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  Opinions on Mogami Cable?
I wanted to get some opinion on Mogami Cable. I am considering building Biwire cable with Mogami 3104, RCA interconnects with 2524 and some Video cable with their 75 Ohm cables. I come from the world of pro sound and Mogami has been around for a long time but I don't see to many posts about it. It seems that when I check out most major cable manufacturers you get a lot of marketing blah blah blah without a ton of wire specs. On the Mogami site there are specs without any marketing hype. So am I on the right track here. Will Mogami ring true for me? Same thing sort of applies to Canare wire. Opinions please?
Henrykjr  (Threads | This Thread)

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03-01-08   Check out take five audio, they sell all 3, cryogenic treate ...   Jalanc42069

03-02-08   I used a mogami xlr as an interconnect between preamp and am ...   Darkj

03-03-08   Mogami and canare are good wires. the usual marketing hype o ...   Elizabeth

03-03-08   Mogami will definitely get the job done. oyaide pa-02 is mor ...   Tvad

01-25-11: Jmdesignz2
Just got some Mogami 3104 and Canare 4S11 to compare the two as speaker cables

RIght off the bat - the Mogami copper is much deeper in color. Closer to a reddish copper while the Canare is more yellowish copper.

The Canare does not claim to be OFC so this may be the reason for the color differences.

Compared to the Canare 4S11 the Mogami has more conductors and each bundle of copper is composed of 7 bundles of smaller strands.

Wednesday will be the night to listen to the Mogami and will report back.

Running these two channel to biwire Aerial 10Ts

Jmdesignz2  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-25-11   Great for jump starting your car.   Ebm

01-28-11   I use 25', single ended mogami cables to feed the qvc amp fo ...   Dan_ed

01-29-11   Mogami 2534s for balanced xlr and 2549s for se. great for t ...   Jazzgene

01-29-11   my understanding is the 2534 has much more shielding than t ...   Tholt

02-01-11   Update after about 80 hours (+ previous break in from the la ...   Tholt

02-01-11   I know of at least one high end company that marks the mogam ...   Atmasphere

02-01-11   Is it audience?   Horchai

02-01-11   @tholt how did you come to the conclusion that 2534 has mor ...   Jazzgene

02-02-11   I use mogami balanced between source (cdp) and amp. bought ...   Magfan

02-04-11   i remember reading about this issue in various places on th ...   Tholt

02-06-11   The 2534s sound much more transparant than the 2549s wired a ...   Jazzgene

02-15-11   I just ordered a pair of 2534's from redco. $45 shipped. wil ...   Tholt

02-21-11   @magfan, you found them at guitar center because they are ma ...   Prs2413

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