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  Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
I just bought Synergistic Research's new Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and Tesla Vortec interconnects from The Cable Company. I have tried many demo cables from The Cable Company over the past year. These were the first to give me that WOW factor I been looking for so long.

Does anyone have these cables and can you please post your impressions and comments? Thanks.
Joeyboynj  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-17-11   Ulysse21, i don't have much to say. i do use the basik speak ...   Tbg

02-17-11   Thank you tbg :-) somebody else has an advice?   Ulysse21

02-17-11   Hi ulysse21, if you want to upgrade to all galileo mpcs for ...   Joeyboynj

02-18-11   Hi joeyboynj, try at home is an excellent idea. i have just ...   Ulysse21

02-18-11   french synergistic research distributor yours in music, t ...   Ted_d

02-18-11   Thank you ted, i can see there's allways no galileo product ...   Ulysse21

02-21-11   Anybody try big miggs and how much difference are they compa ...   Bacardi

02-22-11   I have 2 sets for my mono amps... the sound is about the sam ...   Flashunlock

02-27-11   If your system is highly resolving and you have migs in your ...   Sabai

03-01-11   Hi sabai, i recently installed a brand new powercell 10 se m ...   Joeyboynj

03-01-11   Joeyboynj... how much better is the powercell 10-se mk-2 co ...   Flashunlock

03-02-11   Hi joeyboynj, i will be installing sr universal speaker and ...   Sabai

03-09-11   Flashunlock, i think the improvements are due to the whole p ...   Joeyboynj

03-09-11   Thanks joeboynj.... i have since ordered the mk-2 so lets se ...   Flashunlock

03-13-11   hi has any one on here tryed and or use the smaller power c ...   Heykay

03-13-11   Heykay, the sr powercell 4 se is better than the original pc ...   Tbg

03-13-11   tbg, i tell ya always a day late i do not even see the p ...   Heykay

03-14-11   There is no powercell 4 "se" there is a powercell ...   Ted_d

03-14-11   Hi, can i use galileo mpc 2 leads into two different cords? ...   Xmetal

03-14-11   Xmetal, it's no problem using a duel lead mpc (galileo or ot ...   Ted_d

03-15-11   Sorry, ted, i thought there was a powercell 4, 6, 10, and 10 ...   Tbg

03-16-11   Tbg, what ted is trying to say is that there is not a power ...   Joeyboynj

03-16-11   Lol. i like that "capice". when i was little my it ...   Bacardi

03-17-11   Ted, how about subwoofer cable and powercord using 2 leads g ...   Xmetal

03-21-11   Bacardi, i think the new teslaplex se is better than the ori ...   Tbg

03-21-11   Thx tbg. i am awaiting two teslaplex se's from scott from sc ...   Bacardi

03-22-11   I remember reading that sr did a cable specially for b&w spe ...   Antonkk

03-22-11   Antonkk, those are an older line and no longer in production ...   Joeyboynj

03-29-11   Has anyone tried the precision ac basik power cord yet? als ...   Joeyboynj

04-18-11   Xmetal, what ted said for max performance keep all intercon ...   Joeyboynj

04-21-11   Are basik strings the best fit for the universal interconnec ...   Mtseymour

04-21-11   Mtseymour, in my summer home, i used the galileo univ. ic ce ...   Tbg

04-22-11   Anyone tried different connecting cables from the universal ...   Flashunlock

04-22-11   Yes, preferred existing cables, prana wire with speaker cell ...   Scotty333

04-23-11   Scotty333, thanks for the info but i was refering to the ta ...   Flashunlock

04-23-11   Flashunlock, i compared the standard mpcs versus the galileo ...   Tbg

04-23-11   Anyone experience any compatibility issues with the speaker ...   Sgs

04-23-11   Sgs, i have used them on four different speakers with no dif ...   Tbg

04-24-11   Tbg, that is my next sep....try on one of my other systems. ...   Sgs

04-24-11   You have to call synergisic. they will respond much faster ...   Joeyboynj

04-25-11   Tbg, i appreciate your feedback on the apex & cells. i can' ...   Mtseymour

04-26-11   Galileo mpc with the power cell for sure, but with the speak ...   Scotty333

06-01-11   I'm going to order today from the cable company a synergisti ...   Joeyboynj

08-19-11   I've been playing with the new synergistic research precisio ...   Joeyboynj

08-24-11   Does any body knows where to buy synergistic hologram a se o ...   Chimdada

08-31-11   I bought all my equipment from the cable company in new hope ...   Joeyboynj

09-11-11   Has anyone experimented with the gray, silver and black bull ...   Joeyboynj

09-13-11: Sabai
I am using the Gray on my PR power cord with very good results. There is a very distinct difference between the 3 Enigma circuits.
Sabai  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-13-11: Tbg
Joeyboynj, I preferred the silver bullets but did not try them in many different locations.
Tbg  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-13-11: Glory
Like selling snow to the Eskimo. Truck loads of snow. Speacial snow that is colder than normal snow. Silver snow and black snow and even gold snow. $2850.00 a scoop.
Glory  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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