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  Need help with Turntable set-up in San Diego
I have a friend in San Diego who needs help setting up a rega p-25/rb600/clearaudio aurum beta...any recommendations for a quality set-up person?

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01-24-06: Georgeverbryck
This is one of the easiest tables to set up, does he have the cartridge template/alignment gauge? If yes I could walk you through it, if not I may be able to dig one out and send it to you. The arm requies only to set the tracking force and the alignment. Without modification no other adjustment is possible. You would also need a force gauge or you could just experiment a little to get the proper tracking force. Cheers George
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01-25-06: Glide3
Thanks for your kind offer. My freind does not have his sight so it presents some challenges for him as a "DIY'er"

I should have specified this in the post


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01-25-06: Clio09
I will be in SD in a couple weeks on a business trip. If my schedule permits I will be happy to visit your friend and help him out. I have alignment, VTF, antiskating, and KAB strobe tools, as well as test discs. Email me privately if this is of interest.
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01-25-06: Kjweisner
Stereo Design in Clairemont Mesa is a Rega shop (or at least they were when I moved from SD back in 2000). I had purchased a new Benz Micro cartridge from them, and they set it up on my 'purchased elsewhere' Pro-ject TT.

Not sure how they feel about doing this work for folks that didn't purchase from them, but they've always been a decent shop to deal with.

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01-26-06: Restock
As George suggests, setting up a cartridge correctly is not that difficult, in particular a Rega is pretty easy to set up. The DB systems alignment protactor works well and has detailed instructions. Just a little patience required and a skill worth learning if you would like to keep an analog set up ...

Otherwise, Audio Revelation in Carlsbad, just north of San Diego look very reliable. They carry lots of nice analog gear, and might bee able to help. Jay is a great person to deal with.

Good luck,


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01-26-06: Glide3
Thanks so looks like Lee is all set. I really appreciate your resonding it is what is so great about this community we have through Audiogon.
Again, Thanks!


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