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  cartridge for SME III
Hi, I always wanted a Sme III and I finally found one with the black titanium arm wand , I was told this is the latest in production. I have a Sure M97xe to use for now but want something better. I have a Signet transformer # MK12T so a mm or mc are both options, I also have a Monster Sigma Genesis 2000 Mk II cartridge that needs a stylus , I would spend up to $ 600.00 for a new cart or would I be better off to send the monster to Soundsmith? What do you use or suggest all opions appreciated . THANKS David.
Jeadac  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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06-10-08   I nominate the ortofon 2m black at $599. this cart's weight ...   Johnnyb53

06-10-08   The iii is pretty light and has knife-edge bearings, so it w ...   Kirkus

06-11-08   I also just got one of these. mine is the original version ...   04rdking

06-17-08   I too have one of these arms with damping trough and i use a ...   Derockster

06-17-08   De, what is the longhorn mod?   04rdking

06-17-08   Ok, found the longhorn mod. i'm looking for a high complian ...   04rdking

06-17-08   I stand by my grado green with the longhorn mod.regards   Derockster

06-18-08   Someone please correct me if i'm wrong, quite possible. doe ...   04rdking

06-18-08   Anyone have any ideas about using the new goldring carts wit ...   Jeadac

06-18-08   i respect this, but the sme iii was very much designed for c ...   Kirkus

06-26-08   Hi, i believe you guys johnnyb53 and kirkus ( kickin and scr ...   Jeadac

07-02-08   Got my ortofon 2m red , one channel dead.***x*** darn. well ...   Jeadac

07-20-08   Well i have about 20 hours on my 2nd ortofon red , i agree t ...   Jeadac

07-21-08   If you want to try a low-output moving coil, a denon, the dl ...   Sharpnine

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