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  system interconnect thoughts
I'm considering interconnects including:
Analog: Kimber Hero, Signal Analog Two, AZ WOW
Digital: Kimber D-60, Silver Resolution, AZ Silver Byte

Any thoughts considering the below system:
MF X-10v3
MF A5 Integrated
AZ Satori Shotgun
B&W 803S

Thank you in advance.
Chris3213  (Threads | This Thread)

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12-09-06: Celtic66

Hard to beat Signal Cable stuff for this price range. I've owned/own all Kimber and Signal Cable pieces mentioned above. Kimber is very good, Signal I think is more open. Not a fan of MF. Not bad, just not great either. Look into some true English amplification such as Arcam, Onix.

B&W is okay, however in that arena the likes of ATC, Spendor really give it a hard time. Good luck and most of all have some fun.

Celtic66  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-10-06   If your budget allows, i highly recommend az silver ref. ll, ...   Greh

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