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  What can cause noise with my Wadia 381? HELP
My new Wadia 381 CD player (modified by a well known company in Minnesota) has exhibited a reproducible noise problem since it was new. There is a ridiculously high noise floor that sounds like hiss, louder in the left channel. But ALSO, there is static noise that sounds much like scratches on a vinyl disc that are NOT constant but recur with regularity. I can e-mail a QuickTime video to anyone who is interested that demonstrates the noises quite clearly. Just to rule out various causes, I have swapped out interconnects, amplifiers (solid state and tube), and speaker systems. In addition, I took the Wadia to a different house with no cable TV, all appliances unplugged, all fluorescent lighting turned off and the NOISES ARE STILL THERE! I SENT THE 381 in for service and they claim that the unit functioned perfectly--no noise. I am at my wits end because a very expensive Wadia 381 with mods has a very reproducible set of noises that everybody on the planet that has been in my house can hear with any system equipment that I own. But I am getting nowhere with the dealer regarding this problem--I am told that the unit checks out and it is my problem. I fear that when I send the unit back in again for service for another $100 shipping, I will once again get the "no problem" diagnosis. The dealer had the unit running for hours and claim they NEVER HEARD A SINGLE NOISE. For whatever reason, the burden of proof of what is clearly a Wadia sourced issue seems to be placed squarely on my shoulders. Any input from the community will be appreciated.
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02-03-12   Seriously, thank you for sharing this painful experience. i ...   Tonykay

02-04-12   maybe this is the problem?   Tpreaves

02-04-12   I agree with tpreaves, those modifications are unique to the ...   Tonykay

02-04-12   It sounds like you've done alot to diagnose the problem. the ...   Rtn1

02-04-12   Hi' cathealer * have you tried with another cd player in yo ...   Chris10an

02-06-12   In addition, i have used 3 other cd players and there is dea ...   Cathealer

02-06-12   I have tried grounding the wadia using the usual techniques ...   Cathealer

02-06-12   I asked the dealer in minnesota to replace the unit with a b ...   Cathealer

02-10-12   May i say a thing here! have you contacted brett from wadia? ...   Inpieces

02-11-12   Hi all ! so , the unit had noise problems when it was new a ...   Bradluke0

02-12-12   Why do you think the dealer owes you a new unit? as brad sta ...   Tpreaves

02-12-12   I bought the unit new from the dealer who modified it before ...   Cathealer

02-12-12   The dealer mentioned that he suspected that there could be i ...   Cathealer

02-12-12   Ridiculous as it sounds, i did not know that a certified wad ...   Cathealer

02-12-12   You don't have to shout. you never said the dealer you bough ...   Tpreaves

02-12-12   Sorry to shout. this is so frustrating. the mods performed a ...   Cathealer

02-13-12   I just saw on another forum that gnsc has closed. if you go ...   Krell_man

02-13-12   Ok. i spoke with wadia today and they are going to help me ...   Cathealer

02-15-12   I understood directly, strange that some above here did not! ...   Inpieces

02-15-12   Thank you, inpieces, for your support in this matter. yes, h ...   Cathealer

02-16-12   I think brett & co feel for you in a way. i think it sounds ...   Inpieces

02-19-12   Cathealer, if the noise is coming from the left balanced ou ...   Krell_man

02-20-12   Cathealer, the reason that i'm asking is that if the proble ...   Krell_man

02-22-12   The noise was present whilst using balanced or unbalanced in ...   Cathealer

02-22-12   I have heard noise from both right and left channels, balanc ...   Cathealer

02-22-12   Thanks gary, would you please keep us informed with what bre ...   Krell_man

03-17-12   Hello, i reside in new zealand,i purchased a wadia 861 w/ g ...   Samoanbowa

03-21-12   Gary, have you heard anything from wadia? chuck   Krell_man

03-24-12   I think that you have gremlins biting wires on the left cha ...   Kiza

04-11-12   Sorry that i have not responded until now....there was nothi ...   Cathealer

04-11-12   Gary, thanks for getting back with us. i hope that ever ...   Krell_man

04-13-12   It was the current conveyors, i could have placed a bet at t ...   Inpieces

04-15-12   The system is sounding quite fantastic now as the wadia appe ...   Cathealer

04-24-12   Someone on whatsbestforum asked this morning if wadia had mo ...   Krell_man

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