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  Nordost Heimdall warm???
Hi, I have been reading here that some people think the Nordost Heimdall speaker cables are warm? Warm has never been an adjective used to describe Nordoat in the past. I currently have Blue Heaven speaker cables and I am actually pretty happy with them. They have been the one cable in my system that has survived my frequent component upgrades (maybe more out of laziness than its performance). Anyway, I was looking to get two sets of speaker cables to try true biwiring and the Heimdalls are on my list to try. I really like the speed, transparency, and detail of the Blue Heavens but am looking for a bit more fullness, especially in the bottom end. I wonder if I can get this in the Heimdalls? I am not looking to add or attenuate any part of the signal. I just want a really neutral cable. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Tboooe  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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12-13-07   I spent some time with the heimdall and the blue heaven. i t ...   Davt

12-13-07   I could be wrong, but i don't think anything with the name n ...   Freemand

12-13-07   How much money are you going to spend. i would try the ster ...   Wwshull

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12-14-07   Having actually listened to and auditioned the heimdal i wou ...   Davt

12-14-07   Thanks ssglx, you mentioned that the heimdall ics added warm ...   Tboooe

12-14-07   A cable cannot be cold warm full bodied etc etc you are all ...   Brizonbiovizier

12-14-07   Brizon this is true but a cable can put your system farther ...   Wwshull

12-14-07   Tboooe, when either was switched in, the heimdall ic's and ...   Ssglx

12-15-07: Ryder
A cable cannot be cold warm full bodied etc etc You are all being conned

Sorry to hijack this thread a bit.
Although true, there is no way we can describe the sonics of cables correctly or accurately. That is what makes reviewing of cables so difficult as we not only need to use all these adjectives to describe the characteristics of cables but also provide a benchmark for comparison purposes.

Back to the original topic, I have the Nordost Blue Heavens s/c, currently using SPM speaker cable. I have the Nordost Frey interconnects, and I believe they are quite similiar to the Heimdall. Contrary to Ssglx findings, I find the Frey to lack bass impact in comparison to the XLO Signature 2, so I can't say which is a neutral cable. With the bass coming forth strongly with the XLO, dynamic swings with music are much improved and not as flat sounding with the Frey. Anyway, to each his own. I know of others who liked the Nordost Frey's presentation.

So satisfied with the results, I am now considering to switch from the Nordost SPM to the XLO Signature speaker cable although I do like the SPM's presentation and can certainly live with them for long-term. I will most likely get the XLO end of this month and report my findings. I really don't know how to describe the sonics of the SPM s/c, but in comparison with the Blue Heavens they sound more controlled from top to bottom with lusher mids and less metallic top-end. Sonic dfferences are subtle but noticeable. No experience with Heimdall.

Ryder  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-23-08: Djlsf
guys: can anyone tell me which is a better or more expensive spk cable SPM or heimdal.. i just can't find it on the web and nordost stopped making SPM, maybe frey is the replacement>??? thanks and happy listening...
Djlsf  (Answers | This Thread)

03-24-08: Mike60
I compared the Harmonic Technology Pro Silway 3 IC with the Nordost Heimdall IC in my system, and found the Nordost seemed to fill out the notes with an increased richness. I suppose you could say it seemed warmer, as the singing voices took on more body, to my ears anyway. I felt a little more connected to female vocals in particular.
I was also surprised, because every Nordost cable I have heard until now seemed lean to me.

Mike60  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-06-08: Markc2
For me it was the Frey. especially the speaker cable. It finally felt like nothing was being taken away. I would've stayed at that point but I got a great deal on the SPM speaker cable and Tyr interconnect.

The Tyr was wild, it added this 1/4 of bass to EVERYTHING. Even chimes had more bass if that makes sense. On my system really subtle but there and I like it a lot. The SPM just put more nylon on the guitar strings. It reminded me of the Audience Au24e, but clearer and "quicker" but just as natural sounding.

Markc2  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-07-08: Mike60
Markc2, I think your words have described what I have been hearing with various cables. They all seem to hold back something from reaching you, some less than others. Intially some sound very impressive but after awhile, you realise they are thieves.
I have not heard the Tyr. The Tyr IC sounds especially interesting to me. How would you say it compares with the Heimdal?

Mike60  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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