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  Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications
As good as they say it is. I was talking to a dealer today and he said you can't have a state of the art product when you start with crap. He said the Saber DAC's were junk and I'd be wasting my money doing the Modwright upgrades. On the other hand I have heard people rave about it. What is your take on this player and the Modwright upgrades? Am I better off buying a high-end used CD player without a warranty. I like the Idea of a modded player but I don't want to be disappointed and take a big loss.
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03-31-13   Since sound and taste and all the other things we discuss he ...   Tom6897

03-31-13   Wow would i never listen to this dealer again. the '105 is ...   Jeffreybehr

03-31-13   One respected opinion in the community: http://www.lampizato ...   Aggielaw

03-31-13   Gen. custer to little big man: muleskinner, what do you thin ...   Geoffkait

03-31-13   I'm using the stock 105 for audio. i think it's an incredi ...   Cdente

04-01-13   Tom 6897, this is a serious question.   Taters

04-01-13   Cdent, are you saying i will lose 75% of the modification i ...   Taters

04-01-13   Taters the modright oppo 105 is one of the best sounds you w ...   Jwm

04-01-13: Hgeifman
I believe the actual question was to compare the stock Oppo 105 to a Oppo 105 Modwright mod. The Modwright mod adds $2,295 to the Oppo 105's list price of $1,200. I heard one comment saying "The ModWright 105, IMHO, is the best sounding source I have heard in my system". I am considering the Oppo 105 (like SACD option) and cannot decide if I should get the stock Oppo 105, the Modwright mod or the Upgrade Company mod ($1,399 Signature Edition).

Unfortunately, I cannot audition all three in my living room. As per the question above, my gut reaction says to buy the stock Oppo 105 and listen before you spend money for either upgrade. Most likely, I will keep my Ayre CX-7eMP player and just listen. Has anyone heard all three units? Comments?

Hgeifman  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-01-13   The oppo is not going to weigh as much or have as solid a fe ...   French_fries

04-01-13   Hgeifman, if the modded 105 is the best source you have eve ...   Taters

04-01-13   Well taters it seems you have received a few philosophical/a ...   Tubegroover

04-01-13   Tubegroover, you are right, i did not word it right. you ob ...   Taters

04-01-13   Tubegroover i owned the playback designs cd player that reta ...   Jwm

04-01-13   Jwm, do you currently have the oppo 105 modded? i would lik ...   Taters

04-01-13   I hear you taters, i am just exhausted with budget digital a ...   Tubegroover

04-01-13   Fwiw, i've not heard the 105 w/ modwright mods. but my modwr ...   Rhyno

04-01-13   Taters you ask if you'd be better off buying a used cd playe ...   Abruce

04-02-13   Taters go to the audiocircle website and look up modright an ...   Jwm

04-02-13   Abruce, who is evs?   Taters

04-02-13   Someone in southern california must have a player i can list ...   Taters

04-02-13   Evs is ric schultz. regards,   Metralla

04-03-13   If i decide to modify the 105 i'll use modwright. his modifi ...   Taters

04-02-13   Evs is electronic visionary systems also known as tweakaudio ...   Abruce

04-03-13   Abruce, i know his mods are cheaper but do they sound as go ...   Taters

04-03-13   Taters, you live in southern california and you want to aud ...   Dougmc

04-03-13   Dougmc, i'm a tube guy.   Taters

04-03-13   Dougmc, i'll call dan and see if he will have the oppo-105 ...   Taters

04-21-13   My reading of the recent 6moons review of the mod is that it ...   Melm

04-22-13   Melm, i'm unclear what your statement means, given that srja ...   Jfz

04-22-13   Jfz, i'm not clear about what you are unclear about. srjan ...   Melm

04-23-13   Fair enough, melm. i have not heard the stock 105. what i ...   Jfz

04-25-13   Does modwright publish distortion data for its mods? in its ...   Melm

04-25-13   So who has heard both a stock oppo 105 and a modwright oppo ...   Dsper

04-26-13   Since the 105 is a relatively new product, you may not find ...   Jfz

04-26-13   A p.s. to dsper: i have an oppo 95 that i use only for a sep ...   Jfz

04-26-13   To say that jfz "couldn't stand" the oppo 95 in hi ...   Melm

04-26-13   I purchased the 105 with out listening to it first and to my ...   Gztone

04-26-13   Gztone, sounds like it's working well for yo as it is for me ...   Melm

04-27-13   If you haven't replaced the stock cord, i strongly suggest y ...   Keephowlin

04-27-13   I agree with the other responses on changing the power cords ...   Seniorgrande

06-08-13   Tubegroover, i am in north central florida. i own modwright ...   Sstalwar

11-26-13   Keephowlin, i have another mod. oppo 105 and initially used ...   Tbg

11-27-13   I love my 95. best sonic value i've ever purchased. i am usi ...   Moomoo

11-27-13   Moomoo, my understanding is that the 1 second delay remains ...   Brownsfan

11-27-13   Brownsfan, i have had no delays between tracks with my 105, ...   Tbg

11-27-13   Moomoo, my understanding is that the 1 second delay remains ...   Brownsfan

11-27-13   Moomoo, i know a guy who has compared the oppo 95 and 105 ea ...   Tbg

11-27-13   Tbg, thanks for the information. one of these days i'll hav ...   Brownsfan

11-27-13   Tbg, i too have compared the stock 95 to the 105 and to me t ...   Tubegroover

11-27-13   tbg, so you found stock 105 sounded similar to mw mod?   Knghifi

12-17-13   Knghifi, no, i've only heard an exemplar moded 95 and now th ...   Tbg

02-01-14   Does a modification interfere with the ability to perform a ...   Corgidog59

02-05-14   I don't know, but this would be a good question for oppo : )   Jfz

02-05-14   I would assume the 105 is like my 95... i have no problems u ...   1markr

02-28-14   No problem with the updates thus far. i've had my modded 105 ...   Brrgrr

02-28-14   $2300 will never come back if you sell. consider that amoun ...   Ptss

03-01-14   That may be true. but if resell drives your purchase decisio ...   Brrgrr

03-02-14   Okay, i went with the ric schultz mods on my oppo 105 and ...   Dsper

03-03-14   I would suggest auditioniong an oracle ac 2 power cord by mi ...   Ptss

03-03-14   Dsper, i have heard rick's unit and had not realize that i w ...   Tbg

03-04-14   Dsper, once again i forgot there are two rick schultz. i hea ...   Tbg

07-08-14   Like dsper, i recently purchased a fully modified oppo-105d ...   Papaned

07-08-14   I no longer have need for a cd player, but i did finally hav ...   Tbg

08-09-14   Tbg, i am interested in more detailed response to the compar ...   Sstalwar

08-10-14   Sstalwar, there are a number of things that i think explain ...   Tbg

08-21-14   I had been using an evs modded oppo 83se for a few years, an ...   Melville

08-23-14   I like tuc's work...i can definitely say his modd'd 83 is fa ...   Lloydelee21

08-23-14   Melville, good luck with your mods...please post when your ...   Lloydelee21

09-05-14   I have played a few different cds and sacds on the tuc upgra ...   Melville

09-05-14   Hi melville, in a way, i am not [entirely] surprised by tha ...   Lloydelee21

09-14-14   I considered tuc when i got my 105d, but i couldn't get a ha ...   Papaned

11-02-14   My tuc-modded 105d is now about 500 hours into full burn-in, ...   Melville

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