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  Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
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02-02-12   Hi nandric, good to hear some feedback on the virtuoso chan ...   Griffithds

02-02-12   Dear grifftithds and all: the refresh was about suspension a ...   Rauliruegas

02-02-12   Dear raul, i am alas not able to understand your latest sta ...   Nandric

02-03-12   Dear friends: a change on ca topic. from yesterday i'm list ...   Rauliruegas

02-03-12   Hi raul, is that the standard akg p8e or a variant in the l ...   Dgob

02-03-12: Nandric
Dear Raul&Dgob, The AKG P -8ES was produced in 1977 as the
top of the line ( 300 DM). Then come the P-8 ES super nova
and P-8ES super nova Van den Hul. While the AKG styli were
special in the sense of reduced mass Van den Hul styli become then 'modern' or 'something new' so one was able to show off:'my has the Van den Hul stylus'. According to Andreoli a worthless and 'dangerous' stylus. I assume that
this was the Gyger I which was very difficult to produce
(see my post about Gyger).
The P 8 series was replaced by P 25 MD (25,35 cu), P 15 MD,etc.
The problem of all those AKG carts was the hardening of the
suspension as function of time and light. Only those which were kept in 'the dark' survived. AKG was aware of this problem and destroyed the whole stock of carts and styli to avoid possible legal liability. While all of them were innovative and special the obvious problem is to get an functional stylus. No wonder the styli are more expensive then the carts without or disfunctional stylus. BTW the suspension is/was as no other. A thin metal plate with a small hole in which the stylus and the rubber ring are fitted. I agree with Raul's quality valuation of the brand in general and the P 8ES in particular but need to warn the 'innocent' for the lack of styli. It took me 2 years to get a good stylus for my P-8ES Super Nova. Ie the search for a good specimen may become an exercize in frustration.


Nandric  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-03-12: Griffithds
Hi Raul and Nandric,

Your comments on the AKG P8 come at an interesting time. I have just ordered a (good as new), AKG P8E Super Nova VDH from one of our favorite retippers, Axel. He has them listed at 199 euro including the vat tax. For those of us not living in Europe, I calculate the non Vat Tax price to be $216. For a rebuilt with new VDH stylus and suspension, seem like a bargin to me!
Nandric. You list 3 P8's. 1)The P8ES, 2)The P8ES super nova and 3)The P8ES super nova VDH. Of the 3, Would the VDH be concidered at the top of the pecking order? Raul had mentioned earlier in this forum that the AKG P8's were rather confusing because their being so many variations. I could not agree with him more!

Griffithds  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-03-12   Dear dgob: as nandric posted and my self a weeks ago the lin ...   Rauliruegas

02-03-12: Lewm
I own a P8E and a P8E Super Nova vdH. I must listen to them one of these days. Cannot tear myself away from the 320. Too lazy to mount a new cartridge, might be another way of putting it. I can easily see that they are both "low riders" as Raul suggests.

OK. Earlier last week, I placed a low bid on a Grace 714 (wood) tonearm, on eBay. I regretted having done so, because I really do not need it. Today, I won the darn thing for my low offer. I fully expected to be outbid at the last minute, but no such luck. One thing that interests me about the Grace 714 is the degree to which it resembles the new Durand Telos, in terms of construction, albeit Telos uses exotic hardwood instead of teak and is 12-inches vs 9.5. Any suggestions re the 714? It's mint and complete with box and all accessories, still in the bags. Maybe it's a good match for my Grace Ruby cartridge.

