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  Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
After 9 years with my Proac Response 3s, I recently decided to change speakers. As you can tell, I'm not an upgrade fever patient. I want something I can live with for years & I think the best advice I'm gonna get will be from those who have & are still living with their speakers for an extended period of time. Please tell me why too. Thanks.Bob.
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12-24-13: Ctsooner
Very interesting list. We have a similar ear I think.

Sonus Faber Electa Amator- Agree
Sonus Faber Ellipsa-Agree
Artemis Eos Signature with Bass Modules-One of my fav's along with Sonus Extrema's
ProAc Response 3.8- Loved listening to them at my friend's store
ProAc Supertower- I have owned for years and am finally letting them go if anyone wants them, lol
Joseph Audio RM33
Joseph Audio Pearl
Quad ESL 988- Loved these both times I heard em
Vandersteen 4- Love the new ones BEST ;) (getting Treo's)
Gallo Reference 3.5
Dynaudio Special 25

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12-30-13: Arcamadeus
Don't hang on to speakers for LIFE.
Spoil yourself.
New speakers may not necessarily perform better in any particular area than your otherwise excellent ProAcs, but you do get tired of looking at the same old two boxes day in and day out.
I recently switched from slow and dated [looking] Meadowlark Shearwaters to fast and sexy [looking] System-Audio Mantra 50s and have not regretted this move.

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01-01-14: Ctsooner
I have loved the Supertowers for years and love them all over again since I hooked up the Ayre integrated. I get my new DAC/cable this week and can't wait to burn it in. I bet it's going to sound that much better. That said, I'm selling them off (let me know if interested) along with my other two sets of proacs so that I can afford the Vandy Treo's. I love the rightness of the Treo's, but I will be fine with the Proacs until I can sell them, that's for sure.

As for tired of looking at something, I'm past that part of my life. Maybe in a car, but not in a speaker. The tall, slim, teak Proacs are attractive to me and always have been. I've never been a B&W guy at all. Way to hot on the top end for me. The new diamond series are the first ones I can listen to that don't make my ears bleed. Again, I realize how popular they are and when I say that about their sound, I'm talking the top level ones since the 800's came out years ago. Just not for me, but many swear by them.

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01-18-14: Phusis
I've long had a "sonic crush" on the sound coming from several cinema auditoriums and their associated speaker systems. This hasn't got anything to do with "hifi" per se (though strictly speaking, it should), but simply that the oftentimes effortless, full-bodied, dynamic, and indeed rather coherent presentation appeals to me immensely. That it doesn't relate to "hifi" (in the more or less traditional sense) as such is by no means to be understood negatively, but rather that it imprints itself intuitively as something "right." I find it the more interesting, even truer, that my impressions herein have been formed under conditions that "breaks" contrary to the typical environment under which we relate to hifi, that is in a darkened auditorium (usually) filled with people, no visible equipment, and a focus towards seeing a film.

This brings me to a shift or transition that is still underway towards... a settlement? Some 10 years ago a visit to a hifi-exhibition lead me to rooms with a range of horn-driven JBL speakers - the S4800's, Array 1400, and not least the overlooked S9800SE's. Here the sound, especially from the latter, in many ways gave me the sensation of "finally, at last" (closely related in some ways with the cinema sound experience mentioned above) and I simply kept hanging around and "inhaled" the music here for hours. I've not since become a JBL-fan, but it informed me about a preference that has since been sought after, albeit not initially with horns and compression drivers as the common denominator. Instead, my "deviation," so to speak, went from direct radiating tweeters to ribbon-based speakers (Raidho) and then to waveguide speakers going from the Finish Amphion speakers to US-based S.P. Technology/Aether Audio, and finally the Polish originated hORNS speakers where a variety of horns and waveguides are used in conjunction with compression drivers and pro-style mid/bass drivers, in what are usually 2-way systems.

What is to be brought from this is the addictive nature of the effortless, full-bodied and dynamic presentation from compression drivers paired with larger and efficient mid/bass units crossed over no higher than 1.4-1.5kHz - depending on the size of these units and their implementation. Moreover the mid/bass units here used are not sub-bass units per se, but have to be capable playing midrange as well - and this is very important; instead of trying to squeeze out sub-bass from one package a much more important emphasis is placed on the mid-bass and integration with the horn/waveguide and its compression driver, and so maintain only one cross-over frequency in a not too audibly critical spectrum. Whatever one seeks in the sub frequencies must be attained with the use of (preferably) two, or even more subwoofers.

So, this is not about a particular speaker or even brand to hang on to for life, but a speaker principle that has gone on to establish itself as indispensable compared to the more typical regime of hifi-speakers: direct radiating dome tweeters now sound thin, malnourished and strained; typical hifi mids sound compressed and lacking dynamic impact; and not least the upper bass/lower mids of typically larger multi-way hifi-speakers simply lack the cohesion to bind together this very important area with the rest of the frequency spectrum into a homogenous musical whole.

The typical application that is associated with this speaker principle I've now come to cherish for the last many years may not lead one to think of "hifi," but it doesn't matter - except for the ones who are lead to dismiss it out of a prejudiced stance; what matters is that it sounds like real, live acoustical music, something that would (or should) lead one to reevaluate the now established term "hifi" and question its merits as the true holder of the meaning 'high fidelity.' I don't disregard other opinions on what hifi is, but if the goal is seeking a live presentation of acoustical music in a real space environment then the matter presents itself less subjectively and into a different direction than where the established hifi-milieu has come to "coagulate" - if you ask me. Sorry for the detour...

