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  Turntable speed accuracy
There is another thread (about the NVS table) which has a subordinate discussion about turntable speed accuracy and different methods of checking. Some suggest using the Timeline laser, others use a strobe disk.

I assume everyone agrees that speed accuracy is of utmost importance. What is the best way to verify results? What is the most speed-accurate drive method? And is speed accuracy really the most important consideration for proper turntable design or are there some compromises with certain drive types that make others still viable?
Peterayer  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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11-09-11   I don't think that speed accuracy is of utmost importance. w ...   Viridian

11-09-11   I suppose using a strobe disk and the timeline laser then co ...   Rockitman

11-09-11   I like and use a digital tachometer for checking speed accur ...   Samhar

11-09-11   Speed is also not of utmost importance to me. i do nor 'suff ...   Elizabeth

11-09-11   I have the kab strobe disc and laser pointer which i have us ...   Halcro

11-09-11   What viridian said and halcro hinted at. more important is ...   Lewm

11-10-11   Quite right lew. it really doesn't matter if your tt is rev ...   Halcro

11-10-11   The turntable speed should be at least as accurate as the ta ...   Don_c55

11-10-11   written by a man who has no verifiable proof. timeline   Halcro

11-10-11   Halcro sutherland designs "crap" cold sounding ph ...   Don_c55

11-10-11   Halcro sutherland designs "crap" cold sounding ph ...   Don_c55

11-10-11   Don_c55, try comparing a carefully tensioned cotton poly thr ...   Dgarretson

11-10-11   Don, you are simply wrong. stylus drag will slow down any ...   Palasr

11-10-11   that was the first quote from don. needle drag does not s ...   Halcro

11-10-11   I used to own a vpi tnt-v hot rod and a hrx. every time a p ...   Downunder

11-10-11   Downunder, yup, that will irk you. alas, that's a fine exa ...   Palasr

11-10-11   Peter i forgot drive method. i have a walker ultimate motor ...   Samhar

11-10-11   i wish that's true but using your method and comparing t ...   Hiho

11-10-11   Speed accuracy is important for me since i jam with guitar w ...   Marakanetz

11-10-11   I haven't got perfect pitch and my friends tell me my timing ...   Dover

11-10-11   Hiho the drive system on the tw raven just is not perfect, ...   Don_c55

11-10-11   I recently bought a vibraplane isolation platform for under ...   Peterayer

11-10-11   Peterayer alludes to interesting questions: is speed stabi ...   Jazdoc

11-10-11   In absolute terms there is no such thing as perfect speed st ...   Teres

11-10-11   all i know is that the wavering on the decaying note of ...   Hiho

11-10-11   Ac line frequency in the us is adjusted within .02% and ac ...   Don_c55

11-10-11   My last post should end this thread. the vpi sds adjustment ...   Don_c55

11-10-11   When i am playing vladimir horowitz on my turntable should i ...   Dover

11-10-11   my dual turntable has a built in ac light bulb to check ...   Hiho

11-11-11   Your 60hz line freq, may no longer be sacred! this could po ...   Rodman99999

11-11-11   When i compare various turntables to the same recording on m ...   Mikelavigne

11-11-11   Palasr wrote: "while frequency accuracy (and adjustabli ...   Dgarretson

11-11-11   No one seems to set the speed as i do. i adjust speed while ...   Nilthepill

11-11-11   Don, i think you underestimate the situation. "speed v ...   Pryso

11-11-11   it depends on what results you're trying to verify. with r ...   Dougdeacon

11-11-11   Thanks doug. i have heard three turntables with you and you ...   Peterayer

11-11-11   Dear friends: i'm really surprised on almost all your answer ...   Rauliruegas

11-11-11   Greetings from monterey bay. just watching a spinning micro ...   Dertonarm

11-11-11   4 german ears for speed tuning at monterey bay, california ( ...   Syntax

11-11-11   D, welcome to the left coast. if you get up here toward sea ...   Mikelavigne

11-11-11   Now d and syntax, that photo just needs more explaining? are ...   Halcro

11-12-11   Dear halcro, just a nice multi-way horn system based set-up ...   Dertonarm

11-12-11   I agree with dertonarm on this subject. dd turntables vary d ...   Mosin

11-12-11   Most turntable owners believe, they get a product which is d ...   Syntax

11-12-11   Nice horns. seems a real shame to produce all of that analog ...   Dan_ed

11-12-11   how can correct turntable speed as well as excellent speed ...   Frogman

11-12-11   Peter, sorry for the hyperbole. our own tt's speed stabil ...   Dougdeacon

11-12-11   Dear frogman: we have to take care about. unfortunately no o ...   Rauliruegas

11-12-11   Dear dougdeacon: ++++ " concluding that idler wheel/rim ...   Rauliruegas

11-12-11   Doug, what was the nature of the teres fix? did they increa ...   Tdaudio

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