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  Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
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07-13-10: Dgob

I can only repear that I have it on the authority of very good friends that the ADC XLM Super Mk2 is an unbelievable marriage with the Black Widow. I've never heard it myself nor owned the BW. I am mindful of the issue of collapsing Super Mk2's though.

On the other hand, I happen to own the ADC XLM Mk2 Imporved and I believe this was designed to overcome the fragility concerns with the Super Mk2. I bought mine new and have only ever played it for around 5 hours. I'll be selling this along with a host of other mm's. If you would be interested in trying this out without making a commitment and before buying anything contact me offline.

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07-13-10   Dgob, your post is quite informative, as is timeltel's abou ...   Jb0194

07-14-10: Timeltel
Regards, Dgob.

Thanks for your kind consideraton. ADC produced a number of sophisticated stylii, among them nude elliptical, line contact, nude micro ellipse, nude line contact "vital", HE, Shibata and Aliptic semi-Shibata (what ever that is). Your XLM Mk 11 is reported to be the best in the XLM lineup.

With the variety of stylus designs available, I'd like to know more about them before making a selection. Any information would be appreciated.

Also, a possible correction to the Black Widow's specs. The first version was documentated by Infinity at 3gm eff. mass, IIRC, the later graphite arm with the damping option was given at 4gm.

Timeltel  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-14-10   Jb0194, good luck with your testing and i look forward to h ...   Dgob

07-14-10   Hi all, just noticed that someone recently sold a technics ...   Dgob

07-14-10   Yes i bought it. it's on it's way to vdh for repair. looki ...   Mab33

07-14-10   Mab33, you lucky so and so (i'm also assuming it was at a v ...   Dgob

07-15-10   Dear mab33: i'm sure you will be delighted with the technics ...   Rauliruegas

07-15-10: Mab33
Thank you both! One fun thing is the sh-90s headshell that was included. It's meant for p-mount cartridges and has a similar build quality and constuction as the integrated headshells I've seen on the 205C Mk3 and EPC-100c. It doesn't really allow for azimuth adjustment, but it does have a nice overhang adjustment feature that is convenient. I have a three other pmounts I haven't gotten around to playing yet because I didn't have a way to mount them, so this will help kill the time in a productive way while waiting for the cart to return from VdH:-).
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07-16-10   Dear friends: i'm testing the audio technica at-20ss that in ...   Rauliruegas

07-16-10: Drewmb1
Hola Raul!

I have followed this thread and your own search for audio heaven. You have helped me along the path. I have looked at the posts and your photos on how to use an external tonearm rewire direct to my phono stage. Please explain about grounding (if any), hum and all information I need to eliminate ALL solders between cartridge and phono preamp. I'm concerned about using straight tonearm wire direct to phono preamp. It sounds too easy.


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07-17-10   Hi raul, i thought you had evaluated the at20ss back in the ...   Lewm

07-17-10   Hi, can anyone tell me how to measure the output of a cartri ...   Rnadell

07-17-10   Rich, cannot easily be done with ordinary benchtop tools. y ...   Lewm

07-17-10   Lew, thanks for the info, i will just set up the cartridge a ...   Rnadell

07-18-10   Lewm, it sounds easy....... where did the shield come from ...   Drewmb1

07-19-10   "shield" = braided metal tube thru which the tonea ...   Lewm

07-19-10: Rauliruegas
Dear Timeltel: I don't know for sure if the XLM2 is the best in the ADC XLM line because I don't heard it yet. I own the XLM3 improved and Astrion and both are really fine with the Astrion at top.
You can try the Astrion stylus replacement with your XLMs cartridges.

As good as the Astrion is ( next in my test list. ) the ADC TRX line ( different design. ) is very good and I like it too.

Regards and enjoy the music,

Rauliruegas  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-19-10   Dear drewmb1: well you already have all the information abou ...   Rauliruegas

07-19-10: Rauliruegas
Dear Lewm: From the " old times " what I remember is that always like the Audio Technica AT-20SS.

When I try it early in this thread the stylus ( NOS ) was not settle down and I don't give the time because that was a quick " test " but now that I take the time to do it I'm not only confirm that I like it but that's a competitive quality performer with almost all " out there " including those other AT cartridges you name it.

If I can ( need time to do it. ) I would like to make an " official " review and if not I will post my cartridge resume here. For now all I can say is: highly recommend.

Regards and enjoy the music,

Rauliruegas  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-19-10   There is an nos at15ss on the way to me that i will try as w ...   Dgarretson

07-19-10   Dear lewm, thank you for the thoughtful response to my grou ...   Drewmb1

07-19-10   Drewmb1, please read my post above on the subject. i strongl ...   Frogman

07-19-10: Audiofeil
Agree with Raul on the ADC TRX series. The re-tip of my TRX-2 was recently completed and this cartridge will embarrass many of today's lomc.

Another one of my favs is the Signet (Audio Technica) TK7SU. I prefer this to the ADC TRX-2. Both are difficult to find but real bargains should you come across them.


