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  About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
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09-28-07   Wow, i stumbled back here after yesterday the wife and i wer ...   Jsujo

09-29-07   Amen and god bless.   Ecclectique

10-15-07   Nrchy the wee fella is getting big over 18 months old now. ...   Ben_campbell

11-10-07   A toast to pat. i will never forget you buddy. hard to beli ...   Vetterone

11-10-07   I raise my glass! thanks for the reminder steve... it's gon ...   Nrchy

11-10-07   To lugnut!   Danlib1

11-10-07   I miss pat too. vetterone (steve) and i were talking about ...   Albertporter

11-10-07   I remember towards the end in his pain we talked because i t ...   Chadnliz

11-10-07   . pat, . it is hard to believe that is two years has gone by ...   Cello

11-11-07   I haven't visited this thread in quite a while, but it's ver ...   Golden_ears

11-12-07   My wife's mole..the one on her breast that i 'discovered' so ...   Unclejeff

11-19-07   Cancer claimed the guy in canada only six days after the ini ...   Audioluvr

11-21-07   A time to remember old friends and give thanks.   Bin

11-22-07   As we reflect on the meaning of life and take it seriously, ...   Lithojoe

11-25-07   Uncle jeff ... hope you got it in time, too. best wishes th ...   Paul_frumkin

11-11-08   Just checking in after three years as pat always comes to mi ...   Clueless

11-12-08   Agreed- it ain't the same round here without ol lugnut! i f ...   Danlib1

11-17-08   Has it been that long?! i thought about him a lot during th ...   Gunbei

12-02-08   Still missing the ole lugnut. thanks for remembering guys! ...   Nrchy

12-02-08   Every time some hot rodding kid roars by the house and i can ...   Dougdeacon

12-02-08   The animals in my yard miss lugnut feeding them while cello, ...   Albertporter

12-03-08   Wow! it's hard to believe it's been 3 years already! it feel ...   Jmcgrogan2

01-11-10   I just read through this entire thread again for the first t ...   Nrchy

01-12-10   Nate, thank you for bringing this thread back to the fore. ...   Dougdeacon

01-20-10   Great to see this thread again. here's to lugnut!   Danlib1

01-28-10   I'm always late to the party, i must through my love for pat ...   Jadem6

01-31-10   Another drink to pat -- you must have perfected your system ...   Gregm

02-02-10   Hi greg, my good news is iím still hanging in here. i have ...   Jadem6

09-08-11   I've been spending a little time reading and catching up sin ...   Jphii

09-08-11   Been thinking of pat this week myself. pat was a great guy a ...   Vetterone

09-16-11   It has been six(?) months since i been 'away'. checking act ...   Unclejeff

07-07-13   I was thinking about pat- aka- lugnut ,while listening to do ...   Raytheprinter

07-08-13   Raytheprinter, thanks for the reminder. pat and i became fr ...   Dougdeacon

07-08-13   I think of pat on a regular basis. we had some wonderful lis ...   Vetterone

07-08-13   The best gift we get in this life is each other. what bette ...   Isochronism

07-08-13   well said. very well said!!!! i never met pat but i had ma ...   Swampwalker

07-11-13   The best gift we get in this life is each other. amen   Raytheprinter

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