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  TRL Marantz Sa-14
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10-24-05   I already sold the unit. the last point i listened to it was ...   Pardales

10-24-05   Sbayne, dang! why didn't i think of asking pardales that qu ...   Clio09

10-24-05   hey cuz, i will have a trl sa-14 here very soon. i hope th ...   La45

10-25-05   It is not my intention to change the subject of the trl mara ...   Bradz

10-25-05   Bradz the best person to ask would be paul weitzel of trl. ...   Oldpet

10-25-05   Thanks oldpet. actually, i talked to paul yesterday about a ...   Bradz

10-25-05   they have done over 600 units in the past year. many very h ...   Lkdog

10-25-05   Hi bradz i don't like to tell people which way they should ...   Oldpet

10-27-05   Trl sent out my sa-14 last thursday via usps. hopefully, it ...   Baranyi

10-27-05   La45: hey cuz, yeah, i'd give him a try at it. you might wan ...   Jes45

10-28-05   Hi, i am new here; but now that i have a marantz sa-14 v.2 ...   Qualifi

10-29-05   sounds like you really love the sa14 v2. i know trl thinks ...   Lkdog

10-31-05   Does anyone know who purchased paradles sa-14 ? just curious ...   Lithojoe

10-31-05   I didn't buy it joe. whomever did has 50 hours less break in ...   Jes45

10-31-05   Oops, this was the thread that i was trying to link to, clio ...   Jes45

11-02-05   My sa-14 arrived in my system yesterday. let the break-in b ...   Baranyi

11-02-05   C'mon bob.......we all know you've had a sneak listen, or tw ...   Oldpet

11-02-05   This discussion is so repetitious and boring. i had a marant ...   Lawyerman

11-02-05   If i may chime in with a couple of questions. what is trl's ...   Bradz

11-02-05   Lawyerman- different opinions are what make this hobby inte ...   Lkdog

11-02-05   I asked the same question as well. trl offers a money back g ...   Clio09

11-02-05   I did listen and it was very much like i expected. it sound ...   Baranyi

11-03-05   Hey!!! what trl test disk?   Oldpet

11-04-05   Lawyerman, would you mind elaborating on the differences? i ...   Hchi

11-04-05   They sent me a test disk with three other disks when they se ...   Baranyi

11-04-05   Hchi. i left my marantz sa-1 in stock but there are mods tha ...   Lawyerman

11-04-05   lawyerman- i am a little confused. you state the above, the ...   Lkdog

11-05-05   Ok lawyerman- you certainly convinced me that the marantz s ...   La45

11-05-05   Great! now i have to find a marantz sa-1 to send to trl ... ...   Jes45

11-05-05   Lawyerman: regarding your comment that marantz discouraged ...   Drrdiamond

11-05-05   Lawyerman, thanks for your comment. you do have a nice rig t ...   Hchi

11-05-05   To clarify the little bit remarks on the marantz sa-1 i am d ...   Lawyerman

11-05-05   Lawyerman- of course marantz will tell you that- what are t ...   Lkdog

11-06-05   La-45: which player beats the trl modded sa-14 ???   Lithojoe

11-06-05   Howard: the sa-1 is good in its stock form, but in my experi ...   Jes45

11-06-05   lithojoe- which player beats the trl sa-14?? i will let yo ...   La45

11-08-05   Jack, i think the combination of the trl audio mirror with ...   Clio09

11-09-05   Tony, they used the alesis masterlink (modded) as a transpo ...   Jes45

11-19-05   So, who now has the pioneer 563 on loan? jack   Jes45

11-19-05   Which one, jack? the apl unit? i thought that was a dead i ...   Oldpet

11-20-05   I think that it is. i just wanted to know if anyone actually ...   jack_seaton@

11-20-05   I picked up a used black marantz sa-14 v1 last week. i sent ...   Shuang

11-23-05   Latest news- just received my trl marantz sa-14v.2 and i am ...   La45

11-23-05   I am running non-balanced as my integrated does not have bal ...   Lkdog

11-23-05   Hello cuz, it's not going to sound "right" until ...   jack_seaton@

11-23-05   Agree that around 300 hours it really kicks in. changes cont ...   Lkdog

11-24-05   Clio09 has the new d225 trl basic amp (not integrated). got ...   jack_seaton@

11-24-05   Jack- lol! kitchen almost done. had turkey day here and we ...   Lkdog

11-24-05   Listening to the d225 now and spoke to brian weitzel today a ...   Clio09

11-25-05   Jack/lk, thanks for giving me the timeframe. compared to a ...   La45

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