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  SUT advice
I am restoring a Garrard 401 and intend to mount a Ortofon 309D, the 12' version. I chose the 309D for the flexibility of removable head shells and intend to use, alternately the Ortofon Silver Meister SPU(0.3mV) and the Miyajima BE mono cart (0.7mV). I am looking for advice on a SUT, compatible with both carts that will be plugged into the MM input on my Nagra VPS phono.
This is a fun project and not to compete with my main vinyl rig.
Any suggestions/comments welcome
Thanks in advance
Sunnyboy1956  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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06-07-13   Ortofon verto should work nicely.   Jmcgrogan2

06-07-13   Hello pradeep, how's your 401 project going? i'm looking fo ...   Islandmandan

06-07-13   Are you looking to improve upon the sut's built into the nag ...   Jjrenman

06-07-13   Hi i've been thrilled with my e.a.r. mc4 sut into my 2nd inp ...   Jfrech

06-07-13   I like jfrench's recommendation of ear products very much. t ...   Zd542

06-08-13: Suteetat
I use Dynavector SUP-200 with excellent result with Miyajima Zero mono but it is only 0.4 mV so the gain may be a bit much on BE mono. Don't know about Ortofon cartridge but I find the Dyna similar in tonal balance to Ortofon T-100 SUT except for better speed and pacing and just a tad leaner with more resolution.
Suteetat  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

06-08-13   Many thanks for all the comments/advise jmcgrogan2 how does ...   Sunnyboy1956

06-08-13   Hi my ear mc4 has 4 taps i think it fits your description. ...   Jfrech

06-08-13   Check out the bob's devices with the 1131 cinemag's.   Jjrenman

06-09-13   John i have the mm card for the nagra vps on order. do i nee ...   Sunnyboy1956

06-09-13   Hi it's pretty easy. their is a jumper behind the front pa ...   Jfrech

06-08-13   I've been through this recently for spu spirit and spu royal ...   Lencotweaker

06-10-13   Hello! i live in athens, greece. i have been involved into ...   Petavgeris

06-13-13   I tried bob's device's new sky cinemag sut with my ortofon a ...   Mallen123

06-14-13   Petavgeris, interesting post! do you sell these sut's or w ...   Jfrech

06-30-13   Hello sunnyboy. have you considered building your own? not ...   Terry9

07-01-13   Hi terry many thanks for your response. any idea how much th ...   Sunnyboy1956

07-02-13   Hello sunnyboy. sowter transformers about 200 gbp for the p ...   Terry9

07-02-13   Hi pradeep, i purchased a couple of hashimoto hm-7 transfor ...   Andarilu

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