I am considering replacing the none detachable power cord to ...   Vikkiandkurt

12-16-10   I can only say i've reterminated a number of ac-14s using fu ...   Dopogue

12-17-10   Vikki, i think parts express has an adapter. i have one but ...   Jp1208

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