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  Metrum Octave Dac experiences
I had another thread on this dac before I ordered (and heard) it, but I can't find it anywhere. So here's a new thread since I promised to share my experience here ;-) I have been listening to this dac for a few weeks now, I have no idea how many hours. I am playing from a dedicated music server with JPlay.

To my ears (I don't have much experience with other dacs, only a Audio-GD dac) it sounds really good. The main thing I noticed was the lack of listening fatigue, everything sounds real natural. I still need to try it with oversampled music, I haven't had the time to make a good comparison yet.

By the way, I'm (only) using a V-Link at the moment but looking to upgrade to an Audiophilleo of Off-Ramp in a few months.

I was sondering if anyone has any similar experience or maybe some tweaks to make it sound even better ;-)

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01-05-12   Newbie - i'm close to pulling the trigger on one of these th ...   Jult52

01-05-12   " i still need to try it with oversampled music"; ...   Stanwal

01-05-12   I think newbie meant upsampling not of course oversampling. ...   Charles1dad

01-06-12   Hi all, yes, i meant upsampling ;-)   Newbie79

01-06-12   There are other options that i think sound better than the m ...   Jwm

01-07-12   Ordered one of those 2 weeks ago to find out what's the buzz ...   Elberoth2

01-08-12   I have a metrum since 4 weeks now ,replace an audio-note dac ...   Juanitox

01-17-12   Finest dac i have ever heard period. i wrote quite a bit abo ...   Audiofun

01-18-12   Maybe you should try upsampling, audiofun, because on a cert ...   Tannoyd

01-18-12   Tannoyd: hi and thanks for the advice. i have tried it exten ...   Audiofun

01-18-12   Not everyone is sold on the'superiority' of upsampling rates ...   Charles1dad

02-28-12   As i previously mentioned, i got mine a couple of weeks ago. ...   Elberoth2

02-29-12   Mine is sounding better all the time; the best digital i hav ...   Stanwal

02-29-12   Wahhhhaaaa.....i'm still four weeks out.   Vicdamone

03-01-12   I received my octave earlier this week and have been listeni ...   Jult52

03-02-12   No; i am using a meridian 200 transport, which despite its a ...   Stanwal

03-02-12   Interesting to hear your opinion on feeding this dac with sq ...   K330

03-02-12   K330, also try here. ...   Vicdamone

03-02-12   Thanks, vicdamone. had a look of that forum and there is a f ...   K330

03-02-12   What do you think of the metrum's "musicality"? ...   Jult52

03-02-12   That is where it excels; lacks the "digital" sound ...   Stanwal

04-12-12   I was using an inexpensive optical toslink cable from my squ ...   Dbarger

04-13-12   Dbarger, thanks for sharing that. have you tried coax from ...   Lewinskih01

04-13-12   I haven't tried glass/toslink but i've been happy with my bl ...   Jcote

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