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  Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
I just bought Synergistic Research's new Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and Tesla Vortec interconnects from The Cable Company. I have tried many demo cables from The Cable Company over the past year. These were the first to give me that WOW factor I been looking for so long.

Does anyone have these cables and can you please post your impressions and comments? Thanks.
Joeyboynj  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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03-19-08   Has anyone compared a t3 to a precision reference pc on a ...   Jcbbytes

03-19-08   Foster 9, i had the same experience with a t3 on each of my ...   Splaskin

03-19-08   Well i talked to the cable company and synergistic. both sai ...   Ozzy

03-19-08   what does "done" mean...the active circuitry does ...   Tvad

03-19-08   Ozzy, sorry i have not been available lately-i've been seque ...   Ted_d

03-19-08   Tvad, "done" means the active shield will no longe ...   Joeyboynj

03-19-08   Ted, thank you for the posting. pardon my little soapbox.. ...   Ozzy

03-19-08   I contacted synergistic research twice asking for a dealer r ...   Tvad

03-20-08   Let me get this straight. if the light is out the active shi ...   Freemand

03-20-08   I have been to synergistic and have known one of their golde ...   Chrisla

03-20-08   if some are claiming the active shielding works best when o ...   Leica_man

03-20-08   Leica man, if i where to leave my active shielding on a week ...   Freemand

03-20-08   Freemand, you turn your processor off? wow! i leave my entir ...   Leica_man

03-20-08   Freemand, i leave my active shields on all the time. my sys ...   Joeyboynj

03-20-08   Ok someone has to state this. wow, lets see...75,000 hours ...   Ozzy

03-20-08   Ozzy, i thought the same thing. in fact, i took one cable an ...   Freemand

03-22-08   Told you so a year ago: (t.a.s) cable of the year -- synergi ...   Scottyw

03-22-08   Freemand, i think an earlier post said 3 days they sound goo ...   Ozzy

03-23-08   A lot has been written regarding break in for tesla. persona ...   Leica_man

03-23-08   How would you descibe the attributes of the hologram d power ...   Ozzy

03-23-08   Huge sound field but you'll need other tesla power cords dow ...   Leica_man

03-23-08   I dont see anythng listed on the synergistic web site about ...   Ozzy

03-23-08   Really? : ) go to their cable section then click on "p ...   Leica_man

03-23-08   Thought i'd add to the discussion as i just took delivery of ...   Rhirsch

03-23-08   Leica man, there is nothing under hologram d. it says, " ...   Ozzy

03-23-08   Ozzy, taken directly from the sr website- enjoy: combining ...   Leica_man

03-23-08   How much does the tesla powercell 10 and 6 cost?   Yo2tup

03-24-08: Ozzy
Leica man, thanks for the help.
How would you descibe the frequency extremes with the Hologram D ?
I ask this because many cable designers control digital nasties by suppressing the upper frequencies.

Ozzy  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-24-08   Yo2tup... believe it would be best to give sr a call re. pri ...   Rhirsch

03-24-08   Ozzy... my experience with the hologram d has been that the ...   Rhirsch

03-24-08   Rhirsch, thank you for that info, just what i was looking fo ...   Ozzy

03-24-08   I totally agree with our friend rhirsch concerning the holog ...   Splaskin

03-26-08   Rhirsch, i did not know the tesla powercell was available ye ...   Joeyboynj

03-28-08   Recieved my hologram d power cord today.   Ozzy

03-28-08   Woo-hoo   Tvad

03-28-08   Pulled the trigger last week on sr tesla cables to replace m ...   Fplanner2000

03-29-08   Fplanner2000,just out of curiosity, which vd cables did you ...   Tboooe

03-29-08   My early posting should have included that the hologram d we ...   Ozzy

03-29-08   I believe that upon request src will further condition power ...   Rhirsch

03-29-08   Synergistic does burn in all my cables upon request for 4 da ...   Joeyboynj

03-29-08   Quantum tunnelng, plus burn-in. yikes.   Tvad

03-29-08   Hey grant... what's with the clark johnsen wannabe schtick?   Rhirsch

03-29-08   who is clark johnsen?   Tvad

03-29-08   Leica_man

03-29-08   thanks. just read it. i didn't see any, no i am ...   Tvad

03-29-08   Is this the same clark johnsen who posts regularly on the wa ...   Sherod

03-31-08   The last few posts do not make sense, lets get back on topic ...   Joeyboynj

03-31-08   I will be ordering a t3 today for my mccormack dna-500 amp. ...   Rydenfan

03-31-08   you will surely hear something different, and you will likel ...   Tvad

03-31-08   Rydenfan, my experience auditioning a t3 was mixed. initiall ...   Foster_9

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