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  How come there is no thread on the RealityCheck?
In my opinion this one the greatest improvements in audio in 40 years. AA is full of discussions about it, but there has been nothing here. Maybe that a $575 tweak is beyond Audiogoners?
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11-02-05   Probably. :)   Aball

11-02-05   I am still waiting to see how things shake out for the peopl ...   Wellfed

11-02-05   What is it?   Robm321

11-02-05   I like what reality check does too. it doesn' work equally ...   Thewebgeek

11-02-05   I would also like to know what it is.   Matchstikman

11-02-05   I found this: ...   Matchstikman

11-02-05   I'm definitely interested. $65 is quite a lot of money to t ...   Jfz

11-02-05   I contacted george louis and he responded today by e-mail. ...   Jfz

11-02-05   Http:// - a ...   Miklorsmith

11-02-05   In issue 16 (november/december 2004) of positive feedback, c ...   Tvad

11-02-05   I own the realitycheck, and imho it's every bit as good as t ...   Hooper

11-02-05   Someone has responded, and kindly offered to make me a copy. ...   Jfz

11-02-05   I may be able to accomodate a few curious folks. i have one ...   Thewebgeek

11-02-05   Sorry guys i went to the gym after posting this. it sounds l ...   Tbg

11-02-05   For now, will just making a cdr copy of redbook, will that g ...   Matchstikman

11-02-05   Matchstikman, i had two cds that were too scratched in one c ...   Tbg

11-02-05   Sounds interesting. i'll wait till the dust settles, but it ...   Robm321

11-02-05   Maybe a 575 tweak will be the deal to be in when it makes th ...   Usblues

11-02-05   The realtycheck duplicator is the real deal (imo). i've comp ...   Ggil

11-02-05   "the finyl" realtycheck is now there is a product ...   Audiobugged

11-02-05   The positive feedback review cited above contains the follow ...   Herman

11-02-05   Herman, like you i thought this must be a great exaggeration ...   Tbg

11-02-05   Norm, the $25/disc price comes from the article in issue 16 ...   Tvad

11-03-05   There is no way that this device can extract information fro ...   Herman

11-03-05   I have been dealing with george for about three months and d ...   Cyrus

11-03-05   Perhaps with so many audiogon members owning the realitychec ...   Tvad

11-03-05   Tvad- have you upgraded or replaced the smps in the realityc ...   Kana813

11-03-05   Kana813, i don't own a realitycheckcd, hence my question abo ...   Tvad

11-03-05   I really like this idea; however, it just bugs me that in or ...   Matchstikman

11-03-05   Matchstikman, you are under no obligation to use george's cl ...   Tbg

11-03-05   Sorry, question meant for tbg. so,tbg have you upgraded or ...   Kana813

11-03-05   Kana813, you must know something that i don't. please explai ...   Tbg

11-03-05   Tbg- according to george the unit is powered by a switch mod ...   Kana813

11-03-05   A review here too: ...   Rx8man

11-03-05   Sounds like the real deal. i'll still wait for the dust and ...   Robm321

11-03-05   Kana813, i have not looked into the power supply but will.   Tbg

11-04-05   Dear music loving audiophiles, the cleaning and treatment i ...   Georgelouis

11-04-05   Dear music loving audiophiles, at one time i offered to mak ...   Georgelouis

11-13-05   A fellow audiogon member was kind enough to offer to make re ...   Tvad

11-13-05   Tvad,all that i can say with regard to the your finding of t ...   Tbg

11-14-05   Different strokes for different folks, tbg. vive la differe ...   Tvad

11-14-05   Is this similiar to the doppler radar preamplifier, liquid c ...   Stanhifi

11-14-05   Tbg- did you look at the psu?   Kana813

11-14-05   Stanhifi, your posts would be so much more interesting if yo ...   Tvad

11-14-05   Kana813, i did ask several people who know more about power ...   Tbg

11-15-05   Tvad i'm simply protecting unknowing folks from shills pushi ...   Stanhifi

11-15-05   Stanhifi - have you even heard the unit in question on this ...   Dlwask

11-15-05   In scandinavia where the ombudsman originates, he or she is ...   Tbg

11-15-05   With all due respect to his distractors, stanhifi's skeptics ...   Onhwy61

11-15-05   All i can say is that this has been my experience. unlike wh ...   Tbg

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