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  Great MONO recordings
I hope this will be a worthwhile thread, although I worry that the topic might be too broad. I'm interested in great LPs from any genre where it its better to go with the MONO version than the stereo version (I have a MONO Shelter 501 cartridge arriving soon). I supposed the Beatles first several LPs would be obvious choices. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks!

Mcmprov  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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09-26-10   I don't know if classical is your thing, (let alone opera!) ...   Jdaniel13

09-26-10   Thanks. i have been interested in getting more into classic ...   Mcmprov

09-26-10   As far as *stunning* sounding mono goes, generally-speaking, ...   Jdaniel13

09-26-10   Many of rudy van gelder's early stereo mixes were hard pans ...   Brianw

09-27-10   If you are jazz lover, the music matter mono blue note reiss ...   Jazdoc

09-27-10   Jazdoc wrote: if you are jazz lover, the music matter mono b ...   Kipdent

09-27-10   The mono hifi news test record is hard to beat   Syntax

10-07-10   Well, my favorite mono opera lp has to be the 1935 performan ...   Drjjpdc

10-09-10   Just picked up a minty copy of mingus' "mingus dynasty& ...   Jazdoc

10-09-10   Try pretty much any symphonic recording conducted by arturo ...   Almarg

10-10-10   Thanks almarg, imho toscanini's saint saens organ symphony i ...   Jdaniel13

10-10-10   Some of toscanini's later recordings actually sound fairly d ...   Old_6eyes

10-11-10   I really appreciate all of the suggestions. this shelter 50 ...   Mcmprov

10-11-10   I got out some mono jazz today after this thread. two that h ...   Jdaniel13

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