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  VPI HW19 MkIII vs. Michell Gyrodec?
Hi all, I've lurked around the forums here but never posted before. Now I have a question!

I'm looking to take my first real foray into the high-end by upgrading basically my whole system. I'm replacing an AR ES-1/Linn Basik/Aurum Beta and I've got it narrowed down to two 'tables. I'd love to hear what you think about each one, and which you'd buy if it was you:

VPI WH-19 MkIII with an AudioQuest PT-9+ and my Aurum Beta (I'll upgrade the cart later!)

or a Michell Gyrodec SE with the venerable RB300 and my Aurum Beta.

I've been able to audition the VPI locally and I definitely preferred to the Nottingham Interspace, plus I live in a loose bulding with plenty of vibration and NO possiblility of a wall shelf, so I need a competent suspension! However, I hear such GOOD things about the Gyro SE. Unfortunately, there isn't a Gyro even remotely close to me so I hear one.

What to do!?

My amp is a Conrad Johnson MV55, interconnect is Audioquest Viper and AQ Type6 speaker cables to Clements 107di's. I haven't yet bought a preamp but am looking at either the JJ 243 which has a nice tube phono stage, or a CJ PV10B with phono stage.

Thanks for any help!
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11-10-03: Nameci

I'm not sure whether you have owned VPI or Michell but it seems you are refering to Sota or Linn suspension set up regarding the finnicky set up and the constant maintanence.

As for VPI or Michell suspension? I don't remember the last time I had to adjust VPI suspension(what adjustment? set up, level, and forget). As for Michell, I check the bounce once in a while, which never goes out of set up unless I move the turntable. I have owned a number of different turntables including Nottingham, Linn, Sota, Oracle, Michell, VPI, Rega, etc. Suspended or non-suspended, you will need to get used to your turntable and how to set it up unless you have free local dealer service.

As for the sound? I wouldn't argue on which is better design, suspended or non-suspended. They both have its strengths and weaknessses. Also different emphasis of the sound.
For me, I prefer plush sound of the suspended turntable especially with my music taste and my sound preferences.

Nameci  (Answers | This Thread)

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