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  Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
After 9 years with my Proac Response 3s, I recently decided to change speakers. As you can tell, I'm not an upgrade fever patient. I want something I can live with for years & I think the best advice I'm gonna get will be from those who have & are still living with their speakers for an extended period of time. Please tell me why too. Thanks.Bob.
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01-10-15: Melbguy1
I owned a pair of classic Infinity Reference 60's for 18 years and they never skipped a beat. The Ref 60's were the top of the range in the Reference series & used an Emit-r tweeter & IMG dynamic mid and bass drivers. Although these speakers only cost $2kAUD way back when, with Infinity's ongoing development and policy of filtering down technology, the Ref 60's still sounded well balanced, fast and decent bass. And Cary Christie's usually beautiful cabinetry made them nice pieces of furniture. That value equation made them hard to sell. I eventually upgraded to a pair of Renaissance 90's which I owned briefly. I now own a pair of Magico S5's which are the first speaker which brought back the same sense of awe and engagement as the Infinity IRS series. I suspect I may keep them a long while..than is until an M-Project-inspired replacement comes along one day ;)
Melbguy1  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-11-15   Matt thats' one heck of a list. are you still looking to ge ...   Ctsooner

01-13-15   Man, i've been switching out my thiel cs 3.5's, totem hawk ...   Oblgny

01-14-15   I can see where the dq's aren't making you happy anymore, lo ...   Ctsooner

01-14-15   Dynaco a25 good for 100 yrs at least.   Ebm

01-14-15   Any meadowlark ever made.   Schubert

01-14-15   Hey all, i recently acquired a pair of shahanian arc's! they ...   Riz1965

01-14-15   Riz1965, you would probably get more responses by starting a ...   Roxy54

02-02-15   Quad 57 esl first heard these when i was 17, back in 1971 or ...   Lafish3

02-06-15   Vandersteen 2c's (any incarnation)..... i will change my am ...   Chaskelljr2001

03-08-15   Hi o_holter my i was interested in the audiokineses lcs drea ...   Pankajra1

03-09-15   M3.7i for me and the cad 120s mkii with psvane kt88; 6sn7: ...   Musicrazy

03-09-15: Ctsooner
Loved those Artemis Eos with bass mods. Heard them for the first time in a store in Dallas with top of the line AN/Japan components and I was floored. Owned the Proacs. Couldn't fit the Response 3.8's or I would have owned them. Never spent much time with Joseph Audio, but need to find a dealer to listen to them as they get so much great press. Like most of what you have on your list.
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03-11-15   Totem hawks revised.... man, these are good speakers with m ...   Oblgny

03-11-15   Audiokineses lcs dreammakers - they do something special, h ...   O_holter

03-14-15   It's an honor and a pleasant surprise to have speakers that ...   Audiokinesis

03-15-15   How did the kef 107 or 107/2 get left out?   Steve59

03-18-15   The new paradigm prestige 75 f just broken in, sound fit a ...   Passet02

03-25-15   After 7 different speakers in the last 10 years, and the las ...   Scott_w

03-26-15   Ads l300c aluminum minis. they were $300 per pair in 1977 a ...   Jclctr

04-01-15: Andychan
I'm disappointed there hasn't been more ink spilled over JM Reynauds. I've had a pair of Arpeggiones for nearly 6 years. I go to T.H.E show in Newport Beach each year to listen to some exotic setups and I've never felt the itch to upgrade these speakers which only cost me 700. If anything I'll be trading up the JMR line, but everything that is said about the musicality, warmth, live-ness, and timing of these speakers I feel are true.

By the way, these speakers are paired to an amp that I will keep for life as well, my trust old Audiomat Arpege Reference integrated. 'Til the day I die.

Andychan  (Answers | This Thread)

04-02-15   Scott, i would have to agree with you about the triton ones. ...   Mofojo

04-03-15   Living in a new york apartment, the idea of trading into and ...   Mcondon

04-04-15   Having lived in deutschland several decades i can testify th ...   Schubert

04-20-15   In having purchased and gone through more speakers than i ca ...   Jd_df

05-12-15   Counterpoint clearfield metropolitans just picked up a thoro ...   Oblgny

05-13-15   Agree jd_df, i sometimes miss the ads l810s i lived with for ...   Mitch2

06-02-15   Of course not long after i acquired my triton 1s and posted ...   Scott_w

06-02-15   Wow i can't believe i never saw this thread before! anyway i ...   Jond

06-04-15   Been loving my vandersteen treo's for a few months now. the ...   Ctsooner

09-11-15   Pmc company for life. 25y in hobby, enjoy music!   Jazzfan67

09-14-15   I've enjoyed a pair of totem element fire monitors (with a s ...   Ejr1953

09-16-15   I am 76 now and can realistically think that i will have my ...   Tbg

09-20-15   Heard a ton of horn stuff in japan last month. not impresse ...   Ctsooner

10-16-15   Ctsooner, horns have a speed that is lacking by other speake ...   Tbg

10-17-15   Kef 107/2 because their high build quality, neutral sound an ...   Steve59

10-18-15   Tbg. i agree. that's why they make so many different speaker ...   Ctsooner

11-01-15   Point 3 satellite/sub. produced in the mid 1970's by dan d'a ...   Ranchhand1

11-01-15: Melbguy1
@Steve59, that's exactly what I'm aiming for with my next pair of speakers, which are intended to be my long-term references.
Melbguy1  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-01-15   Ranch, i didn't know those were dan's speakers. it;s nice t ...   Ctsooner

11-03-15   I purchased my apogee duettas in the mid 80s, powered with a ...   Bbrosious

11-04-15   i enjoyed those apogee speakers my friend in rhode isla ...   Ctsooner

11-15-15   My sonus faber cremonas!   Warmglowingtubesart

11-15-15   I formerly had/have conrad johnson synthesis lm-320 speakers ...   Warmglowingtubesart

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