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  Are there any other EAR 834P modders lately?
I had to beg David Schulte of Upgrade Company to mod my EAR 834P because there are so many detractors. There are also loads of DIY people who have tweaked the circuit in custom ways. The changes I had made include V-cap coupling caps and RFI shileding. Switching from using the 12AX7 tubes to 5751 or 12AT7 tubes if you can handle the lower gain also is highly beneficial. I use Valvo 6201 blue print in the one spot, Brimar and Siemen Halske 12AT7's in the gain stages 2 & 3. 2 is not left and 3 is not right- it sums the tubes for the gain stage left and right. My results are stunning. Because the 12AT7's only have 70% of the gain or the 12AX7, I changed out my Bent Audio step up tranny's for Bob's Devices Cinemag 1131 with a 1:40 or 1:20, ratio which is adjusted at the flip of a toggle switch.
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06-18-12   If anyone wants to know, i am using vpi gear that i modded v ...   Zenbret

07-09-12   Still talking by myself, but someone may find the info usefu ...   Zenbret

07-10-12   Zenbret, i too am a fan of this phono stage, and have had i ...   Frogman

07-11-12   Frogman, thanks for joining the post. i had telefunkan nos 1 ...   Zenbret

07-12-12   Just a note... tube v2 must be an ecc83/12ax7 or riaa equali ...   Tfkaudio

07-13-12   I replaced the three tubes with current "genalex gold l ...   Stevecham

07-12-12   Thanks for the info, tfkaudio. i might have to a/b my sound ...   Zenbret

07-14-12   As i have read elsewhere, in other threads, using a 12au7 in ...   Stevecham

07-14-12   As i mentioned in my first post, it is not the type of tube ...   Frogman

07-15-12   Stevecham, to be clear, i didn't mean to suggest you were be ...   Frogman

07-15-12   Frogman no offense taken and i want to be clear that i did n ...   Stevecham

07-15-12   Stevecham and frogman and especially tfkaudio- thanks all fo ...   Zenbret

07-25-12   I'm wondering if you guys could help me out as ear has been ...   Revdog

07-27-12   The two parts are most likely the two sut's (step up transfo ...   Frogman

07-29-12   Revdog. frogman does know his stuff. i however really get go ...   Zenbret

08-01-12   As frogman stated earlier, and i'm paraphrasing, the tube co ...   Slaw

08-03-12   Are the telfuncan smooth plates that much better than ribbed ...   Zenbret

08-04-12   Information overload. the other two posts i made aren't up y ...   Slaw

08-04-12   Ok, i switched to the bugle boy in v2. less open, only a hin ...   Slaw

08-04-12   This thread got me wondering about my tube compliment. in th ...   Slaw

08-04-12   Slaw- glad your having fun with it. read my simple post abov ...   Zenbret

08-05-12   Found some good info audio assylum thread and joe's tube lor ...   Zenbret

08-08-12   Got the brimar cv 4004 today- it is a variant of 12ax7 that ...   Zenbret

08-09-12   Zenbret, you wrote, "passive preamps and attenuators ad ...   Lewm

08-09-12   Zenbret: i was having fun but working hard at the same time. ...   Slaw

08-11-12   Lewm, so you are saying that attenuators made out of resisto ...   Zenbret

08-12-12   Found a clarification- thanks for pointing out my flaw lewm. ...   Zenbret

03-16-14   Zenbret a simple transformer consists essentially of two coi ...   Dover

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