Lewm  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-03-12   Hi raul and nandric, the akg p8's might be the new gold min ...   Griffithds

02-03-12   Hi lewm, ++++"i regretted having done so, because i re ...   Griffithds

02-03-12   Dear lew, your 'argument' like 'the price was such it was im ...   Nandric

02-03-12   Sorry. should have written "p8es" instead of p8e i ...   Lewm

02-03-12   Raul you and i may not be on the same page when it comes to ...   Stltrains

02-03-12   Hi nadric, am i understanding you correctly? the " $20 ...   Griffithds

02-03-12   Dear griffithds, i watch the german ebay nearly every day. i ...   Nandric

02-03-12   Lewm, a friend had a grace 714 many years ago. used a garrot ...   Dover

02-03-12   Nandric would ask you to parse the phrase "not particul ...   Lewm

02-04-12   Dear griffithds: my take is that the p25 was on top of the p ...   Rauliruegas

02-04-12   Hi raul, ++++"the p8 --vdh is a p25 with vdh stylus&qu ...   Griffithds

02-04-12   Hi raul, thanks for responding and i will get around to giv ...   Dgob

02-04-12   Dear lew, no idea what'parse' means but i can try to 'parse' ...   Nandric

02-04-12: Nandric
Dear Raul, I have the German description of the 25, etc
series of AKG . You are right: the 25 was/is the top of
this series line. One can choose between 25cu and 35 cu
styli for the 25 which may be confusing also, as you put
it. The P 100 LE I have seen on the German ebay just once
and was convinced that the seller made a typo: 2000
Euro. To me the styli for 8 ES and 25 series look identical so I assume that both series have problems with the suspension. Otherwise AKG would destroy only a part of
their stock. There is however the mk II version of 25 with
smaller 'magnet legs' (1mm) so styli meant for 8ES and 25
original model will not fit on those. Regarding the confusion. I bought 4 AKG styli which were useless for my 8ES (Super nova). So my inicial 'love' for this brand transformed in 'hate' and frustration. By way of speaking only I would not accept any AKG (except the 100) as a present.


Nandric  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-04-12   Dear griffithds, your interpretation of what raul has stated ...   Nandric

02-04-12   Dear griffithds/nandric: that akg nomenclature is a " p ...   Rauliruegas

02-04-12   Nikola, "parse" means in this case to deconstruct ...   Lewm

02-04-12   Hi nandric and raul, i very much appriciate all the imput i ...   Griffithds

02-04-12   Dear lew, your explanation of 'parse' is like reading frege. ...   Nandric

02-04-12   Lewm, - grace 714 - i should have been clearer on "not ...   Dover

02-04-12   Dear " akg " 's friends: these kind og akgs likes ...   Rauliruegas

02-04-12   I have to agree with raul. my akg le after refresh from vdh ...   Cashcamp

02-04-12   Dear friends: this is the p8e i'm talking about and the one ...   Rauliruegas

02-04-12   Hello raul you said your p8e is stock without any refresh is ...   Stltrains

02-05-12   There are bigger concerns than talking about this senseless ...   Inna

02-05-12   Dear raul, vinyl engine is not the right place for the info ...   Nandric

02-05-12   Dear inna, glad to see you in this thread. instead of 'sense ...   Nandric

02-05-12   Dear nandric: i don't take ve as a reference but as informat ...   Rauliruegas

02-05-12   Dear stltrains: yes, on stock condition and mint one. my adv ...   Rauliruegas

02-05-12   Dear cashcamp: lucky you are an akg 100le owner. i know that ...   Rauliruegas

02-05-12   Hi raul and cashcamp, well, you two certainly belong to a v ...   Griffithds

02-05-12   Hello raul from the picture of the auction mine appears to b ...   Stltrains

02-05-12   Regards, raul: just about to post the same. have the p8e car ...   Timeltel

02-05-12   Dear raul, i am very sorry but i learned to distrust the so ...   Nandric

02-05-12   Timetel dont know how much classic rock you may have had the ...   Stltrains

02-05-12   Hello stltrains, timeltel was poking fun at himself and his ...   Acman3

02-05-12   Regards, stltrains: whoa there, partner. i listen to rock 90 ...   Timeltel

02-05-12   Dear timeltel: no, my information came from the akg original ...   Rauliruegas

02-05-12   Dear nandric: i don't care about your respetable german frie ...   Rauliruegas

02-05-12   Regards, raul: a quick post & then it's super bowl time. t ...   Timeltel

02-05-12   Dear timeltel: my own build material headshell ( same propie ...   Rauliruegas

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