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  EVS modded Oppo 95
Recently, while looking for mods for my new Oppo 95 player, I ran across After reading a bit and viewing some basic photos, I followed up with Ric Schultz at EVS to discuss his mods for the 95. After several calls and discussion about what Ric had achieved with the basic 95, I decided to send him my unit; just a couple of weeks prior to Christmas. For reference, I had about 125 to 150 hours of play time on my machine so I had a good reference point for my system. Burn-in for the stock unit, from my experience, was about 50 hours of playing time. Two weeks later I had my 95 back from EVS, and immediately out of the box the sound was better. I left the unit on 24/7 for break-in and listened every couple of days to the same source disks for sonic change. After a couple of weeks, I called Ric and told him I was blown away... pure and simple. I've had numerous modded, tubed players and this was by far the most dramatic result I have encountered. Fast forward to six weeks later and the sound just keeps getting larger, cleaner and more dynamic. The musical range continues to expand and the sound stage is even more lifelike. All I can say is that I haven't heard anything, at any price, that compares with this unit. For $1000 the Oppo 95 is a great machine, for another $1200 bucks, Ric has transformed this beast into an incredible machine. I will also note the video portion of the 95 improved modestly as well. I have made numerous tweaks to my system as well as source material and listen to a variety of music genres.

My system:
EVS modded Oppo 95 digital player
Jud Barber, Joule Electra LA-150 Signature Edition (SE) Line Stage Pre-Amplifier
Spectron Musican III Mk2 fully modded Bybee MONOBLOCKS
Martin Logan / Spire Speakers, modded
Remote Sense RS Mk2 Signature Loudspeaker cable
Harmonic Technology MAGIC Link Two, interconnects
Dedicated circuits, power conditioner, premium receptacles and power cords.

Kennesaw, GA
Dclevr  (Threads | This Thread)

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02-14-12   My stock 95 needed upwards of 500 hrs to burn-in, at around ...   Jdub39

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05-07-12   Would someone with the evs mods comment on the wooden covers ...   Oldears

05-08-12   Rjbwb - i don't doubt what you are hearing with your modded ...   Jfz

05-09-12   Yes i am. the thing with ric is he's always trying new reall ...   Rjbwb

05-10-12   Thanks bob. that's actually what impresses me about the two ...   Jfz

05-10-12   Hi. look on rick's website for his explaination of the diff ...   Michaelo

08-01-15   I am another very satisfied evs customer. i had my oppo bdp ...   Andyz

08-17-15   I have never purchased a product from evs. but ric is very o ...   Agisthos

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