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  FM Radio is dead ....R.I.P
Has internet radio and streaming services like Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify and MOG killed FM radio? Does FM radio via tuner and HD radio have a future in home audio?
Mitch4t  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-29-12   My local fm station just went hd. i have hd capable tuners. ...   Rok2id

02-29-12   Internet streaming has killed fm for me.   Brf

02-29-12   I no longer listen to fm radio because of poor fm reception ...   Hgeifman

02-29-12   Question for you guys: what do you listen to on streaming in ...   Bombaywalla

02-29-12   Depends. obviously there are as many fm stations as ever if ...   Mapman

02-29-12   . bombaywalla, you need to subscribe to rhapsody music serv ...   Mitch4t

02-29-12   well, this is exactly the point of pandora, i.e. to play si ...   Cruz123

02-29-12   Seems like it should go just due to its terrible formating. ...   Jsd52756

02-29-12   Fm dead? maybe, kinda, sorta. i've always enjoyed fm and th ...   Onemug

02-29-12   Streaming radio certainly provides a much greater selection, ...   Unsound

02-29-12   I basically only listen to one fm station, chicago's wfmt. ...   Richardfinegold

03-01-12   Not even close to being dead for me, i listen to my local ...   Philjolet

03-01-12   . cruz, you nailed it. pandora has introduced me to sooo m ...   Mitch4t

03-01-12   Maybe not dead but definitely not in the best of health. i w ...   Theo

03-01-12   At what point do you think fm radio will be replaced by inte ...   Peter_s

03-01-12   A while back i was getting ready to pull the trigger on an o ...   Nonoise

03-01-12   Ok, thanx for the feedback. i've learnt a few things here - ...   Bombaywalla

03-01-12   I use an old tape source switching box so i have enough inpu ...   Mapman

03-01-12   I can select internet radio stations from anywhere in the wo ...   Hgeifman

03-01-12   . hgeifman, does your magnum dynalab internet tuner play ser ...   Mitch4t

03-02-12   Mitch4t: my magnum dynalab md807t can access the following: ...   Hgeifman

03-02-12   Fm = free music. long live free music.   Tbromgard

03-03-12   Tbromgard: all of the internet stations i listen to today a ...   Hgeifman

03-04-12   . hgeifman, thanks for the scoop on the md807t tuner. have ...   Mitch4t

03-05-12   Mitch4t: the magnum dynalab 807t was the only internet devi ...   Hgeifman

03-05-12   Mitch4t: magnum dynalab reports that rhapsody is not availab ...   Hgeifman

03-05-12   Perhaps i am just behind the times, but fm radio still has a ...   Glenfihi

03-05-12   No it's absolutely not dead to me, i listen to fm jazz 91.1 ...   Dev

03-06-12   Thread name should be am radio rip. :p   Singleendedsingle

03-07-12   . am radio died 35 years ago. you've got guys here on the ' ...   Mitch4t

03-07-12   Mitch4t, i beg to differ: ...   Unsound

03-07-12   . am radio? really, you can't be serious. unsound, you may ...   Mitch4t

03-07-12   Mitch4t, that was an older product, they sold out the entire ...   Unsound

03-07-12   I listen to fm in metro nyc every day: wfuv(90.7)(folk rock, ...   Nglazer

03-07-12   I listen to fm radio every day. sometimes in the kitchen, al ...   Donjr

03-22-12   Just a quick update: as omemug suggested, i used the thumbs ...   Bombaywalla

03-22-12   Glad it's working for you. the "thump up/down" is ...   Onemug

03-31-12   I have been spoiled by wfmt in chicago. it is the finest rad ...   Quietcity

04-01-12   We listen to npr probably nine hours daily. there is no othe ...   Tbg

04-01-12   Depends where one lives...i am blessed with jazz,classical,c ...   Phasecorrect

04-02-12   . quietcity, i have found quite the opposite of your opinion ...   Mitch4t

04-02-12   Quietcity +1. i also use the md 106t, signal sleuth & st2. i ...   Isochronism

04-04-12   Mitch4t, you may be right about the variety that pandora can ...   Quietcity

04-12-12   Fm radio is very popular in ny. alot of these fm stations ar ...   Doug99

04-18-12   Doug99, do you mean throughout the state or just in nyc? i l ...   Tbg

04-18-12   Xm (and to a lesser extent pandora) completely ruined fm for ...   Loomisjohnson

04-21-12   Even though i have a high quality cd player and turntable, p ...   Rontoolsie

04-21-12   Agreed rontoolsie. but, if you don't have that kind of fm s ...   Realhifi

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