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  New Magnepan 3.7 i ?

Announcing the 3.7i

An improved 3.7 may come as a surprise given that the 3.6 had a 12-year run. But, this is unusual in other ways.

The changes did not require retooling or significant cost increases. It did not warrant waiting for a major product change as a 3.8. So, we decided to pass it on now.

Yes, it is unusual, and it is the first time in Magnepan's history that a speaker can be upgraded at the factory at a reasonable cost (details to follow).

But, what is not unusual--- we don't hype new models. Yes, it sounds better, but we leave that to you to describe.

Wendell Diller
Marketing Mgr.
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01-12-14   Probably a crossover update. that is the only thing that co ...   Don_c55

01-13-14   Don, i have been thinking the same thing. i do wish they w ...   Brownsfan

01-13-14   "a little more transparancy?" what would they say ...   Elizabeth

01-14-14   well said!   Knghifi

01-14-14   Elizabeth, magnepan knew full well they would be launching ...   Brownsfan

01-14-14   Brownsfan, your position in not reasonable. the nature of h ...   Onhwy61

01-14-14   Look folks, i'm not upset because magnepan is trying to make ...   Brownsfan

01-14-14   Brownsfan, i think the 3.7i upgrade is straightforward, if a ...   Josh358

01-15-14   Josh, thanks for the information. i understand the dilemma ...   Brownsfan

01-14-14   After the 3.7 was introduced it was obvious that the 20.1 wo ...   Djcxxx

01-17-14   Brownsfan, in recent years, they seem to have been releasin ...   Josh358

01-18-14   Josh, thanks. you are correct. someone is always going to ...   Brownsfan

01-21-14   Too much transparency to consumers can be a dangerous thing ...   Kiddman

01-24-14   According to their website the cost is $500 plus shipping... ...   Brrgrr

01-26-14   As for the sound of the speakers, i heard them this past wee ...   Tonyjack

02-18-14   Big news from my dealer. he said that if your magnepans are ...   Harri009

02-20-14   If the 3.7i change is diaphragm tension, i would say magnepa ...   Don_c55

02-20-14   It is my understanding that part of the change from the .6 t ...   Brownsfan

06-20-14   Brownsfan, your worries are over.... i auditioned the 1.7s a ...   Moonglum

06-20-14   Moonglum, thanks for the information. one question, did yo ...   Brownsfan

06-20-14   My pleasure m8. no, believe it or not we were using a budget ...   Moonglum

06-20-14   Btw...the krell wasn't actually requested as it was the defa ...   Moonglum

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