Audiofeil  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-19-10: Drewmb1
Dear Frogman,

Thank you for the heads up! I'm very excited about the prospects!


Drewmb1  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-19-10   Regards, raul: thanks for your reply. the trx specs look ver ...   Timeltel

07-19-10   I am about to try out the lpm320 in a saturn v headshell (ya ...   Lewm

07-19-10   Dear dgarretson: that at-15ss was imho a good " move &q ...   Rauliruegas

07-20-10   Where are the early b&o cartridges in all of this? i refer t ...   Lewm

07-21-10   Hi, wondering what the preference for headshell wiring is? ...   Rnadell

07-21-10   Rich, your opinion is as valid as anyone else's. if you wan ...   Lewm

07-22-10   Hi all, the technics is still rewarding and making demands ...   Dgob

07-24-10: Dgob
Hi All,

Does anyone have any knowledge, experience on the ADC Point 4/E cartridge?

Feedback appreciated

Dgob  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-24-10   dgob i agree the technics is a superb cartridge - one ...   Downunder

07-24-10   Downunder, the 407 has a pair of screws set at a 90-degree a ...   T_bone

07-24-10   hi t-bone the old set screw vta changer. i have that typ ...   Downunder

07-25-10: Dgob

The two screw system of the 407 is a pain and (compared to the likes of the Audiocraft) not the most reliable way to adjust.

I find it to be a good arm with medium complaince cartridges. It sounds clean and incisive with the likes of the Spectral MCR and Dynavector but you would want to make sure it's one with the silver wired option. This makes it much more incisive. I'm not certain if it's worth the very high price they ask for it though. I've not heard the FR-66 but suspect they will be much of a muchness from what I've read. Cartridge matching being the main issue and others will have their suggestions here I'm sure.

PS. Any information that anyone can provide on the ADC Point Four (other than that readily found on the cartridge database of course) would still be appreciated

Dgob  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-25-10   Dear downunder: if i remember in an other thread that goes i ...   Rauliruegas

07-25-10: Rauliruegas
Dear Dgob: I was unaware of that ADC Point 4. I already look at my archives ( like old magazines. ) and I can't find nothing. Seems to me that that cartridge maybe is to old.

I can see that you posted twice about: why is so important to you?

Regards and enjoy the music,

Rauliruegas  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-25-10   Raul, i got one recently that is on its way to me but can f ...   Dgob

07-25-10: Timeltel
Regards, Dgob. From Bluz Broz site:

Replacement Stylus for: 660.
It will also fit Point 4, 770 & 809.
Can Replace Other ADC Styli: R-4, R-6E & R-770.
Stylus Type: Hyperelliptical Configuration.
Tracking Force Range: 0.5 to 1.5 grams.
Recommended Tracking Force: 0.75 grams.
Manufacturer: Audio Dynamics Corporation
Code: 100-D7

Replacement Stylus for: 770. It will also fit Point 4, 660 & 809.
Can Replace Other ADC Styli: R-4, R-4HE & R-770.
Stylus Type: 0.3 x 0.7 mil. Elliptical Configuration.
Tracking Force Range: 0.75 to 2.0 grams.
Recommended Tracking Force: 1.5 grams.
Manufacturer: Audio Dynamics Corporation
Code: 100-D7

Possibly there is some error in the Bluz Broz listings, specs and prices differ even though the same code is given for these two styli, as well as for the R-4E replacement. Caveat emptor.

I've been searching for information concerning ADC cartridges and other than the XLM, Astrion and TRX cartridges there is very little comment concerning other models.

I do think the magnesium LMG-1 and -2 headshells are comprable to many of the better contemporary headshells, excluding the exotics. I have purchaced several equipped with ADC cartridges. I did not care for a QLM-30, there was little about it that encouraged me to spend much time with it, it seemed very much an entry-level pickup. A QLM-36I with a nude elliptical stylus had respectable performance in the mids and highs, the bass lacked presence. Both had original styli/suspension and I confess I gave neither the neccessary time to "run back in" after an unknown period of laying idle as the Acutex LPM 315/320 currently commands all my attention.

I'm not sure any of this helps, but like you I would be appreciative of any information or experience with ADC cartridges anyone would care to contribute.

Timeltel  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-26-10: Dgob
Regards Timetel,

As always, much appreciated. I hope we both get other responses on the ADC and peresonally await your feedback on the Acutex with interest.

Dgob  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-26-10   As timetel knows, the bluz broz website is replete with erro ...   Lewm

07-26-10   Hi raul, just wondering if you have further remarks short of ...   Dgarretson

07-26-10   So, i have a jolida jd 9 phono pre, stock for now, but i am ...   Waynefia

07-26-10   Wayne, i don't know jolida, but phono stages with dip-switch ...   Dgarretson

07-27-10   Dear wayne: i think this post by pryso could help you too: ...   Rauliruegas

07-27-10   Raul, thanks for the link. any opions on my comments on the ...   Waynefia

07-27-10   Dgarretson, i have not tried the 881s mkii yet, as i just g ...   Waynefia

07-28-10   The original post, and the number of followup posts, are abs ...   Don_c55

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