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  Lampizator DAC
Interested to know if anyone has heard Lukasz Fikus' Lampizator DAC? If so, please describe what you heard and how it compares to others. Also, note as to which level / configuration of the lampizator you auditioned / own.
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10-20-10   You might try to reach chris redmond over at 6 moons. i beli ...   Glrtrgi

10-20-10: Glide3
I have recently auditioned the most basic version of this dac and found it quite good. Organic, transparent and good dynamics.
I compared it with two other, more expensive, tube based dacs I own....the Exemplar Extant and 3-Dimension audio 18SE....both are excellent and are a bit more refined than the Lampizator but still sharing similar qualities.
Keep in mind this is comparing $5k+ retail dacs to a $1200 retail dac.
I am using the dacs with an RME fireface digital interface (firewire from my MAC) and am using an isochrone masterclock so my application is probably different than most but does not render the dac any less important.
I was impressed enough with this most basic Lampizator that I oredered the top 2-box version with a few upgrades.

Based on my audition, in my system and with my tastes, I think it is a winner and a real nice value.

Glide3  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-20-10   Thanks so much glide3. once you have your top tier lampizat ...   Grateful

10-29-10   I have an enhanced level 1 lampizator dac with the srpp diff ...   Wisnon

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01-24-11   Reset switch ????????? now what is that and when to use it ? ...   Pani

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01-28-11   Wisnon, does your dac have the e80 tube ?   Pani

01-29-11   No i have jj ecc88 i know of one person with the e80 thoug ...   Wisnon

01-30-11   I suppose the e80 is lz4 ?   Pani

01-31-11   Yes, though it is possible to have other tubes. apparently o ...   Wisnon

02-23-12   Hey lampi owners/fans hoping to get an l4 in a few weeks. a ...   Jriggy

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10-27-14   We're excited for you juan! can't wait to hear your feedbac ...   Lampizatorna

11-02-14   Thanks so much, lampizatorna. it should be arriving this we ...   Escritorjuan

11-14-14   Actually, with the huge recent audio show in poland, complet ...   Escritorjuan

11-15-14   Hi juan: i heard a level 7 lampizator at length at the ny au ...   Gpgr4blu

11-19-14   Steve did a great multi level review here: covering all mod ...   Wisnon

11-20-14   The amber dac arrived a few days ago, but with work demands, ...   Escritorjuan

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01-09-15   By the way, my review on the lampizator amber dac is now up! ...   Escritorjuan

06-04-15   I will soon be reviewing the lampizator lite 7 dac. in fact ...   Escritorjuan

06-06-15   Great. looking forward to this one. i started with the la ...   Doak

06-08-15   Hey doak, could share some thoughts on the amber vs the l4? ...   T_ramey

06-09-15   My take on your query: the amber is a very good dac. the l ...   Doak

06-13-15   I just received my lampizator big 7 balanced pcm/dsd dac. ho ...   Joeinid

06-13-15   Welcome to the club! get a feel for it at first... learn its ...   Lissnr

06-13-15   Grant is that you? great to hear from you again. rob and fre ...   Joeinid

06-21-15   Hi joe, yes it's me. give me a holler if you can. great call ...   Lissnr

07-04-15   Am receiving my lampizator big 7 in a few days; an excited!   Outlier

07-04-15   Congratulations outlier. you will love it. i loved my big 7 ...   Joeinid

07-23-15   By the way, if you haven't read it yet, my review on the lam ...   Escritorjuan

08-02-15   Any one in the nyc/nj area with one of these dacs? i would ...   Bigkidz

08-03-15   Lots. the lampina distributors are in manhatten and li. man ...   Wisnon

09-21-15   Can anyone help me with instruction manual for a gen 3 l4 da ...   Leicachamp

09-22-15   I think this is it? ...   Wisnon

09-23-15   Thanks but that link is for gen 4. i am after gen 3.   Leicachamp

09-25-15 ask hear ...   Doak

09-25-15   Oops "here" ;)   Doak

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