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04-16-14: Ctsooner
There are many reasons folks hang onto speakers for life. Money is a huge thing. Just because there are advances in tech, often the gains aren't worth the price of admission. Also, the speakers are only as good as the system and room they are in. I have seen way too many folks change just to change and often they aren't happy with the changes. I have been around hi end audio since 1969 or so. I have had to take a few breaks as I wasn't able to be around it as much when I was in the Navy on ships away from land for a year at a time (other than three day port calls in third world countries). Then I was away from it for a few years due to kids and work. I recently came back and am playing some catch up, I have seen bigger advances in digital to where I can listen to it and enjoy it. I also see a huge change in some SS amps. I finally heard a SS amp I can live with (Ayre) and was able to get it. It made my vintage Proac Super Towers sound very good. I never realized it had the bass it has as I ran tubes.

The one thing I've heard that has changed over the last decade is that everything seems to be more 'revealing' or 'detailed' , but so much emotion has been lost in many products I've listened to. It's like we have the ability to now get more detailed, but only a few products allow the emotion of live to come through.

What is the true lifespan of a speaker? It depends on the person as Beewax posted. For him it's none, but for many they are fine with what they have. Tha'ts what makes this hobby so much fun.

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08-09-14   Ohm walsh 2. try others but never ever give them up!   Oblgny

08-11-14: Ctsooner
I remember how cool those OHM's were back in the day. They weren't for me. Even the MBL"s aren't my cup of tea, but I can see why folks love them so much. Again, we all listen for different things. This is interesting as it's not 'what is the best speakers you've heard', it's one that you have an emotional attachment to. I thought my Proacs would be with me til I died, even though I knew they weren't exactly what I wanted. The more I learned about listening I realized this year that I wanted new speakers. The Proacs kept sounding better and better, but I also knew it was time. They are still better than most speakers up to 2500 and someone will get a great deal on the towers and or matching monitors, but I wanted the Vandy's after hearing them. They just get it right, but they are also very expensive.
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09-17-14: Ctsooner
Nice list. Still selling off my Proac Supertowers in teak, lol....I've been fortunate to listen to most of your choices and have enjoyed them in various forms. I loved those EOS with mods as stands....they just looked cool. I think it was in a Dallas store if I recall correctly.
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09-18-14   Harbeth m40.1. this speaker makes music listening enjoyable ...   Smatsui

09-24-14: Ctsooner
I got to hear those Harbeths with Audio Note gear earlier this year and they didn't do it for me. I've read the reviews on here as well as elsewhere. I get that they sound nice, but for me they are lacking in detail. I realize that you don't really get 'detail' in live music. I can fully understand how the Harbeth crowd feel about speakers that sound differently...I could easily live with the Harbeth sound as it's enjoyable,but with the Vandersteen upper end lines, I found the best of both worlds as they are faster in the mids and seem to be more revealing into the music. JMHO and I fully get where others are coming from. I got PRoacs over Spendors years ago, so I guess that's that's why I decided to go with 'that' sound over the Harbeth sound.
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12-31-14   B&w 800d   Vernneal

01-01-15   Focal grande utopia em's - very special speakers.   Fplanner2000

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01-10-15: Melbguy1
I owned a pair of classic Infinity Reference 60's for 18 years and they never skipped a beat. The Ref 60's were the top of the range in the Reference series & used an Emit-r tweeter & IMG dynamic mid and bass drivers. Although these speakers only cost $2kAUD way back when, with Infinity's ongoing development and policy of filtering down technology, the Ref 60's still sounded well balanced, fast and decent bass. And Cary Christie's usually beautiful cabinetry made them nice pieces of furniture. That value equation made them hard to sell. I eventually upgraded to a pair of Renaissance 90's which I owned briefly. I now own a pair of Magico S5's which are the first speaker which brought back the same sense of awe and engagement as the Infinity IRS series. I suspect I may keep them a long while..than is until an M-Project-inspired replacement comes along one day ;)
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01-14-15   Dynaco a25 good for 100 yrs at least.   Ebm

01-14-15   Any meadowlark ever made.   Schubert

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03-09-15: Ctsooner
Loved those Artemis Eos with bass mods. Heard them for the first time in a store in Dallas with top of the line AN/Japan components and I was floored. Owned the Proacs. Couldn't fit the Response 3.8's or I would have owned them. Never spent much time with Joseph Audio, but need to find a dealer to listen to them as they get so much great press. Like most of what you have on your list.
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04-01-15: Andychan
I'm disappointed there hasn't been more ink spilled over JM Reynauds. I've had a pair of Arpeggiones for nearly 6 years. I go to T.H.E show in Newport Beach each year to listen to some exotic setups and I've never felt the itch to upgrade these speakers which only cost me 700. If anything I'll be trading up the JMR line, but everything that is said about the musicality, warmth, live-ness, and timing of these speakers I feel are true.

By the way, these speakers are paired to an amp that I will keep for life as well, my trust old Audiomat Arpege Reference integrated. 'Til the day I die.

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