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  Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
I just bought Synergistic Research's new Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and Tesla Vortec interconnects from The Cable Company. I have tried many demo cables from The Cable Company over the past year. These were the first to give me that WOW factor I been looking for so long.

Does anyone have these cables and can you please post your impressions and comments? Thanks.
Joeyboynj  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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03-19-08   Has anyone compared a t3 to a precision reference pc on a ...   Jcbbytes

03-19-08   Foster 9, i had the same experience with a t3 on each of my ...   Splaskin

03-19-08   Well i talked to the cable company and synergistic. both sai ...   Ozzy

03-19-08   what does "done" mean...the active circuitry does ...   Tvad

03-19-08   Ozzy, sorry i have not been available lately-i've been seque ...   Ted_d

03-19-08   Tvad, "done" means the active shield will no longe ...   Joeyboynj

03-19-08   Ted, thank you for the posting. pardon my little soapbox.. ...   Ozzy

03-19-08   I contacted synergistic research twice asking for a dealer r ...   Tvad

03-20-08   Let me get this straight. if the light is out the active shi ...   Freemand

03-20-08   I have been to synergistic and have known one of their golde ...   Chrisla

03-20-08   if some are claiming the active shielding works best when o ...   Leica_man

03-20-08   Leica man, if i where to leave my active shielding on a week ...   Freemand

03-20-08   Freemand, you turn your processor off? wow! i leave my entir ...   Leica_man

03-20-08   Freemand, i leave my active shields on all the time. my sys ...   Joeyboynj

03-20-08   Ok someone has to state this. wow, lets see...75,000 hours ...   Ozzy

03-20-08   Ozzy, i thought the same thing. in fact, i took one cable an ...   Freemand

03-22-08   Told you so a year ago: (t.a.s) cable of the year -- synergi ...   Scottyw

03-22-08   Freemand, i think an earlier post said 3 days they sound goo ...   Ozzy

03-23-08   A lot has been written regarding break in for tesla. persona ...   Leica_man

03-23-08   How would you descibe the attributes of the hologram d power ...   Ozzy

03-23-08   Huge sound field but you'll need other tesla power cords dow ...   Leica_man

03-23-08   I dont see anythng listed on the synergistic web site about ...   Ozzy

03-23-08   Really? : ) go to their cable section then click on "p ...   Leica_man

03-23-08   Thought i'd add to the discussion as i just took delivery of ...   Rhirsch

03-23-08   Leica man, there is nothing under hologram d. it says, " ...   Ozzy

03-23-08   Ozzy, taken directly from the sr website- enjoy: combining ...   Leica_man

03-23-08   How much does the tesla powercell 10 and 6 cost?   Yo2tup

03-24-08   Leica man, thanks for the help. how would you descibe the f ...   Ozzy

03-24-08   Yo2tup... believe it would be best to give sr a call re. pri ...   Rhirsch

03-24-08   Ozzy... my experience with the hologram d has been that the ...   Rhirsch

03-24-08   Rhirsch, thank you for that info, just what i was looking fo ...   Ozzy

03-24-08   I totally agree with our friend rhirsch concerning the holog ...   Splaskin

03-26-08   Rhirsch, i did not know the tesla powercell was available ye ...   Joeyboynj

03-28-08   Recieved my hologram d power cord today.   Ozzy

03-28-08   Woo-hoo   Tvad

03-28-08: Fplanner2000
Pulled the trigger last week on SR Tesla cables to replace my VD cables. Installed into system (except speaker cables) this afternoon and by this evening my system is sounding better, by a large margin, than it ever has. A neighbor who knows my system well came over to hear this change and was speechless at the new level of musicality. After only a few hours, I am getting much better imaging, transparency, layering and musicality than before and these cables are nowhere near broken in. I continue to be impressed and I'm sure when the speaker cables arrive, hopefully next week, my system will continue to improve. Its really neat to finally be able to hear the music the way it was intended to be heard.
Fplanner2000  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Tboooe
fplanner2000,just out of curiosity, which VD cables did you have previously?
Tboooe  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Ozzy
My early posting should have included that the Hologram D went straight to my Audiodharma Cable Cooker.
Since Synergistic uses such an intense method of conditioning ( Quatum tunneling), is Cable Cooking the Tesla cables even nessesary ?

Ozzy  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Rhirsch
I believe that upon request SRC will further condition power cords using a Cable Cooker prior to shipping.

Mine had no prior conditioning... I threw it into the system and listened to it getting better everyday. AND I must say it was very good after the first 2-3 hours of playing music.

After coming off the Cable Cooker, give it a couple of days to settle-in.

Rhirsch  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Joeyboynj
Synergistic does burn in all my cables upon request for 4 days prior to shipping on their cable cooker. This is in addition to Quantum tunneling. I also let them burn in for a few days to settle in on the component.
Joeyboynj  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Tvad
Quantum tunnelng, plus burn-in. Yikes.
Tvad  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Rhirsch
Hey Grant... what's with the Clark Johnsen wannabe schtick?
Rhirsch  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Tvad
what's with the Clark Johnsen wannabe schtick?
Rhirsch (System | Threads | Answers)
Who is Clark Johnsen?

Tvad  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Leica_man
Who is Clark Johnsen?
Tvad (Threads | Answers)

Leica_man  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Tvad
Leica_man (System | Threads | Answers)
Thanks. Just read it. I didn't see any, no I am not a Clark Johnsen wanna-be.

Tvad  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-08: Sherod
Is this the same Clark Johnsen who posts regularly on the Water Cooler at Audio Asylum?
Sherod  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-31-08: Joeyboynj
The last few posts do not make sense, lets get back on topic here.

Tboooe had a question for Fplanner2000 that I'm also curious of the answer.

Ozzy, have you installed the Hologram D yet? Let us know.

Joeyboynj  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-31-08: Rydenfan
I will be ordering a T3 today for my McCormack DNA-500 Amp. I have Tesla Accelerator Bi-Wire Speaker Cables. I am looking forward to seeing what the T3 will add. Any thoughts?
Rydenfan  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-31-08: Tvad
Any thoughts?
You will surely hear something different, and you will likely order more.

The crystal ball is now cloudy...

Tvad  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-31-08: Foster_9
Rydenfan, my experience auditioning a T3 was mixed. Initially I tried it on my Blue Circle BMPH integrated. After a very extended settling in period where I liked it a lot, then didn't like it as much, I tried it on my PS Premier where a similar experience occurred. Ultimately, I ended up sending it back to the dealer without purchasing.
With the T3 connected to the Premier, my system became very fatiguing to the point of painful. This is how I know there was no synergy in that config. As soon as I removed the T3 from the Premier and replaced it with a different cord, the fatigue was gone. I must say that I never experienced that level of fatigue before. The performance of the T3 will be system and component dependent like most cables, but I'm sure for some it will be a nice addition, just not in my setup.

Foster_9  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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