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  Exemplar vs Modwright Oppo 95 Mods?
Has anyone compared these mods of the Oppo 95?
Jfz  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-21-12   A comparison was performed at the pacific northwest audio so ...   Peter_s

02-22-12   Thanks for the response. unfortunately, it doesn't help me, ...   Jfz

02-22-12   Peter_s, could you elaborate a little more? a stock oppo w ...   Tomcy6

02-23-12   Good questions, tomcy6. i'd also want to know how long peop ...   Jfz

02-26-12   Sorry. misread the thread. this was stock against exemplar ...   Peter_s

02-26-12   Oh, and the comparison was blind, and a show of hands was ma ...   Peter_s

03-19-12   Hi peter s can you say anything about what differences peop ...   Jfz

03-21-12   Jfz, i have only heard the oppo 95 with and without the exem ...   Tbg

11-22-12   I heard a john tucker modified shanling cdp about 7 years ag ...   Agear

11-18-13   I own both an exemplar oppo se and an exemplar 2900. love t ...   Theduker

12-13-13: Tbg
I guess now the question should be which has a better sounding Oppo 105. I have the Exemplar/Oppo 105 now. It sounds great.
Tbg  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-05-15: Thankful
I have owned both the stock Oppo 105 and John's latest T105. Anyone who cannot hear a difference must have really bad hearing. The stock unit is okay but sound receiver like. The T105 sounds like high end gear.
Thankful  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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